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Anyone else off the pill and still waiting for first AF??!



  • Ha ha ha Sally you make me laugh because I am EXACTLY the same as you - google is dangerous!! Being around other peoples kids really does make you want to have your own I agree.

    Here's hoping being spotty and hormonal means something is about to happen for you hon!

    I also swore I would not get obsessed but here I am - OBSESSED!! I suppose something has to take the place of wedding planning image

    Welcome to Hope as well - us still waiting for AF teachers (and non teachers too) need to stick together!!

    I am off to Manchester for a couple of days with the girls on Thursday so hopefully that will take my mind off it :lol:

    E x
  • I know Sally, I am getting asked where the post-wedding baby is on almost a daily basis and it makes me feel like offloading and giving the lowdown of the last year, just to see people's faces haha. And I totally agree RubyShoes it is definitely a new obsession to replace wedding planning- I got married last year.

    I wasn't even sure which board to join as I kind of feel like an inbetweener- I don't know whether I'm classed as planning, trying, fertility problems or what so I've googled everything but hey ho here's to trying xx
  • It's so funny how similar we all are, my baby obsession has definitely taken the place of my wedding obsession, and I have googleD every possible ttc / pregnancy symptom / coming off the pill related thing I can think of!!

    And I trained to be a primary school teacher but didnt go into it and now do an education related job for local government!!!

    Spooky :lol:
  • sally and ruby...
    also a primary teacher married over the summer... apparently the support staff have opebed a book on how long it will take before i make an announcement!

    well.... yesterday on CD50(!!!) AF arrived, never have i been so pleased.... today is a different story! It is really really heavy and i have had to change my towel about 7 times today! actually quite worried! but just glad i can now start again!
  • Congrats Mrs Beck!! I bet you feel so relieved, will be so happy when we can all join you at this (huge for us) milestone!

    It really is very strange how alike we all are I agree - must be something with us education types :lol:

    I had lunch with my friend and her three year old and five month old today and so am feeling super super broody. Could've taken her little boy home with me he's gorgeous!

    Fingers crossed it's our turns soon

    E x
  • i know 50 days!!! so pleased to see her... you will remind me when i am sobbing about it in the future won't you!!
  • I will and you can remind me too!!

    Just read your other post hon - hopefully it's only super heavy cos it;s been stored up for 50 days (if that can be true I have no clue how these things work image)

    At least it hopefully means you are functioning again after the pill

    E x
  • hope so.... I have told hubby that if i go all pale he should be aware!!
  • Ha ha good point!!

    E x
  • Well done Mrs Beck. Were you on the pill before? I'd imagine it's so heavy because your hormones are trying to settle as it's fairly common for things to go irregular after stopping the pill. Apparently, your periods often go back to the pattern you had before you started BC so if you had heavy periods then I wouldn't worry too much.

    In the meantime, fingers crossed for the rest of us that AF finally comes back off her holidays! I never thought I'd see the day when I was begging her to come but I'm sure I'll fall out with her again once things get back to normal and I'm waiting for a BFP haha x
  • Sorry girls - i dont know how I've missed this last bit of conversation??!! I must have been too engrossed in googling! ha ha

    Mrs Beck - YAY!!!!! 50 days isnt too bad and hopefully now it'll just get shorter and shorter to normal. And i wouldnt be too worried about the heavy af. As the other girls have said, it's probably just your body's reaction to the surge of proper hormones. I'd be more concerned if it was like that and I hadnt been on the pill! How exciting that you can start officially trying now!WOO!

    Ruby Shoes - what CD are you on today? I'm on CD 64 image COME ON AF!!!!! I honestly though i was having period pains a couple of days ago but nothing has since materialised. I had quite a few problems on the pill and tried lots of different ones and am wondering whether that may have messed my body up too. Hang on...shall i google it?! ha ha.

    Hope09 - I also read your other post about problems after coming off pill. I'd definitely demand to see a different doctor so you've not got to wait again until they do a test. . I'm going to leave it a couple more weeks and then book an appointment with a really lovely female doctor at my surgery. I've often gone to see her about things when I've not agreed with the male doctor I've seen first! The male GP once told me that I'd suffered an early mc whilst on the pill as I was bleeding heavily. Of course, I was DEVASTATED even though I'd never considered that I was even pregnant but when I went back for tests with the female GP, she was furious at him for saying that Id had a mc! I hadnt at all, he had put me on a pill that was far too strong for my body (I'm only little and apparently i wasnt heavy enough to be on such a strong pill) and that that was why i was bleeding! She went to complain about him too. So, second opinions arent always a bad thing!

