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Anyone else off the pill and still waiting for first AF??!



  • ahhh, i just noticed that I first set up this little forum exactly a month today. Another month gone by and still no af image Sob. xx
  • Hi girlies,

    Well I have just purchased my very own CBFM from ebay - woo hoo! I am so excited for it to arrive. Thought we might need a bit more direction than just taking a lucky guess so finally caved in and bought one. Suppose will just have to wait and see how long it is til next AF as I think you can only start using them on CD1??

    Yes Sally we are! Hubs said to me last night, you've changed, the cheeky little sod - he's not complaining though! It's just difficult when it's a total stab in the dark. Am on CD14 now so if my cycles were normal all would be good but I have a feeling it will take a little while longer for that to happen so not holding out much hope for it happening any time soon but it's fun to be trying!

    House move sounds so stressful hon - hope you get your internet sorted soon!

    And how are the rest of the ladies? Any news on your house Toria??

    E x
  • Hi girlies

    stay positive, I was on Yasmin for 5 years and when I came off it I was lucky that my cycle started pretty much straight away. It does mess your body up though, will never be going on the pill again!

    I left it a month before we started trying as sometimes 'they' say its good to let your body have 1 uninterrupted cycle. Been ttc for 2 months now.

    BTW noticed you lot were talking about weddings, got married in August, want to do it all over again!

    Good luck! Don't think I have ever wished AF on anyone before! image
  • I was starting to wonder what had happened to Sally!!! I bet you're chomping at the bit to get the internet sorted in your new house - it's hard to imagine what we ever did before the www came along!!

    Hope your house gets sorted soon and that you start feeling better. Were you ready to minimise at any second if somebody walked in the computer room round your parents' house?! Lol!

    Ruby - happy bding! I can't believe you're already on CD14 - halfway through a 'normal' cycle. Two weeks have flown by! Let's hope in another two weeks you'll have something going on - AF or even a BFP!!! Fingers crossed!!! If AF does come, you'll have to keep us up to date on how you get on with the CBFM.

    Toria - fingers crossed for your new house and that you won't have to disguise the nursery as a study for too long!!!

    Cass - thanks for your kind words!

    Hope - I may well be joining you soon.......

    Went to doctors today - not the Ice Queen of Narnia today or the Englishman who prescribes something before your ass hits the seat. Got the good one (an older Irish man) and I'm gonna go for him every time from now on I reckon!

    Anyways, he had a proper look at my blood test results and said I have raised LH levels which would be consistent with PCOS (and also explain my fals LH surge) so he's referred me for a scan. I'll have to ring the hospital tomorrow and make an appointment. So I'll keep you guys posted on that one.....

    With regard to acupuncture - energy levels have fallen back down since yesterday but I did feel good for a few days after. We'll see how that goes!

    Baby & AF dust to all xx

  • Hello all.
    I've been reading for a little while but this is my first time writing so I just wanted to see if I could join in with you guys?
    I came off the pill in September after 12 years of being on it. Af came after 30 days (well a half hearted attempt at a af!!) Since then I have had nothing so I'm on day 47 now. I did take a test last week just to make sure but BFN so rules that out,
    Anyway really I just wanted to say hello to you all and hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your post.
    A x
  • Woo hoo well done Toria that's fab news image) so so pleased for you

    Alicia welcome - you are most welcome to join our little group. I came off the pill at the start of September, waited 59 days for first AF and am not CD14, can see me waiting a while for this next one though. Everyone here is so lovely we all help each other when we can

    E x
  • Aliccia so sorry I spelt your name wrong!!

    E x
  • Hey girls! What's occurring?! Gavin and Stacey back on tonight. Yay!! But gotta go out to a friends' charity fundraising do so gonna have to wait and catch it on repeat :\(

    Yeah well it's CD113 for me today - boo!

    Phoned hospital today to make my scan appointment and they said I have to send in my card and they send me an appointment for January. Waaaaaaa! It'll be five months by then :cry:

    Toria - so pleased for you with the house. Heheh! Love the secret nursery!

    H xx
  • Sorry to be back again so quickly but a thought just came into my head.....

    What were your cycles like before going on the pill? I'm wondering if we were all irregular anyway or if some were clockwork and it's just the effect of the pill?

    I started my AF when I was 13 and was seriously irregular until I was 16. I would have mostly quite heavy AFs lasting 7-10 days I think with irregular gaps between them. At 16 I came on really heavy and it didn't stop for three months despite the doctor putting me on something new every week. Eventually we found a BCP that stopped it and that was that.

    It would be interesting to know what experiences we all had in that department!

    H xx

  • Hi all thanks for the lovely welcome to your group. Makes everything seem a lot better that there is someone to talk to so thankyou.

    Toria well done on your house, very excting and nice to have something else to focus on.
    Mrs Robson, good that you have got your hospital appointment, hopefully they can do something productive for you now.

    I started my periods when I was 14 and they were always heavy and lasted about 7 days but were regular as clockwork so its defo the pills affect on me. Grrrr!

    Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

    A x
  • Hi girlies,

    I have a bad memory and do not remember much about AF before I went on the pill. I started age 12 I think and remember that I always had really bad period pain but more than that I do not know! I am CD19 now so if I am going to be 'normal' this month something needs to be happening in about nine days but I cannot see that being the case. Especially after first real AF only lasting 2 days. What strange things our bodies are!

