1st time ttc, please help x

Hello ladies,

I've frequently been reading posts over this forum for the last month and have seen how lovely you all are and how you help others with advice and thought I would kindly join.


So, hi, i'm Charlotte and this is my 1st month TTC after taking the pill for almost 10 years.


Me and my husband decided to start trying on our anniversary, so shortly before (7th sept) when i should have continued the pill i stopped taking it. we then did the deed multiple times through the month (as you should hehe) and i'm hoping i hit the relevant dates (we used an app that told me when i should ovulate)


Anyway, it turns out AF was due Sunday. and has still not arrived. I have taken a test but it was negative. So i suppose what I am looking for is advice based on how long i should wait before taking another, has anyone else had any similar experiences that they would be so kind to share?


Im just so excited to finally be trying, its a long story but its taken over a year to get the green light from my husband lol so really cant wait now hehe :D xx



  • Hello and welcome!

    Your cycles might be irregular for several months after coming off the pill so don't be surprised if you skip periods or have them come late. Perhaps test again in a few days but don't worry if you don't fall pregnant right away. Good luck! x

  • Hi, you sound very similar to me. We started trying last month after coming off the pill.

    28 days was due yesterday but I can't remember how long my cycles were before the pill so I don't know if I am late or not.

    I had a negative test but have a lot of symptoms. these could just be getting used to coming off the pill I suppose.

    even after 1 month I feel anxious about it!  

  • Hey charlotte and Hull01, I'm in the same boat as both of you, I stopped the pill on September 10 :). I wouldn't worry too much about not having a perfect 28 day cycle coming off the pill. Everything I've read says it will likely be a bit all over the place for the first few cycles. 

    Have you tried using an opk? I use a stick everyday just because I don't want to miss my first ovulation. Hasn't happened yet! (now CD 24 since withdrawal bleed). You could always just BD every other day if you're not tracking ovulation? Me and my dh want a boy so we're not doing it all the time - waiting for the right time to make it count!

    I feel anxious too, what are going to be like down the line?? Haha

  • Hi ladies,

    thank you so much for your kind replies!

    so, i am now currently on cd32 of my cycle, before I started the pill 10 years ago I think my periods were anything up to 5 weeks apart, could this still be the case?

    while on the pill my periods were always regular, without fail af showed up on time every month so this is now very new to me.

    i have been feeling rather odd for the last week or so, I'm trying not to read too much in to anything but since last Friday, I felt unbelivably sick, even though nothing physically, very sore boobs right now, last week I had some very odd pains in my stomach around the time where if I was on the pill I would have come on, felt like stabbing pains? so bad it woke me up :( sorry if tmi but discharging loads and feel so tired. Could all of this be as simple as coming off the Pill?

    im just so excited to finally start trying, but trying not to get too hopeful. 

    Good luck and baby dust to you all xxx

  • Apples, no opks used yet, did want to experiment a little first so used an online ovulation calculator lol. I've recently noticed that some websites give different dates but think we covered them all lol, so what would you ladies suggest, hold out a few more days to see if af shows?

    also, if she doesnt show, will ovulation cycle still be the same or will it be different? X

  • I am wondering the same to be honest. I am cd30 and have no idea. I will try to wait a few more days to take another test. 

    If nothing happens I will probably test for ovulation next cycle. It's all very confusing and frustrating.

    also, I have noticed very prominent veins in my boobs. Have you had this at all?


  • I'm glad to not be the only one feeling this way. I just feel so confused. being a day late I took a test on Monday and was gutted when it said not pregnant. i took another yesterday as again no af so thought I'd double check and nothing.

    over the last few days my boobs have been ridiculously sore, even hurts to wear a bra!! I have noticed a vein but I don't know now if it's always been there or if I'm just picking signs? :( xx

  • I would try to wait a little longer and take another test. 

