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Anyone else off the pill and still waiting for first AF??!



  • Went to doctor three weeks ago and was sent for a blood test (which is apparently meaningless if not taken on specific cycle dates). I asked her what would happen if a problem was found and she said that they wouldn't do anything to help until I'd been trying for 18 months. Ra!!!

    Going to see another doctor next week so we'll see what happens. If I'm not satisfied, we'll go for a private consultation. My friend did this and it really got the ball rolling - def worth the expense I think!

    Also, I've booked myself in for an acupuncture appointment tomorrow as I've read a lot of good things about acupuncture and menstrual problems. I'll keep you guys up to date on how that goes....

    Anyways, how do you guys like my improvised tickertape?!!!

    I had to use a breastfeeding one as all the ttc ones need you to have a regular cycle and some numbers to work with!!

    If we all complained maybe they'd do something for girlies like us!!

    H x

  • omg - Mrs Robsob, that is HILARIOUS!! I've actually just laughed out loud at it!! ha ha. What a lovely sensual picture!

    Anyhoo....hello girls! my house is coming on beautifully image Got the laura ashley wallpaper up and my dad put the chandalier up in the living room today. Woo! (let me add that eveything was is the sale!!) Going to start packing my house up tomorrow. More stress. sob.

    I've had some weird stirrings in my tummy today. They actually felt like period pains. Not had anything that felt like that before. Kept rushing to the loo to check up nothing. Probably me being hopelessly optimistic again! Get my results from blood test tomo

    Mrs Robson - apparently thay cant do the progesterone test when you're not ovulating as they're your '21 day bloods' and you can only have that once you've had an af. What we'll have had is a blood test to check thyroid, anemia and something else i think. My doctor has said that she can only test for progesterone later when i actually start to have a cycle. I'll let you know what she says tomo though as she's really lovely and I think she understands more than most docs! Thinking about mentioning that thing to her to that i told you about on here - do you know that tablet that stops your period but can actually kickstart them again. Hmmm. See what she says. Could you imagine if we could just buy these pills and things over the internet?? I'd be a right bloody druggie popping pills to get my af back! ha ha.

    And AC doesnt seem to be doing anything either (bloody hell, this has turned into a bit of depressing post - sorry!) Been charting my temps and apart from a random rise 2 weeks ago, i've just pretty much stayed the same.

    RS - Yeah, i reckon i'd star from like day 9/10 and bd as if your cycle has gone back to normal. Maybe get some cheapie ovulation sticks from ebay to keep an eye on your LH level?! And i too love the idea of a CBFM. Some of them sell for bargain prices on ebay, It's worth taking a look...i once saw one go for like ??35!!

  • Heherheh - glad you liked my ticker Sally!!!

    At least I know then that my thyroid and stuff are ok - it's just my reproductive system then, eh?! Been on and off thinking about CBFM and temperature charting stuff like that but don't think it'll be effective until I have a cycle image
    I was using OPKs at first and actually had a positive on dc24 but obviously it was wrong. I seriously suspect PCOs as my sister has them and it might explain why I've had at least one LH surge but no ovulation......
    Anyways, acupuncture tonight! Feel positive to be going for a treatment where I might actually feel like they care!!
    H xx
  • I went for my blood test yesterday but don't get the results for another week. My doctor said they usually tell you to go during a period but obviously that wasn't possible. She told me they would be checking for LH, progestorone and basically doing a full hormone profile I can't remember what the others were called.

    I've given up on the AC for now as my doctor seemed to think it was more suitable for menopausal women.

    Love the ticker- maybe we should have a witch on there as we are probably too snappy for the naked cuddling couple to be appropriate haha.

    I'm so sick of running to the toilet to check for AF. I've also stopped doing my Tampax/HPT/herbal remedies shop for fear of being sectioned so I'm going to see what next week brings with the blood test results. I'm not sure what to think as I'm worried in case there's a problem (the doctor sai if there is I'll have to go for scans) but at the same time if nothing shows and still no AF I'm not sure how the problem can be solved.

    I agree, let's shoot-up on the hormones!
  • Hey everyone.

    Well, I've had a productive day!!! Went back for blood results. Everything came back ok image And she said there wasnt anything showing in my hormone levels that would stop ovulation. She said sometimes a hormone (not sure which) can be too high and thats the usual culprit why you dont get a period but I didnt have that.

    She also talked to me how she didnt want to tell me everything was fine without her ruling everything out so she's booked me in for an ultra sound on my ovaries to check that they're ok too! How good is she!!! I honestly didnt think she'd suggest anything like that until it'd been like 6 months but she's just so lovely and really sympathetic and said that she remembered what it was like when she was trying for her baby!! So going to wait for this appointement date now.

    I'm still getting these weird period type pains though. Got my fingers so tightly crossed. Please, please, please let this be af!!!

    Hope you're all ok anyway. I want to hear how the acupuncture goes too!! My dad is a firm believer in it after having it following a mystery illness that he had a few years ago that doctors couldnt diagnose or cure. He went for like 4 acupuncture treatments and it made him better! He said he could actually feel the pain leaving through his palms! xxxxxxx
  • Hiya ladies, can I join you?

