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  • Good luck at the doctors Sophie. If it is OC what will they do about it?

    I had a VERY active baby yesterday, maybe it was that Supermoon. He's not show in any signs of wanting out yet though.

  • Waiting for a call back from a Doctor to ask for a blood test, hopefully I can get one done today if not il just wait until my midwife appointment Wednesday! If it is OC they will proberbly give me some antibiotics and possibly induce me sometime next week maybe?.. 😳. Il keep you all updated but I’m just waiting abiut at the moment.. 

  • Sophie I heard about the bile thing when I was in maternity ward for reduced movement there was a lady just on the other side of the curtains and she was so itchy they were putting cream all over her, they said to her that they would arrange to induce her at 37 weeks think she was only like a week off that anyway, yay you could meet baby soon! But not yay being itchy would drive me round the bend! Xx

  • I’m currently sat in his nursery in the nursing chair with my feet up as for some reason he moves more when I sit in this chair, thinking it must be the upright position more upright than my slouchy sofa lol..I’m trying to get him to move as when I woke up I was in a awkward position with a pillow that was supposed to support my bump sort of digging in me..when I stud up it really hurt it was really aching :( so just sat here waiting for a kick, he’s probably fine but I won’t relax till I feel at least one kick lol...this might sound so sad but has anyone else got baby some soft teddy’s? Iv got him a few but im so hoping that this jelly cat elephant will be his favourite...I saw it in the shop window and loved it I paid way to much for it think it was £28 🙈 but it's the cutest thing...I was thinking if I took a photo with each of the teddys and bump what ever one he picks I will have a photo of the teddy waiting for him to come would be sweet to look back on :) haha the things I think much time on my hands I think xx

  • i find it so relaxing sitting in baby’s nursing chair, it feels so surreal. 

    I really want to get a teddy made when he’s born that is the length of him so when he grows you can see the difference. I saw it on pinterest but everyone thinks i’m crazy😂

    This was my bump last night but this morning it seems to have completely changed, dropped a lot! 

    So ready for him to be out now, hope everyone is doing well!image

  • Rebecca1992, please take the picture - we'd love to see it, especially when you can do an 'after' shot and show baby with the elephant afterwards! 

    hannahelizabethmartin, you look beautiful! Fancy showing us a picture from this morning? 

  • Hannah you look great! Love the teddy idea! Would be a lovely keep sake :) xx

  • imageimageimage

    Here he is waiting for his human to come out and hug him back :D xx

  • I have literally just gone 'ahhhhh' out loud - SO lovely! 

  • I know haha I love him he's the sweetest little teddy 😍 x

  • Looking fab girls. Can't wait for next baby to arrive! I've got 38 week appt later...interested to see if she is engaged. 

    We put her crib up last night. So exciting! Just need her here to fill it now x 


  • imageYesterday on the left and today on the right, i think the angle of my belly button looks really different. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking haha

  • Hannah it does look like you'e dropped! Hopefully not long for you.

    I had midwife appt and she has sent me for scan in the morning. She's concerned the baby hasn't engaged at all. She said she should have by now. I think she's laying across and have said it all along! 

    Soon see in the morning x 

  • That elephant is so cute Rebecca. My baby boy has a Jellycat bunny - my other 2 both have one each (in different colours) so it had to be done. I'll try and remember to take a picture tomorrow!

    Hannah, definitely think you've changed shape. I find mine does day to day though, I think he's got too much space in there still after the other 2 stretched it out :-D

    Good luck with the scan Louaneurin.

    Sophie, did you get your blood test today?

  • Hannah there's definitely a difference, looks like you have dropped over night :) xx

    Good look at the scan louaneurin and love your crib what make is it? I got the next to me chicco one can't wait to put it in our room :D xx

    Thuper I'd love to see a picture :) xx

    Should i tell someone about this or is it normal pregnancy stuff? Last 3 days my feet are so big and puffy it's starting to move up my leg, they are also so itchy! Thinking if they are still bad tomorrow ring maternity triarge? Just to make sure it's not that preaclampsia thing? Xx

    Excuse the hairy leg lol 


  • I Am 39w5d and 39w6d as of midnite in 40 mins YAY ME!!! I also got a sweep at 2:45 pm and scheduled for induction on December 13th @11am in case i dont go on my own and im 2cm dialated and she just said baby is low! I was having irregular contractions since 11:06am but they just stopped around 9something pm. I was hoping to go into labor today but HOPEFULLY SOON WE WILL MEET HIM!!! I hope the sweep works(my first ever) and i go soon but not then i have 8 more days at midnite!!! Good luck to you all!!!

  • Rebecca, yes, ring. Swelling and itching ARE 2 signs of pre-eclampsia. Could be nothing by best to check it out.

    Mommyof3soon4, good luck with the sweep working! Where I am they won't do them until 41 weeks. With my first I had one at 41 and one at 41+2, he came at 41+4 so not sure if the second one got things going or not.

  • Lovely Rebecca 😊 I also have a special teddy and blanket for him, I find myself sitting there cuddling them to get my smell on them !! I would definitely ring up MAU, better to get checked out but like thumper said that's the 2 signs, hopefully it's nothing. 

    Hannah your bump does look different shape, great pictures.

    Fingers crossed baby is in the right position at scan Lou.

    I had a sweep with my 2nd and he came the next day. They gave it me early didn't have to wait till after 40 weeks. 

  • hannah, we're dropping you a PM - please do look out for it! 

  • Hi everyone, have you put your Christmas tree up? If so, fancy showing it to us on this new thread

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