    Wishing you lots of luck x

  • Thanks Hull, you too lovely!! Baby dust to us all please keep me updated with how you get on :) xx

  • hey ladies, there seems to be so many signs that can point to AF, coming off the pill, or pregnancy, and they sound so similar :/ Others on this site have mistaken AF signs for pregnancy, while other's have gotten a bfp and only recognised the super mild signs in hindsight. Hard to tell! For me I had some cramps a few days after stopping before my withdrawal bleed but zero symptoms of anything since..? Wishing for something to interpret, haha.

    For your cycle length charlotte, your 5 week cycle before the pill might be a good indication of what you'll go back to. Maybe do another test after cd 35? Or else it might take some time to reach your normal length again. Fx it doesn't take long!

    It's this annoying limbo time hey - we're not in predictable cycles yet so it's hard to know where we're at. I think careful optimism is the way to go. I don't want to get depressed when it doesn't happen early on but every day is hopeful. Please keep me updated on you both as well! x

  • Any update for you yet? Still no af for me and still negative result. 

    Not sure how long to leave it before I see GP. I Just want to make sure that nothing is wrong! X

  • Argh I know how frustrating is it. How many cds are you now? If you went to the doctor they might just say keep waiting and af will come because you've only just come off the pill, but an appointment could put your mind at ease if you're really anxious? It's hard to be patient I know!

    I had brown spotting last night and got excited because I though it meant af was coming today (cd 28) and cycles would be back to normal, but no sign of anything today! Not even a cramp. What does my body think its playing at... 🤔

  • I'm 34 days now. Feel so annoyed! 

    Baby dust to all. Keep me posted x

  • Hi everyone,

    I might be in the same boat as you also. Problem is if I count the withdrawal discharge as AF then I am CD 34 with no pms symptoms except for sore breasts. before I started the pill my AF was irregular but in the sense that it was somewhere less than 28 days.  Ive been testing since CD20 and all BFNs .. Do you ladies have any updates?

    Baby dust to you :)

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Hello lovelys,

    im currently on day 36, last week had really sore boobs, felt ill, tired and moods all over the place. Genuinely thought af was on her way. still nothing :( I'm at the point where I af is going to show i want her to hurry her ass up lol so I can crack at it again. I last tested on Friday but bfn, I'm at the point where I don't want to test anymore as its disappointing every time there is only one line and no af 😫 My boobs have thankfully stopped hurting so much now but I still have pain in my back. no idea what to think now xx baby dust to you all xx

  • Welcome bumpbumpbaby :) This first month wait is killer hey. I haven't had any pms symptoms yet either, not even sore boobs. 

    Charlotte maybe set yourself parameters - only test on fridays?? Then it's part of a routine, and you wouldn't be testing out of anxiety. If I had all those symptoms I'd be testing heaps too don't worry :) 

    Maybe af is coming tomorrow because of the weird brownish stuff in my knickers last night. Fx... If not, sounds like going past cd 30s with no af on the first cycle off the pill is normal if everyone here is experiencing it? Well that's how I'm going to see it xx

  • Hello everyone my name is Caroline my husband and I have decided to come off the pill it is been one week and a day since I've been off the pill and we are now trying to conceive any advice or experience would be helpful  I am now waiting for my period 😕

  • Hi Caz88

    Im quite new at this too. My only advice would be not to think about it too much and take each day without desperately trying to symptom spot. (Easier said than done)

    Good luck!  X

  • Hi ladies,

    still no af for me. I went to the GP who basically said not to worry. He said 1 in 5 couples will fall pregnant in a month. If you have sex a few times a week you will eventually get it right. Especially if you are irregular. 

    He also said I can ovulate without a bleed so go home and have sex.

    It made me feel a little better anyway!

  • Hiya!! 

    I am in the same boat as you! Especially when it comes to getting the green light from the other half haha! But finally have!! 

    Can i ask what app you used please? and have you have a period since coming off the pill yet? 

    Sorry! Personal question I know but I'm new to this and would love to heee people's stories with coming off the pill as I have no idea what to expect! I've only been pill free for 2 weeks!! 

    Good luck!! 

    Thank you xxx

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