  • Yes totally. I think it's a male doctor thing! Keep googling (having terrible images of Bruce Forsyth saying that in the style of Keep dancing). It would be rude not to keep googling seeing as there are only 2 days left of half term. image
  • Sorry girlies I have been away for a couple of days - shopping with the girlies which was fab and a much needed break from thinking about all of this!

    Sally - I am on day 46 and still wondering - have felt nothing and really feel no different to how I did when I was on the pill - just without AF! I am almost tempted to test just to rule that one out but then I know I am not pregnant. I just want to get back to normal it's so frustrating!!

    Any news from you ladies?

    E x
  • Hey Ruby Shoes,

    Happy November! Can you believe it's nearly Christmas! Yay!

    No news from me either image I've had a weird pain in my side today though so told hublet that we must BD just in case. (He's happy, any excuse!) Found out yet another of my friends is preganant yesterday. I'm absolutely thrilled for her but just makes me sad that it's not my turn yet. So now I've got 3 different friends with babies under 3 weeks old and 4 pregnant friends! ARGH! ha ha.

    How was your trip (it was to Manchester wasnt it?) DId you buy lots of lovely things?!!xxx
  • I know, this time next month I'll be getting the decorations out yey!!

    Yes it was to Manchester and it was fab. Made a start on the Xmas shopping and bought a few things for myself too :lol: why not hey!

    Ha ha I like your style and men never have to be asked twice do they?!!

    That's so hard when it seems that everyone around you is falling pregnant, I know that feeling well. I spent some time with my friend and her two little ones (three and five months) last week and it was so lovely but I could've brought her baby boy home with me!

    I hope it our turns soon!!

    E x

    ps - how rubbish it is that it's the last day of the hols, roll on Xmas :lol:
  • Hi ladies,

    I too am waiting for my af to arrive after taking Cerazette for about 8 years. I stopped taking it late Sept 09 and had no sign of AF yet, although had lots of AF symptoms!

    Like you and many others on here, because I've not had periods for so many years, I have no idea if I'm ovaulating!

    I've never wishes for an AF more than I am doing at the mo!

    Good luck to you all BFP's
  • Welcome to our little group of absentees Donnat2004! ha ha.

    I was going mental symptom spotting for af but i've gone cold turkey now! I've stopped taking my temp every morning and hidden the opk and i'm just gonna see what happens.

    And only 1 month until I can put the Christmas Decs up, Rubyshoes! xxx
  • Welcome Donnat2004!! I wish none of us were in this little group because it's bloody frustrating.

    Know what you mean about the symptom spotting it's got so ridiculous with me that I have stopped telling hubby, think he's sick of hearing about it!

    Hope your first day back at work was ok Sally, was in ten mins and felt like I'd never had a week off!

    Husband woke up this morning saying he'd had a dream we had a baby and it was so nice. Just feel that at least if AF was back to anything resembling normal then at least we'd be a step closer. As it is feel so far away from it at the moment.

    At what point do the doctors pay any attention to you?? Are there any herbal remedies etc we can try?

    Used to hate AF but I'd welcome her back with open arms right now :lol:

    E x
  • Hello again ladies,
    I'm still waiting...for Christmas probably and gather that you must be too. I've decided to up the anti and have started to take agnus castus for the last few days but nothing to report yet. I've been to the doctors twice now and they've just brushed me off. I'm going back again next week because I'm so sick off being in limbo for so long and figure that unless my lazy AF decides to do something but the time the doctors do something I'll be approaching the year mark and might qualify for the guiness book of records.
    Come back AFs all is forgiven (well until it does and then we'll complain because we want BFPs) xx
  • Hi Hope,

    What is Agnus Castis sorry to be dense!! I would get back to your GP, it may not be big news for them but it is for you and they should help you the best they can.

    Still nothing for me either - symptoms for the last few days but then nothing has come of it - grrrrr......I am actually starting to bore myself with how much I think about it!

    E x
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