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First month on Clomid - any advice?

Hi ladies,

im brand new on here so a bit of background. Been TTC for just over 2 years, was on the pill for 10 years prior to this and periods only came back by a year ago.

I have had a HyCoSy done and tubes are fine and I’m not polycystic. Hubbys sperm is fine. i have had a couple of cycles tracked with bloods and my dr thinks I’m not releasing eggs all the time. Last progesterone reading at Day 21 was 30. I have regular ish periods and LH shows on OPK but he thinks eggs might not actually release. Therefore I have been put on Clomid, 50g for 3 months.

i am nervous and excited. Just wondering what a normal day 21 reading should be and any stories you ladies have? 

Thanks everyone :)




  • Hi. I’m in the same boat, just given Chlomid today to start next cycle. I have pcos so very very nervous. Ttc for nearly 2 years now.

    when do you start yours EmyLou28?

  • I started on Monday (the day I was prescribed it because it just so happened that was day 2 of my cycle.) i am taking it for five days per cycle so today was day 3. So far I feel no different apart from really bad hot flushes. 

    i am nervous but excited too. I’m on 50mg so quite  slow dose. I do have a period every month and sometimes ovulate but not always so hoping this will help. Fingers crossed it will be Christmas babies for us both :) xx

  • How bad are the hot flushes?

  • Fx for you! I’m glad you’re slightly ahead so you can warn me!!! 

  • Not too bad. I’m a teacher and none of the kids in my class have noticed! haha.  It’s more of an “I need to open a window” flush. I have noticed them at night too but I always get them when I’m on my period anyway so it’s probably just me! 

    I don’t know about you but we’d have been trying for so long I’m kinda thinking - really, is this tiny tablet going to work! 

  • Yeah I feel like that. Seems silly to pin hope on that little thing... but I am hopefully. Maybe too hopefully but after so long a bit of hope is nice!

  • How has kt gone EmyLou28?

  • Really not too bad at all thankyou. Iv finished my tablets and am on CD 9 now. Since iv taken my last one, no more hot flushes but I am hormonal. Just like i am before AF but I reallllyyy can’t control the crying. 

    Its quite funny actually because one minute I’m laughing and then I’m crying. 

    When are you due due to start taking? Are you excited?? 

    I didn’t ever ask what your progesterone level was before clomid? Did you ever have Day 21 bloods? Also what level are you aiming for? 

  • Bring on the tears- I start tomorrow! I have to wait a week to take a pt to Make sure or wait till af comes which at this stage I doubt it will!

    ive heard that taking them at night means you sleep through the worst of the side affects so I might try that. 

    I have had 2 rounds of bloods at day 2, 21 and 28 but can’t remember what the actual level was.

    fx for you and good luck with the bding!

  • Hey EmyLou. Was just thinking of you - hope everything is going well

  • Hi MrsBee!

    i was thinking of you over Christmas too! How are you doing? Have you finished your first round? 

    I had a positive opk on Christmas Eve (yay!)  hideous cramps Christmas Day which I’m guessing (well hoping) was ovulation - having bloods done Friday to confirm. 

    Are you being tracked with ultra sounds for folli development during your round or bloods taken on day 21.... or are you just kind of being left to take the Clomid and see what happens?


  • Ah that’s such good news - hopefully the bloods will confirm for you!

    I’m on equivalent of day 10 so doing opks now. i was fine, just a little nausea until the day after the final tablet when I felt horrible- nausea, headaches the whole lot, but now I’m fine. Going in for a day 21 blood but not scans this try.

    What day did you ovulate, if you’re correct?  I’ve never had a postitive opk before because I’d pcos so I’ll be looking forward to seeing that dark line!

  • I started testing on cd 10 and got the smiley on the opk on cd 15. however, on cd 15 I tested in the morning as usual (it said on the packet test the same time everyday) and it was negative but the second line was visible. By the afternoon I had really bad cramps, my husband had to get the hot water bottle out! So I went and tested again and was positive! When I tested cd 16 in the morning it was negative test twice a day if the 2nd line starts getting darker. If I hadn’t done that I would have missed it & thought i hadn’t  ovulated! Think I actually ovulated day 16 from that. 

    This is the exciting not for you now!! Wishing you so much luck! X

  • Ah thank you.

    i had a faint line this evening. Have heard about testing twice - around 3pm and around 8pm so I think I’ll do that!

  • Just got my first positive opk in 2 years of ttc. So very hopefull!

  • Oh My gosh - so so excited for you!!!! Did the positive last just for the day? Mine lasted for just the one day.

    how is the BD going? We BD the day before my positive opk, day of, day after    then had a rest day and BD once more. 

    i am 6/7dpo now. Got cramps again and boobs getting sore which is normal PMS for me but trying to stay hopeful. 

  • Ah that’s so exciting! Another week and then you can test? When are your day 21 bloods?

    im cd 13 today so I’m guessing I would ovulate cd 14 from that. I’ve only tested the once today - but will test tomorrow. It was negative yesterday. The line was so dark I couldn’t believe it. 

    We’ve been dbing every other day since day 9, so did today and Should on Monday (cd15) so may add in an extra day tomorrow? I don’t know. My gynae say just do every other day... so I’m not sure whether to add another in tomorrow or not... dh would love it. 

  • We also do every other but I was panicking Christmas Day and said to DH I wanted to do an extra one just in case! His sperm count isn’t amazing though so we probably should have left it.

    We are still going every other day at the moment To cover all possibilities hehe.

    i had my blood taken yesterday, but can’t find out until Tuesday because of the weekend and New Year’s Day. 

  • Ah okay. I’ve just had another positive opk so that’s 2 days in a row... what does that mean?!

  • It means you haven’t yet released an egg, your still surging ready too.

    its good if you get a strong surge (lasting more than one day) - you will probs ovukste tomorrow..

    have you got tummy cramps? 

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