    I came off of Microgynon back in June after being on it for 6 years. I must say I did have had two AFs since coming off of the pill each of 42 day cycles. Then in the third cycle I purchased a CBFM thinking that the same length of cycle would occur - but no! I've wasted a whole pack of those expensive stick things and that monitor cost about ??65. However I'm now on day 65 of this cycle and nothing's happening. Previously when i came off of Microgynon it took 9 months to even have my first AF. I don't want to wait that long. The amount of people that reckoned that I would be PG by the end of the year (hubby and I married in Feb this year) is getting me down lots because I really can't see that happening. Therefore so far we've been ttc for 5 months .

    Sally - let me know how you get on with accupuncture. I may even consider it to kickstart me.

    Is it true that Agnus Castus could help?

    By the way, sorry if this post has sounded like a bit of a moan! x x
  • Ha ha ha Mrs Robson that is hilarious!!! We should deffo campaign for our own tickers, it's discrimination if not :lol:

    Sally that is so nice of your doctor - bless her. It will be so reassuring for you just to know that everything should be working ok.

    I have been feeling a bit down the past couple of days because even though I've had one AF I still don't feel any better about my cycle. God knows how long I will wait for the next one and god knows how long it will take to actually conceive. I will stop moaning because I know I am in a better position than I was a week or so ago but I am still annoyed!

    I am on CD8 now (sorry!) and so I am just going to make hubby BD every other day for the next week or so - he's not complaining though :lol:

    So pleased that your house is coming together too Sally - I love love Laura Ashley but like you can only ever go there when there's a sale on!!

    E x

  • Ok the acupuncture - I really didn't know what to expect but my mother swears by it so I thought it's gotta be worth a try! I had an hour which started with a consultation where he asked about different things like why I wanted acupuncture, about my cycle and problems and about general things about my body such as sleep, digestion, etc.. He also looked at my tongue and took my pulse in different positions to look at different parts of the body. He said there are deficiencies in my blood and energy levels and that parts of the body are not working together. He explained that acupuncture works with the blood and the menstrual cycle is very much to do with blood. He was very happy to talk about anything I asked which is so nice after my experience so far with the doctors!

    Anyway, the actual acupuncture session involved me lying on my back and he put (I think!) six needles into me - one above each wrist on the inside of my arms and two in each leg at specific points. Each made a little click as it went in and then you get a funny sensation. At one point one leg started feeling a bit numb but he readjusted the needle and it was fine. He said that it will interact with my body as it finds a balance.

    He got two little herbal cones a little like incense cones and set them burning on two of the leg needles. I didn't expect that!

    Then two more needles that went into my feet and straight out again.

    He said that it takes time but to start looking for better energy levels and more emotional stability so we'll see...!

    I've booked for two weeks' time. Don't know what to think at the moment as I feel like I imagine symptoms what with this whole ttc businesss! But I will keep you up to date! It's nice at least to feel like I'm actively doing something to sort the problem and that there is somebody taking this seriously - he did say in Chinese medicine a pattern over three months long is not just chance and should be looked into.....

    Sally - so glad your doctor is being supportive - it really makes a difference! Trying another doctor next week - fingers crossed for your luck in that department!

    Ruby - I did actually send a message to the ticker people and they replied at 2am!! They said they were planning one that simply says how long you've been ttc so I replied and said that we want a special one with an open ended cycle date!!! Maybe she will put a witch on!! Will let you know any progress on that front!

    And back to the subject of our weddings - we watched the latest Doctor Who episode tonight - it was filmed where we got married a week before our wedding! There was even a close up of a robin - it must be the one who was sat chirping away all through the ceremony - well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

    Anyways I've rambled on for ages (sorry!).

    Baby dust and clockwork cycles to all xx

  • Welcome Cheeky Chimp,

    I have just started taking agnus castus - it apparently can help to regulate cycles. I started taking it last week because I thought it can't hurt!

    Really sorry you're so frustrated, keep with us in our little group and you'll get through it.

    Mrs Robson - that's brilliant about the ticker ha ha ha - let me know when it becomes available!

    Almost the end of the week and a training day (that we don't have to go in for) tomoro - yey! Anyone have any plans for the weekend??

    E x

  • Hurrah for inset!! We've got one on Monday - we do have to go in but at least it's a bit more relaxed. Is inset like other jobs? Do we just love making life hard for ourselves or what?!! No wonder our cycles are all messed up!!

    Anyways, the weekend.... Hmmmm.... Tonight meeting a couple of the girls to go to a comedy club so that should be a laugh (I wrote that unintentionally then saw the terrible pun!). And tomorrow we are doing one of our wedding gifts - a Thames lunch cruise and London Eye flight. It's meant to rain so we'll see........!

    Hope you girls have fun xx

  • Well this is odd - sitting in my pjs having just got up AND it's a Friday morning!! Only rubbish point is that I have woken up with a stinking cold - typical when I am off!

    You are right Mrs Robson, inset days are fab image

    Your weekend sounds fab, fingers crossed the rain holds off and you have a lovely romantic day.

