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Testing in June thread 🌞

Hi started a new thread for those still in the game for June. I'm currently CD9 expecting ovulation 15th June and af expected 28th June xx


  • In my TWW 5dpo, so hopefully get my BFP this month can't wait to start testing. :)
  • @fara21 good luck hope this is your month 🤞 when you gonna start testing  xx 
  • @Jessiebella I'm thinking i'm going to wait until 10dpo... i'm not up for a negative test when testing early :)currently on cd18 o:)
  • @fara21 you'll be testing when I start BD'ing xx 
  • @fara21 I'd recommend not to test before 12dpo actually. At 10dpo the chances of a false negative are still very high, as your implantation can happen as late as 12dpo :) 
  • Hi all, 

    Has anyone had the vaccine around the time of their period and seen a change from normal? I came on the same day as the vaccine and I'm currently on day 6 and medium flow. Normally by now it would be quite light. Obv i worried and then remembered I did have the vaccine and wondered if there was a link. I googled and there is a lot out there from women reporting irregular, heavy and unusual periods. There's even a study that is underway. Everything I've read says it is temp and nothing to worry about but when you desperately want a baby it is anxiety provoking. 
  • NorthernGirlNorthernGirl Regular
    edited Jun 7, 2021 9:52AM
    Hello I'm joining in here! 
    So I'm still in the TWW (although 99.9% sure I'm not as no symptoms like the first time) 

    On one app it says I'm due on today, another says Wed and my other says Friday!! So I'm going to wait until Sunday to test if I have not come on. I still don't know what's normal for me with only a few months to go off and still BF my LO. 

    Reckon I'll start temping although not sure how accurate that will be. I'll carry on with cheap opks too now pre mom helps me read them. So yeah, just waiting until Sunday really....

    @hannah22 yes I read lots on that and decided not to have the jab. Personal choice I suppose. I have also read it's temp but be interesting to Read the study when it's done.
  • Hey June testers!! 🤗
    CD3 for me! 
    Had an unplanned break from TTC for the last cycle - work got stupidly hectic and I stopped temping and testing...BD’ing was just impossible we were both so tired! 
    Actually really nice to have no expectations and not suffer the TWW!! 🤣
    the break has done us good at the right time - our first fertility appointment is in 2 weeks (2 years TTC) - we’ve had the prelim tests. 
    I’m nervous but feeling positive to be moving forward!! 😁
    good luck to everyone here! 
    And if anyone’s got any insight into what the hell to expect at this appointment I’d love to hear it xxx
  • @hannah22 had my vaccine during my 2ww n af was lighter than normal but still lasted 4 days

    @NorthernGirl glad you like premom it's made me obsessed with poas! Haha 
    This is my first month doing bbt n feel like I have no clue what I'm doing or what to look out for. I'm hoping it will be obvious after O

    @KelB79 I've had some breaks in between n it felt like a weight lifted so know exactly what you mean. Wish I could help but you're a little ahead of me so if you could let me know how your appt goes? I've had an USS n bloods and OH has his sperm analysis today! After results come back hoping to get referred after so wont be far behind you fingers crossed 🤞🤞 were on cycle 20 ttc xx
  • AF arrived today! (I class that as May) so ready to rock and roll with June...Come on!!! As soon as my AF leaves I'm starting opks and logging on pre mom. Still thinking about temping, if I'll actually remember. And other than BING at the right time not much more we can do right!? 

    Good luck all!!!! 
  • @Jessiebella LOL :)great...will let you know what my test shows xxx fingers cross for both of us this month o:)
  • @Bundaberg I think that is a great idea...yesterday my temp was so high i felt very warm, and yesterday was 6dpo so hoping it's a good sign o:)
  • Hey guys. Haven’t been on here for a while! I’m currently 3/4 dpo of my 9th cycle (but almost a year being off the pill, thanks long cycles). 

    I say either 3/4 because I’ve been investigated due to the long cycles. I had an ultrasound pelvis which to my surprise, showed I had just/just about to ovulate at only cd21! Has previously been around day 29. A bit confused if I’m ovulating before or just as I receive a peak reading so going with the flow in regards to what dpo I am. If it happens before my timings have been quite wrong all these months! 

    I’m not sure I intend on testing as I’ve had too many BFN then af arrives. 
    Hope everyone is well. I still recognise some names 😊 best of luck for testing. 
  • Hi all I haven’t posted for ages as we took a bit of a break from ttc. I have now been double jabbed and now heading towards ov in the next few days I think so hopefully we might get lucky. Just caught up on the May thread and lovely to see the bfps. So sorry to hear about those that had miscarriages or got bfn. @hannah22 I had my af when I had my first jab (the side effects and af were not a lovely combo lol) and my af came after my second jab. Not noticed any changes though. 
  • My period is ending thank goodness! Next step work out dates for bd, find this part really stressful. We move to having people inside from tom and until 11pm so coincides with this and the weather is going to be insanely hot.... Anyone else find this part stressful too..? 
  • Hi All, I'm CD 4 so moving onto this group.

    I'm having a "light" AF this month following my jab, but the 2 months prior have been ridiculously heavy - i blamed my HSG/Hyfosy scan for those 2 heavy periods, but this lighter one could be a result of the covid jab - glad i had it though as its made me feel a little more relieved about that.

    Ovulation for me will be just before our 2 week holiday to cornwall - bit of a shame its not during as no doubt will feel relaxed after some time away from work!

    Anyway, I'm here waiting for all ur BFPs to be excited about, and ofcourse hoepfully my own much later on! xxx
  • Hey again everyone. Cycle 12 right now. 11 DPO. Tested negative at 10DPO but thats no surprise. Nonetheless, this month doesnt feel any different from any of the others so not very excited about this cycle.
  • Hi all! Sorry been busy today so just caught up on everyone. I'm CD 11 (before midnight.. technically 12 now) using opk n premom waiting for peak. First cycle using bbt no idea what I'm doing though n just started using myo Inositol aswell. My lh levels are higher so wonder if its the tablets but not enough charted cycles to know for sure. Oh has just had his sperm analysis said 2 to 3 weeks for results then we can get our referral sorted. In the mean time well be doing the BD soon 🤞 @Emmstar84 think were cycle buddies!

    welcome back @SP28 @Emmstar84 glad to hear from you n yes I'm still here Haha! 
    @NorthernGirl sorry to hear af came but a new month is a fresh start! Premom is so addictive! Its replaced fb on my first app I check when I wake up lol fingers crossed it works for us 🤞

    @hannah22 the last thing I wanna do is BD when it's hot! 

    @_Abby_ I love Cornwall! Where are you staying? Hope weather stays nice. I need a break but doubt well be able until Sept cuz of work etc. My af was lighter after jab too

    @Poca92 you know what they say you're not out til she shows 🤞🤞🤞 I have different symptoms each cycle so can never be 100% usually I get cramps day before af other than that I get teased by own body during 2ww 

  • How are you doing @Jessiebella?
  • @SP28 all good here I'm on CD 12 last month I ovulated on CD 17 so gonna start bd in a couple of days feeling alot more relaxed now maybe cuz all tests done. How are you? Xx
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