TTC hoping for a BFP in November! - Part 2



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    @MadDoda I’ve not even gone in yet 😫 
    my stomach is churning!!!
  • @MadDoda it really is!!! God I hope she gets good news!xxxx
  • @dd1001 lol, I hate when they are late. Try to relax! Deep breaths!  Sending hugs, I would have done with u if I could
  • @dd1001, you’ll be fine. Not surprised your stomach’s churning! Mine is for you!!! Xxx
  • Well that was useless!!!!
  • Nothing they can do - it’s still to early. Dr not worried yet. Said last month could have still thrown me off sync. She’s almost certain I will come on in the next few days to a week and if not I’ve to call her in 2 weeks time 😫😫
  • @dd1001 oh no, sucks doc won't help you.  Can you ask for a second opinion?
  • Oh no- that’s so annoying
  • i was told something similar unless its 6 weeks they don't check for anything.
  • @VRob123 thinking of you lovely x Hope GP listens and at the very least tests your progesterone levels x

    @dd1001 I’m sorry. Did GP buy into the you’re pregnant argument  at all? 
  • @dd1001 in my experience, medics don’t know much about this sort of thing and don’t understand our anxiety around it and how much it takes over our lives. So frustrating for you! 
  • @dd1001 what!! Even a blood test won’t do any harm! 
  • @MadDoda is there another test @dd1001 can use or are they all the same?xxx
  • I mean she was lovely - told her how I was feeling and that didn’t feel like period was coming - she wanted to do a test asked if I was ok with seeing another bfn which I said I was and I am! But it was bfn - would have fallen off the seat if it was bfp 😂.
    ive to test again 1 week today if still nothing and then again 2 weeks today and if still nothing she has arranged a telephone consultation on 18 Nov. 

    Otherwise she said just to keep having lots of sex because if I have skipped then should be covered for next cycle. 

    Absolutely no idea how I can possible ovulate with the high temps I’m assuming it isn’t possible @maddoda ?
  • @kiaraj it's different when u don't know when and if u ovulated. She got over 20 days high temps. That dr is bloody stupid.

    @dd1001 how did she explain so many high temps?
  • @EmJ3 there is only one thing she can do. @dd1001 which CD is it?
  • @MadDoda well she couldn’t but to be honest I don’t think she fully understood it anyway! 
    Apparently 1 week late is not enough. To be concerned 😫🤷🏽‍♀️.

    oh well wonder what dpo I can get to any predictions?! 
  • @dd1001 yes, it is not enough because most ppl don't do bbtnd could have ov later, she treated u as every random person. FFS moron not a Dr. That's why I hate those undereducated...  Which CD is it?
  • Which cd is what sorry?
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