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Anyone else off the pill and still waiting for first AF??!



  • Hope this works!


    Everyone running out of the rain!

    Some others below...

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  • With Alex Ferguson's house in background!

    Messing about in golf buggy! Check out my ruined shoes!

  • RubyShoes - we're both auburns!!! Beautiful pic. You look soooo lovely and happy image xx
  • Woo hoo it worked!!!! Thanks Sally! This one is my favourite - will see if I am clever enough to add one or two more. I want to see yours too!

    Yes I am excited I am just anxious that after this I will have nothing again for weeks and weeks - but will just have to see what happens I suppose.

    Good luck with your move - hope it goes well tomorrow image

    E x

  • Ha ha I just thought that too - love love your pics, they are beautiful. Lve your umbrella shots!!

    Our first dance image

    With the cathedral in the background

    Our fab cake.

    Come on girlies want to see more - loving seeing your Sally!!

    E x
  • Lovely pics! You both looked amazing and got some excellent photos on your wedding days!

    Hope you have a fab weekend and good luck Sally with the big move!

    H xx

    P.S. CD 100 today :\?
  • P.P.S. Up in good old County Durham this weekend - think we're going to a 70th birthday at Croxdale Club - heheheh! xx
  • Woo hoo Mrs Robson hope you had fun!

    And Toria - my mum and dad went last night and said it was fab, we're going tonight as well image

    Well ladies, 2 days after AF started she has stopped abruptly. That can;t be right I am sure - from what I remember 10 years ago before I went on the pill I was a 5 ish days kind of girl. I also had no period pain and have always suffered quite badly from that too so I have no idea what it was. Going to put a new post on here and see if anyone else has had this. Got my hopes up too!!

    Hope you;re all having lovely weekends

    E x
  • Hey Girls,
    Loving the wedding pictures.

    I finally got to see the female doctor on Friday and she has sent me for blood tests to do a comprehensive hormone profile to see what's going on- I should hopefully know in a week's time. She was lovely and as a result I'm feeling much happier and less stressed at the moment.

    Ruby, my period was a very short but heavy one back in June so maybe things might still be fairly irregular for you over the next couple of months still but getting an AF is a good sign xx
  • Hi ladies,

    Gorgeous wedding pics!!

    Rubyshoes I would say that AF however short is a good sign that your body is getting back to normal :\)

    Well 6 weeks on and I am still waiting for any sign of AF, although for the last couple of days i have had a really achey lower back and very sore and burning nipples which I never have, so I am hoping she may be on her way!!

  • Gutted we missed the Durham light show - we were at the birthday party but my MIL told us all about it!
    Welcome Toria - exactly a week ahead of me. I actually feel so much better there's a little group of us with the same problems. You can feel quite alone and frustrated esoecially when you're not telling people that you're trying.
    Ruby - I'd agree with Magpie that it's definitely a sign of something happening which has got to be good. Those ovaries are having a good yawn and a stretch before waking up!
    Magpie - hope the symptoms bring AF, or even better, a BFP!!!
    I feel like getting a tickertape with my CD on it but they all need a date to count down to image
    CD102 today........ Dead as a dodo here still with nothing to report!
    H x
  • Hi Hope, Magpie and Mrs Robson,

    So glad that the doc was helpful - let us know how you get on. I really hope that it is a sign of getting back to normal, Have got everything crossed for us all. I just worry now that I will get nothing else for months but I will just have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

    The lights were amazing, loved them. And we've just had takeaway and watched X Factor, perfect end to a perfect weekend.

    102 days is a lifetime Mrs Robson - I seriously hope that you get your BFP straight away after you get your AF up and running again - your ovaries have got a lot to answer for!!

    Sally - hope the move had gone ok. Boo to Sundays hope you all have bareable Mondays

    E x
  • Hey everyone.

    Just checking in with you all you lovely ladies image

    Well, what a weekend!!!! Me and DH have worked 12 hour days this weekend getting the house ready. We dont officially move til next fri but we've been gutting our new house this weekend as it's soooooo bloody awful! Absolutely knackered now. Havent managed to do any planning (eek!!) as only just got home now. Oops! hee hee.

    Still no sign of af for me image Back to doctors on wed for my results though. I'll post a proper reply here soon though..

    ,,,,and im still so jealous RS!! I want af!!!!! ha ha,

    Night girls. xxxx
  • Heheheheh! We're all jealous of Ruby and her mini AF!!
    Monday not too bad as on a course - yay!!!
    Been chatting to a friend (one of the close few who I talk about ttc with) and have told her all about our little group on BE. She was in a similar situation a couple of years ago and has a beautiful boy now so there is hope for us all!!!!
    Baby dust xx
  • Ha ha bless you Sally you'll be shattered this week! Hope the kids were kind to you today.

    Stressed out tonight - had such a busy day and still marking seem to have loads of it this week! Also just had my hubby's lovely cousin on, she's having some man trouble and so I just feel drained now image

    Aw jealous of my mini AF - I am sending AF dust to you all this week! Some of the other ladies reassured me on here just to count it as AF even though it only lasted 2 days. Suppose some is better than nothing :lol:

    Good to hear about your friend too Mrs Robson, there may well be hope for us all yet!

    I am just wondering what to do in terms of BDing this month now. We had said that we'd hold off trying properly until my cycle settled down but we're too excited! So do you reckon just count 12ish days in and count that as OV date? I am all confused! Or just BD all the time just in case!!

    Right, back to my marking........

    E x
  • Hi ladies, can I join this little support club? I am now 6 weeks off the pill and NOTHING! At first I had a really achey tum, then my boobs hurt for a couple of weeks. I'm currently going through a bloated phrase, but don't feel like theres anything going on tummy wise. At what point do you think it's worth going to the docs? We are telling anyone that we are ttc either, so it's good to chat to you lovely ladies about it!
  • Hello Rucky! Welcome to our little group! I became very bloated about three weeks after I came of the pill and stayed seriously bloated for about a month but it has passed. I was hoping that I'd lose a few pounds from coming off the pill as a lot of people seem to but that didn't happen!
    Sally hope you're managing alright and fingers crossed for a successful trip to the doctors on Wednesday.
    Ruby as for BDing who knows....?! We're just doing as much as poss 'just in case' but who can say...? But I reckon you've probably got a little 'recovery' time for a few days now you've had AF!! Have a few early nights and build up your energy reserves. Heheh!
    Soooooooooooo unbelievably jealous of anyone with a cycle - even a fifty day one! At least there's something to count. Oh for a few days' window for OV - it's like the old needle in the haystack for us, isn't it?!
    Well with all this 'practice' BDing at least we all have happy husbands!
    NItey nite x
  • Welcome Rucky!!

    Yes that's what I am thinking too - maybe from this weekend will just make sure we BD every other day (sure he won't grumble too much about that :lolimage

    Was thinking of investing in a CBFM but they are quite pricey and you never know if you're going to need it I suppose. But the other way seems so needle in a haystack like Mrs Robson said. It's a tough one!

    E x
  • It's been four months and 2 weeks for me. Would anyone else have gone to the doctors by now? I'm not sure if i want to as i think they may just send me away
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