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Anyone else off the pill and still waiting for first AF??!


All I can say is GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I'm so desperate to TTC but how can I when my ovaries still arent working!

I was very regular before going on the pill (6 years ago) and it's been 2 months now and I want my periods back so much!

Is there anyone else in this position so we can stick together for a bit of support?!


p.s big congrats to all the recent BFPs! xxxxxx


  • Yes me!! It's been five weeks now so I am a few weeks behind you but it's very frustrating. Epecially when it could literally be any minute to months away - with the pill I always knew where I was literally to the time of day :lol:

    Hope she hurries up for all of us waiting!

    E x
  • Hi! thanks for the reply. What pill were you on? I was on Yasmin but have been on lots of different ones over the 6 years as I couldnt find one that my body liked. I've been round to see my friends new little baby boy today and am hoping that holding him might have kicked my hormones into gear! xx
  • I was on Microgynon 30 for 10 years - really makes you wonder what that little thing does to your body doesn't it?!!

    Oooh I hope it does sort those hormones out for you! One of my oldest friends from school is pregnant and due in Feb and I so want to join her soon!

    It's just frustrating when you hear all these stories of people taking months and months to get back to normal, they certainly don't tell you that when you start taking the pill :x

    Is that your wedding pic on thr avatar?? When did you get married? We did in July so still at the stage where I look at wedding photos every day!!

    E x

  • Yes, that's one of my favourite wedding pics! Got married on 1st Aug (one of wettest days of the summer!ha ha) When are where did you get married in July? Did you go on a honeymoon? Wish I could do it all over again. I went to a wedding yesterday and just made me so jealous that I wished I was a bride again! hee hee.

    Roll on our first AF! At least now that we've found each other we can send each other lots and lots of lovely, positive baby vibes! Come on ovaries!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Exactly yey!!

    Oh hope you had a fab day, I wish could do it all over again as well. We got married on 24th July and it was a beautiful sunny day (which I was shocked about as it had chucked it down all week!) but really it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

    We went to Florida for two weeks - did a week of theme parks then a week on the gulf coast chilling out. Really was such a great two weeks. What about you?

    So happy to have found someone in the same boat - come on ovaries!!!!

    E x

    ps - will try to put one of my wedding photies on as my avatar but will probably have to ask my hubby as I am a bit IT backward!!:lol:
  • Hello ladies,

    I am another waiting for AF after coming off the pill, but I have only been waiting 3 weeks so far. I was on mycrogynon for about 9 years until earlier this year, when doc put me on cerazette. I only had two very light AF whilst on that, and they were at random times and lasted for a couple of weeks each, so I literally have no idea when to expect AF!! I am still BDing though in the hope I might be able to get pregnant before AF comes back!!

    And I got married in August too! :\)

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  • Yey welcome to our little group Magpie! Hope married life is treating you well and fingers crossed our AFs arrive soon :\)

    E x
  • Hi Magpie! And like Ruby Shoes said 'Welcome' !! I hope we're not all waiting too long. xxxxx

  • Ah thank-you, yes fingers crossed for all of us!! It is so nice to find other people in the same boat, not that I would wish this frustrating time on anyone else!!

    Let's hope by Christmas we either have our cycles back or our BFPs!!

  • Hi Ladies

    I'm new to the site. I'm waiting for AF following stopping the pill three weeks ago. Was on the pill for over 10 years. Did come off it 6 years ago and it took 9 months to have an AF!! (Met my OH so that's why i started the pill again) Hoping it won't take that long thou as really broody.If she doesn't show by mid Dec we are going to try upsi anyway and see what happens. We also got married this year in May so we all have a lot in common.

  • Hi Mapleleaf image

    And welcome to BE. It's great here and there's always so much fantastic advice.

    OMG - 9 months!! Think I'm gonna leave it another few weeks and if nothing happens, go to the doctors. Sob. Were your periods regular before going on the pill?

    I'm off to get my hair done in a couple of hours -trying to find things to make me feel better seeing as though AF still isnt showing.

  • Welcome Maple leaf,

    It's good to know that there are a few of us in the same boat. Nine months is ages I will be going spare if that's me!

    I am a teacher and on half term this week so lots of spare time to think about things - just been skiving on here instead of doing my work, oh dear!

    Hope you are all having bearable Mondays

    E x
  • As far as i remember they were regular. Fingers crossed it was just the pill i was on back then. Been on Microgynon since.

