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Hoping for a BFP July 2020 <3 - Part 2

Hello everyone,
This is Part 2 for the thread Hoping for a BFP July 2020 <3 as the earlier thread has now topped the 1k post mark. 

We've pasted a link on the old thread, to this new one, so hopefully everyone should be able to find easy enough. 


  • 1k post mark, wow! 

    I'm in the agonising TWW. 

    Period is due 31st July or 1st Aug. Hoping I can test on the 25th (FRER are 6 days early). It will be a looong week  :s  
  • Im leaving this thread now as im pretty sure i am out. I have light spotting when i wipe, AF wasnt supposed to be due til thursday so looks like shes making an early apperance! Good luck to those still waiting xx
  • @RiaMushk I have a dip then rise of 0.5 degrees before my BFP and also crazy vivid dreams that I’m still getting!
  • BethanyJean don’t leave quite yet as spotting a few days before af arrives can be a positive sign. 
    Ria vivid dreams can definitely be a sign. Fingers crossed for you both xx 
  • @Louise 111 i always spot the day before AF and usually have sore boobs too. But no sore boobs and also AF isnt due til Thursday so im not sure what to think! But i dont feel very hopeful xx
  • Bethanyjean with my last bfp I had spotting 2-3 days before my af was due and presumed it was starting so went to bed with a sanitary towel on but it had stopped when I got up. I don’t want to get your hopes up unnecessarily but you never know. Fingers crossed xx 
  • Ooh i hope that is the case! Thank you!xx
  • Ahh thank you ladies 

    @GG18 and @Char09 I’m not getting my hopes up too much yet as I’m still dubious at wether that was the right temp! I must have completely made up the 36.36. I guess I’ll see tomorrow... if it massively drops then maybe I got it wrong lol 🙈

    god the dreams! I did have very vivid dreams in my pregnancy in the first trimester mostly. However, a couple of months ago I got the dreams again in the 2ww... but think was just excited to ttc! 

    My AF is due exactly a week today 🥺 
    not feeling anything apart from this blooming dry/sore vulva 🙈😂 even had to get the husband to have a look down and there and check that there was nothing funky going on! 
    I really think it’s just a hormone imbalance due to LP. 
    @[email protected] I agree with the Other ladies, seems it would be very early for AF? 
    Keep us updated and I have everything crossed for you! 
  • @RiaMushk everytime ive been to the toilet since the once this morning i havnt had anything on the tissue. It is very strange xx
  • @Bethanyjean 🤞🏻🤞🏻 🤞🏻
    Could be implantation bleeding!
  • @RiaMushk i really hope so but i think its too dark to be IB!
  • RiaMushkRiaMushk Regular
    edited Jul 20, 2020 9:04PM
    @Bethanyjean my implantation bleeding with my son was literally spot of dark brown blood. Like a deep brown/red I would say! 
    So I guess everyone is different 
  • Well everyone as amazing as it was to finally get my pregnant on the digital this morning I started spotting this afternoon and went to the er my Beta levels are very low so either I’m very very early on or having a early miscarriage will know for sure if the spotting increases or with blood results that will be redrawn Thursday :/ trying hard to stay positive but extremely hard to achieve
  • Sorry to hear that @Tori209V - that sounds so stressful, try and take it easy, Easier said than done I know! When was your missed AF? How many dpo are you? I’m sure it’s just too early and perhaps some implant bleeding. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  • Update on the thermometer sitch (@chloe888 mainly haha) Took my temp this morning, recorded it and then turned it off. Then turned it back on and it came back with that temp but then flashed to 37.00 - so I’m going to go with this is just a sort of standard temp it shows after showing your most recent temp!? Especially because yesterday afternoon I tried again just to see what it would say and 37 wasnt my temp, so it wasn’t showing the second to last temp if that makes sense!!! I’ve put in yesterday as 36.36 instead now which is what I recorded. Still a jump today? But just odd it went down twice. Just want to know now! My toddler has started saying ‘baby’ in the last few days now and it’s the cutest thing ever 😭😭😭 maybe he knows !?! 🤣🤣
  • @RiaMushk I've just tested mine and it comes up your last temp then the 37.00 then Lo ! So you need to look for the first one when you turn it back on x
  • @Chloe888 yep I Thought as much! Which means the above chart is correct, my temp when low twice and then up high! 
    Not sure what that means but hey ho, I’m going To try and not obsess now 🤣 
    I’ll know this time next week so it’s not too long! 
    Thank you so much for your help, hope you’re ok xx
  • @RiaMushk its so hard not to obsess ! I'm good thanks on CD8 so just plodding along haha x
  • @RiaMushk thanks that’s what I’m hoping for and trying to focus on but It is so hard the spotting stopped overnight didn’t have any pain or anything like that so hoping all good signs. AF was suppose to be here on 7/15 And since it’s my first time actually ttc I just kinda winged it haha so could of ovulated any time between 6/28 & 7/2 or earlier or later since I’ve never really tracked my ovulation other than noting my CM
  • But also this is my first cycle after iud removal and before any BC my cycles were always irregular so this cycle was based off of my previous cycles with the iud so I may be all messed up on dates since I didn’t have anything to go off of between iud removal and possible pregnancy 
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