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Is this a positive?!?!



  • Aw hun your not intruding your more than welcome to join in :) yeah it's all normal as long as it's not crippling pain or bleeding I think it's ok. Mine have seemed to have calmed down today little twinges here and there..but it's so worrying isn't it..itch8ng to get to the twelve week mark so I can see my little breasts are so sore it's unreal! I have nausea aswel, extreme tiredness and constipation has kicked in now haha its horrible lol..but worth it though! How far along are you chick ? Xxx

  • same here, just want to know I'm having a healthy little bean!!! im so excited but it's still so early! i know what you mean about the sore boobs!!! Mine are so painful and the veins are really visible! as for the tiredness I'm napping 2-3 times a day, Even washing is effort! I have slight nausea but not too bad, was a but worried that I don't seem to have it but I guess it's still early, I am 5 weeks 1 day :) xxx

  • The veins get worse 😂 Im 30weeks and my breasts might as well be blue because there's that many veins popping out 😩

  • Haha oh the joys of being pregnant ay lol I've started with the old constipation now sorry tmi lol its all worth it! My sense of smell is strong now can smell everything..crazy! I'm 6 weeks 1 day with my second 😄😄 xxx

  • Haha Yeah! I don't have any of that yet.... no symptoms really other than so tired and the boobs and some bloating, getting a bit Worried that I don't have more Symptoms! xxx

  • Sweetie I only had sore boobs when I was like 7 weeks no sickness or tiredness and I've had an easy pregnancy except heart burn But only been getting that bout week 18 

  • With my first I barley had any symptoms until I was about 12 weeks just mild cramping I was a bit worried but my midwife said everyone is different in the way they carry and how their affected..this one however is so different it's hit me like a ton of bricks lol! Hoping that's because it's a boy haha but will be happy with another girl :) also twins run heavily on my husbands side so it could be twins :/ haha but won't know until my 12 week scan! This one wants me to eat pork pies, houmous and French mustard all together haha can't get enough of the stuff ! Xxx

  • Emma92..I know that feeling when I was about 30 weeks my boobs were so big and veiney they were also always leaking all over the place I then had my little girl at 34 weeks which probably explains the leaking lol I couldn't fit into any of bras I went up about 3 bra sizes! I looked like I had a boob job and everyone noticed :O even the husbands brother made a comment was a little embarrassed to say the least but couldn't help it haha 😂😂 do you know what your having? Xxx

  • I've gone from a cup size b to an e 😂

    Yeah im having a boy x

  • i would do a fallow up with your obgyn before thinking your pregnant are take clear blue the one that says yes or no and if you dont have a period for a whole two months test again. Pregnancy tests are never right I've done 2 and they were negative before the 3rd one was positive. Good luck

  • I don't have that problem I'm 5 month pregnant and my boob's only went up one to B size since my pregnancy and I'm having a girl.

  • Sh3 so I said we were finding out the sex of my best friends baby yesterday at her 20 week scan but unfortunately the baby passed away at about 18 weeks. They are pretty sure she was a little girl. 

  • OMG!!!!!! That's awful I can't imagine what their going through!!!! Poor things! I went to the docs yesterday and she said everything sounded normal but to come back if it gets actually's not painful it's just an uncomfortable feeling. No bleeding or anything. 

    Oh that is so sad! :(:( 

  • She wants to go back tomorrow to have the baby alone.

    I just can't imagine what she's going through. I'm heartbroken so what is she feeling?

    I'm glad the doctors aren't concerned about you xx

  • Oh that really is awful I'm so utterly sorry to hear this..poor poor things!! 😢😢😢 I know hun I bet you are just be there for them as best you can In this horrible time! It truly is awful I'm so sad for them :(:(

    👣RIP little delicate angel you are so loved and always will be! 👣 😘😘😘💞❤❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thankyou sh3, she will in time move forward but for now I just need to be there when she needs me x

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • I'm so sorry if i lost my baby girl i would be deviststed. Maybe your friend has a condition and needs shots so that she wont lose the baby. I'm very sorry that has to happen to her may God rest her soul and take care of the baby in heaven

  • imageHi I just need someone  to look at thsee for me as I don't want to show my husband yet. Last month I had a chemical pregnancy so really don't want to get my hopes up. The bottom cheapie was taken yesterday pm and is so faint I have to shine a torch on it. The middle cheapie and Frer were first wee today. I am on cd 23 of normally a 26 day cycle. I know I should have waited to test but just couldn't! I have awful acid reflux the past week. Thank you so much xx

  • Can see a faint line Dinky, test again when af is due.

    I have had 2 cps so vowed never to test early again.

    Sambie she has 2 kids already so don't think there is anything wrong with her just one of those tragic unexplained things that happens.

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