    I loved the new Gavin and Stacey hope you've had time to catch up on it Mrs r!!

    Very exciting news that yesterday I bought my first ever car (not one that I inherited from hubs!!) and what a car it very own beetle!! I have wanted one since I could talk so it's very exciting for me. I figured that while there's still no baby I will have a me car and not a family one!

    Anyway girls best get on with my planning, having such a lovely lazy weekend I don't want it to end.

    AF dust to all

    E x

    Hi all, another newbie come to join you in the long wait for AF! I've been lurking for a little while , not wanting to join cos I don't want to get obsessed with it all, but, well, I am!!

    I came off the pill in October and thought everything would just go back to normal but here I am on CD37 still waiting! I am getting so frustrated, all of you that have been waiting months, I don't know how you've done it!!

    I've had a few weird symptoms, like the crampy pain that makes you think it's coming. And last night and today I have had a pain in my left side, what's that?? Ovulation possibly??

    Is there anything you're tried to help bring it on?? I'm on agnus castus, multi-vits, healthy diet (ish!), excerise, tried yoga, hot baths, sex!!

    I really want to get on with trying for a baby! I can't wait!!

    The forum seems really friendly and looking forward to getting involved and chatting to you all - hope AF comes soon to all of you waiting!! xxx
  • Ha ha ha Toria I would love it if that did happen!!

    Welcome Amber! I know that in the grand scheme of things 37 days is not that long but it feels like an incredibly long time when you're waiting and know that TTC is virtually impossible without cycles caming down. We all feel your pain! I got my first real AF on CD58 and that felt like a lifetime but there are lovely ladies on here who are into the hundreds (check out Mrs Robson's ticker ha ha!). But we'll all help you through.

    How are we all ladies?? Hope you're ok Sally and not too knackered with all the house renovating. It's sooooo cold today but yey it's December so not long til Xmas now

    E x
  • Hi ladies! I was in your shoes until last week. Came off my pill in sept, ready to try in the new year. Got some cramping type pains a few weeks ago and thought she finally may be coming, i was sooo happy. However last week, after stumbling across an unused pregnancy test...lo and behold a bfp image I couldn't believe it! With no AF since september my doctor can't be sure how old my little bean is, which is now even more frustrating as i want to find out my due date!! Good luck to all you who are waiting, hope it comes soon for you, and you never know, maybe you'll get your bfp sooner than anticipated! xxx
  • Hi ladies,

    Well after 8 weeks AF finally came along on Saturday! I was so pleased as I was really starting to worry that something was wrong. I just hope now that my cycles don't take too long to settle in to some kind of pattern. I will be doing lots of BDing from CD8 to try and cover all bases however long this cycle ends up being (I am just so pleased to know what cycle day I am on!! :lol: )

    Hopefully the wait will be over soon for all the ladies still waiting for the witch! xxx

    I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am sooooo in shock! Cant believe it. Had my appointment through too for my ultrasound on ovaries so this morning i just though, hey why not just check to make 100% sure that Im not pregnant....however....low and behold it came up positive!!!!

    Had absolutely no symptoms at all. No sore boobs, no sickness no anything!!! I just cant believe it. Been out and bought a CBD and it says 3+ weeks and as me and hublet have been stressing with house, we havent had sex for like 3 weeks so im pretty far gone i think!!!! I can only assume AC works!

    Just wanted to say that I'm sure that you will all get your BFPs soon too. I'm still gonna hang around here if thats ok...until I'm further along i dont wanna go into the pregnancy forum.

    Oh my god.....i feel so sick (with panic that is!!)))

  • Wow!! 2 BFP'a and an AF!! thing's are finally happening!!

    Congratulations alzwalzwoo and sally sunflower!! And to you too Magpie - is great news!!

    (am so doing a test this wkend!!)

    Amber xxx
  • Thanks Amber :\)

    It is so nice to know things are working again, and that I can really get going with ttc. Although after the 2 other ladies getting BFPs maybe my AF isn't so exciting! :lol: Congratualtions to you both, it is absolutely fantastic news, so exciting!!!

    Lets hope this is a lucky thread for the rest of us soon!!
  • Congrats Magpie and even bigger congrats to Sally!!!! I have replied on your other thread hon but will say it here too, so so happy for you. Let us know when you get your date through

    Yey for you!!!

    E x
  • Wow!! Sally that's amazing news!!! So pleased for you!!! Please don't leave us completely - I'd love to hear updates on your pregnancy.
    And Alzywalzy too - gives so much hope!
    Magpie - AF at last! What a good week for our little group!
    Ruby - new car sounds lush but if we got the same way as the others seem to be at the mo, you may have to sell it in 9 months. Lol!!!
    Well that's made my day to hear so much good news. Like Chrismas come early! I do keep doing tests but all negative so far. Maybe one day.....!!
    Had second acupuncture last night. Felt amazingly chilled after and had needles in my ovary and womb points so fingers crossed!!
    Imagine calculating my due date if I did get PG - first day of last AF was 6th August! Hehheehh!
    Have a good day xx

    PS. Ruby - up in County Durham this weekend again - seeing Amir Khan in Newcastle on Saturday. All a bit busy this time but still up for that drink when we're up at Christmas!
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