    We will be going to the Sunderland match vs Arsenal tomorrow then on Sunday my Mum and Dad are having are 25th wedding anniversary party for my auntie and uncle. So that should be fun and nice and quiet after a busy few weeks!

    Have bid on a CBFM so will be mostly glued to the computer checking that today!

    Happy Friday ladies

    E x
  • What do we want? Tickers! (with no AFs haha)

    I'm glad your doctor was understanding Sally- aren't the female ones so much better than the males! I should hopefully have my results by Tuesday.

    Hope the BD'ing is going well Ruby haha. We will all be fuelling our BFP vibes into you in exchange for AF dust!

    Hopefully if nothing else the accupuncture will have helped you to relax about it all Mrs Robson but I've also got friends who swear by it. I tried one needle a few weeks ago when I went to get some chinese herbal tea made-up to bring on my AF but I'm too much of a wimp to go for it x
  • What do we want? Tickers! (with no AFs haha)

    I'm glad your doctor was understanding Sally- aren't the female ones so much better than the males! I should hopefully have my results by Tuesday.

    Hope the BD'ing is going well Ruby haha. We will all be fuelling our BFP vibes into you in exchange for AF dust!

    Hopefully if nothing else the accupuncture will have helped you to relax about it all Mrs Robson but I've also got friends who swear by it. I tried one needle a few weeks ago when I went to get some chinese herbal tea made-up to bring on my AF but I'm too much of a wimp to go for it x
  • Hope it's a deal!!

    Toria it is so typical - I seem to notice pregnant woman around me all the time as well!

    We bd'd last night and hubs said this moning - so if you did a test now would it show up as pregnant? Oh how naive they are!

    Anyway he's ill tonight so I am on my lonesome watching I'm a celebrity and drinking cava - boooooo!

    Hope you're all having better nights image)

    E x
  • Just seen Nikkinoos has a BFP after a first cycle of 113 days, second of 39 days and this is her third so there's hope for us all. Yay!!!
    Heheh - Ruby, it is sooooo funny what men think sometimes, isn't it? I once had a boyfriend who thought you put in one tampon at the beginning of your period and took it out at the end. Urrrrrrghhhh!
    Toria - first consultation for acupuncture cost ??40 with subsequent treatments for ??35 per hour. They've got an offer too so I'll buy a course of six for the price of five. I'll be going once a fortnight so that's three months which is ok I think.
    Since the first treatment I have actually improved in energy. Especially at this time of year I tend to feel drained and a bit like a sack of potatoes. I got home Friday and actually felt like getting ready and going out with the girls - I can't remember the last time I didn't have to drag myself out on a Friday!!! Such a pain being in London and always having to get tubes and trains --I just can't be bothered when tired from work. Trying to be objective but I did notice that as unusual......! Also dreaming a lot about AF since the session. Don't know if that means anything......!
    Fingers crossed!
    H xx
  • Hi girls,

    I've posted a similar msg in another forum but thought I would update our no AF united group as I don't want to leave just yet.

    I had my blood test results back tonight and I've been diagnosed with PCOS. I'm a bit shocked and upset by it but the doctor reassured me and I suppose at least now I know what's wrong something can be done about it. The doctor was lovely and has immediately referred me to a gynaecologist at the hospital and she said they will then prescribe me Clomifen (I think?) which is a fertility drug that should make me ovulate or AF again and improve my chances of conceiving.

    Please keep on at your doctors if you are still in doubt. Thanks for all your support as otherwise I would have probably waited until January like the male doctor I was seeing originally suggested.

    Good luck and AF dust or baby dust haha to all of you. I've joined the PCOS board too but will be hanging around here as well xx
  • Hi Hope,

    So pleased you've got an answer although I know it's prob not the one you wanted. You are right in saying that at least it has been diagnosed now, you know what you are dealing with and will fingers crossed be getting all the help you need.

    Stick around and let us how it goes, I have everything crossed that things will pick up for you, you'll get an AF and a BFP.

    Lots of love

    E x
  • Toria - good luck with the house - fingers crossed for you!!

    Hope - at least now with a diagnosis the doctors can help you take positive action which is a big step forward. Wish you all the best xx
  • Hi Toria,

    Got my fingers crossed you get the house! And thinking of next year with a baby or at least a bump is how I seem to spend most of my time at the moment - at the very least the drive to work!!

    E x
  • Girls!!!!

    omg - I've got no internet at my new house and so I've had to pop round to my mum and dad's to get my BE fix! Actually feel like I've lost limb having no googling, no ebaying looking for CBFM. ha ha.

    Wow...loads has gone on. Hope - I bet you're so relieved that it's been diagnosed now. I've got quite a few friends with pcos and they've all got children so try not to worry too much.

    My house move has been sooo stressful image No wonder af STILL hasnt turned up. Not sure what day im on now....think its about ninety-something?? Gave myself a bloodshot eye, a mouthful of ulcers and a horrible cold with being so run down image Never, ever moving ever again!!

    RS - are you currently bding like mad??? Got my fingers tightly crossed for you hun image

    How are you Mrs Robson? xx
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