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  • Aww with my 3rd I had a bump really early I couldn't hide that I was pregnant at the min I have no sickness I never really do so got no advice for morning sickness 
  • KristinO1987KristinO1987 Regular
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    lozzz said:
    Excuse the dirty bathroom haha. It might not look too big, but I normally have a fairly flat stomach so this is DEFINITELY noticeable 🤣

    Also, can I just say I hate the first trimester?! I know it passes eventually and it is all worth it in the end but my GOD I hate this part of pregnancy with a passion. Constantly exhausted and nauseated and just OFF. This is our last baby and I have to say I am glad I won't have to do this again (touch wood!)
    Same to all of that! You look so cute! Third and last baby God willing. I freaking hate being pregnant. Especially the first trimester. Wish they could just put me in a coma for two more months 
  • Things I have found helpful for morning sickness: unisom/b6 taken at night. They have a prescription as well but you can just get those two OTC and take them. I take lots of magnesium also and use magnesium lotion and epsom salt foot baths once a day. When I added the lotion and foot bath, it helped a bit more. None of the is completely takes it away but keeps the nausea low and I’ve only thrown up one time. All my healthy food is out the window. I am eating carbs all the time and try to eat one protein thing per day and fruit. That’s about it
  • Also, I bought a gallon of diet lemonade from chick-fil-a and been mixing it half with water or carbonates water and that has helped increase my fluid intake a ton the last day, which I think also helps the MS. I’ve barely been able to drink any water because it makes my stomach not feel good
  • MissFoy said:
    Hey @EmPa and @Sj83 we are all due last few days of August! Congratulations on the bfp's! 
    I don't have any symptoms at the min other than the fact I've gone into major savings mode (not a symptom but funny!) 

    ... I just wish I'd gone into savings mode a little while ago before I spent a bomb for Christmas!

    Anyway, I don't plan on spending too much this time round, did anyone else spend a fortune on their first baby? Definitely learnt my lesson I think 😐

    Im due the last couple of days of August too.  
    Today heart burn and acid reflux have been so bad! 
    I suffered with heartburn a loy with my Daughtet too 
  • @Meme210 I suffered so bad with heartburn with my son was horrible but not till later on 
  • Hi ladies congrats to all the new comers 😍🤱🤰

    I am 8 weeks 2 days. 

    I have a question, I do a lot of physical work and although ill be taking 24th and 25th off, I want to spring clean. 

    When I do a lot of work I start to get light cramping, as if to say slow down. 

    Am I overdoing it? 

    I am also a slightly bigger girl so im feeling HUGE and bloated. And I only want to eat crackers and cheese.

    Is it normal to just feel aweful and in pain all the time? 

    I don't usually complain or moan or ever take medication. I want to be excited and grateful but its very hard when you feel so aweful and crampy and tired and gross.

  • @TTCat33for1stbaby its def hard work growing a baby dont be too hard on your self do what you can if your bodys saying to rest then do it house work can wait a little while x
  • @TTCat33for1stbaby definitely normal to feel all around crappy during the first trimester, so definitely listen to your body if its telling you to slow down.

    The second trimester is (for most women) MUCH better. You get your energy back, the nausea goes and you can usually go back to eating normal. Honestly I would take it easy until you feel better - if you have a partner/friends/family who can help out, utilise them. 

    I've done little more than sit on the couch and feel crap so far, and whilst I feel very lazy (and also have extreme mothers guilt for my current kids), I know that it isn't forever and eventually I'll feel (mostly) back to normal. I'm also lucky that my husband knows how bad I get during the first trimester, so he has stepped up even more so I can relax. 
  • @TTCat33for1stbaby same wigg the me! I was finally not feeling super nauseous today, so I was doing some things around the house (not much at all) and I was having some tightening in my stomach. Very weird! We just need to listen to our bodies and take it easy ❤️
  • Happy xmas mummy's and bumps x
  • Merry Christmas mamas!! ❤️❤️
  • Hope you all had a lovely few days I booked my self in with the midwifes today just to wait for them to make contact now :) 
  • Hello everyone.  I’m 8 weeks today and due august 7th.  I have 3 children (2 biological that are 13 and 11) and a 10 month old that we’ll be adopting in March.  I just had a miscarriage in April of this year.  I was a little over 8 weeks at the time and ended up in the hospital with excessive bleeding.  So this has been a bit of an anxiety ridden pregnancy.  I found this forum when I was searching for pregnancy symptoms coming and going because I’m analyzing everything that I’m feeling.  Anyway, reading some of the responses kind of helps a little, but I’m still on high alert at this point. Anyway, hope everyone is feeling well with their pregnancies.
  • Merry Christmas, mummas to be! I hope you all had a great day and were able to enjoy some of the food on offer! I was able to eat Christmas lunch but I've spent most of the last 2 days on the couch feeling like utter shit. No vomiting, just constant nausea and generally feeling really off. I am pretty miserable at the moment - I know it isn't forever but being in the thick of things right now is awful 😭

    Welcome, @Mrsyancy and congratulations on both your pregnancy and upcoming adoption! Very exciting times for your family. Sorry to hear about your previous miscarriage; sending all the good vibes that this one ends up as a healthy and safe delivery 💚
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    Sj83 said:
    Ha ha @MissFoy what year do you teach ? I've just had the most amazing ham and crisp sandwich for lunch 😍😍😍
    I teach 11-16 maths in a secondary school. Crisps sandwiches are an absolute delight too... sounds great!

    Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas! 

    @Mrsyancy congratulations on the pregnancy and how amazing of you to adopt, good luck with both. 

    I'm almost 5 weeks pregnant. I still don't really have any symptoms other than serious tiredness... I get around 8-9 hours sleep per night at the min and in still exhausted when I wake up. I'm trying to reduce my caffeine intake but feel like I need coffee all of the time 😭.

    Hope the nausea dies down soon for those of you suffering!!!
  • Welcome @Mrsyancy I have a 13 and a 11 year old too and a four year old sorry for your loss 😪that's amazing to be able to adopt aswell such a lovely thing to he able to do hope all goes well :)@MissFoy I bet that's fun in a secondary school all them teenagers lol I'm the same at min not really any symptoms I'm 5 weeks today 
  • Hi @Mrsyancy! Sorry for your loss. I hope it’s not completely stealing your joy from this pregnancy. We are always here to discuss pregnancy symptoms or anything else 😊 congrats on your 3 children 😍 my kids are 3.5 and 5.5 and I’m due about 8/11. 

    @Sj83 hope you get an appointment soon! I recently schedule my first ultrasound for January 7, I’ll be a little over 9w. And I’ll have a midwife appointment sometime in January as well. I’ll be having a homebirth again and seeing the same midwife the whole time, I’m happy about that! She is lovely
  • @KristinO1987 have you had hospital births and home births I've always had hospital births but I've known a few friends to opt for home births recently I am kind of considering it but kind of scared in case some thing went wrong 
  • @Sj83 I had my first at the hospital and my second at home. Homebirth midwives monitor you and would recommend hospital transfer if anything is not looking right. There are plenty of signs of things going wrong to give time to go to the hospital in time if needed 😊
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