    I've been painting the bedroom today so know what you mean about having time to think about things. Been day dreaming about painting nursery's etc.

  • Hi Smallstar.

    I feel like that about Yasmin too. Tried googling to see whetheer Yasmin is a particularly strong pill but think I was just reading into in too much. ha ha!

    Ruby Shoes - I'm a Teacher too and having a lovely half term break soooo much image What age group do you teach? I was wondering whether the stress of starting in September with a new class etc could have messed my body up too. x
  • Hi Sally,

    It definitely could have - no one ever tells you how stressful teaching is. Loving half term too!!

    I teach in year three and love it but it's so tiring. I have just started in a new school in September as well so just getting to know the routines and other staff etc so feels like it's been an especially busy half term for me.

    What year group do you teach?

    E x

  • I'm Year 1 - so being with the little ones REALLY makes me broody!! I think my hormones might be working a bit apetetie has gone to nothing (I put on loads of weight from scoffing when on the pill so maybe I'll lose some now!), I've been so narky recently and my skin's taking a turn for the worse. It's just depressing getting up every day thinking 'will it be today' and then nothing happens. I honestly didnt think I'd get like this as we were only going to be 'relaxed' about trying but bloody hell, I'm obsessed!!!!

    Love your piccie too hun - looks gorgeous!! xxx

  • Hi Ladies,
    I am in the same boat. I was on the pill (Mercilon) for 7 years and stopped taking it in Feb. Since then, I had one slight period in June and nothing since, so overall, I've had one period in 8 months! I have been to the doctors twice- the last time was 2 weeks ago and they just told me to wait until the new year when they would look at doing some tests but it feels like years away and is making me stress. I'm trying to be patient and know that things can take time but I feel like I don't even have a lottery ticket at the moment and felt like the doctor thought I was over-reacting, which was very frustrating. I have friends who were sent for blood tests etc almost instantly but conceived anyway fairly quickly, so I'm not sure whether I should have had tests done by now- the doctor didn't ask me any questions or do any pt's etc.

    I keep getting pregnancy symptoms and have done lots of HTCs but all were negative. I keep building my hopes up for no reason but at the same time it's difficult to know where things are up to and when to test with no periods and I'm assuming no ovulation. I'm not sure whether I can start charting temperatures etc. I know that stressing about getting my period probably isn't helping and now I'm starting to wonder if it could be something more serious like PCOS at least if I could have a period it might reassure me that everything is working. It's not the not conceiving that is worrying me so much as the thought that it might not be possible atm. I've considered looking into chinese medicine but only really want to step things up a gear as a last resort.

    I'm a teacher too and I also think that adds to the stress.

    Good luck to you all. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one in this position xx
  • Hi Hope09 (and welcome to BE!)

    You sound just like me!! I sometimes think I think too much about this and my friends keep telling me to stop counting the days since I stopped taking the pill as this is probably making me stress. I think every little thing is a 'sign' but am slowly losing any PMA i had about ttc. I should prob be in the 'planning for a baby' forum! lol.

    Isnt it strange that we're 3 teachers and are having the same issue?? Hmmm. It's so hard not to get stressed about things in school though isnt it?

    Our time will come ladies!!!!xxx
  • Thank you Sallysunflower 9, you've cheered me up after a day of feeling glum and non-stop googling haha. I know, from what people tell me it seems as soon as you stop thinking about it and give up trying nature will take over and give you a BFP. We haven't told anyone that we are TTC so it's nice to share experiences here.

    I think we are all so busy worrying about other people's little cherubs that it's hard for our bodies to find time, energy and patience for our own but hopeully we won't be waiting too long once the time is right xx
  • Definitely! About 6 of my parents at school are pregnant and since I got married over the summer I continually get asked 'ooo, when are you going to have a baby. We thought you'd be pregnant by now' ARGH!!!!!!! ha ha. They're driving me mad! I actually got myself all worked up last week over an issue with a child and ended up crying in front of my male head (who had absolutely no idea what to do with me) About half an hour later the first of the members of staff at school asked whether I pregnant as I was so emotional and it made me feel really sad because I wasnt image Sob

    And how bad is half term googling??! I feel like I've spent all day googling 'how long for period to return/ovulation afer pill/reflexology to start ovulation etc etc.

    I need husband to come home and stop me from this madness!! xxxxxx
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