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Due in December 2017 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in December 2017 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Oooh, we made it to a part 2!

    I forgot to mention the heartburn when I was complaining earlier. Now a daily companion. Sigh.

    Rainbowsunshine, how exciting to know when she will be here by. Definitely the upside of induction. Also, same estimated weigh as my little man was at my 28 week scan on Monday 😊

    I bought some nappies the other day. Weirdly that made it feel more real than the sleepsuits etc that I've been buying when I see them on sale (gave away all my baby clothes after #2, fail).

  • im Here :) x

  • I've also been suffering with heartburn I've never had it with any of my other pregnancies maybe this one will have hair that's what they say isn't it??

    aww I did that with my 3rd gave everything away and then fell pregnant with my 4th just a couple of months later and had to start all over again as was sure we wasn't having any more youngest is now 7 but something started ticking in my mind just one more ha defo last one this time going to enjoy every minute they grow so fast xx

  • I was in labour with #2 and said to hubby "I am so glad we're only having 2". At that point we were both certain on that, always had been. #2 got to 18 months old and I started really wanting another. Took me 2 1/2 years to convince hubby then fell straight off the coil before he had a chance to change his mind 😉 So I know EXACTLY what you mean about the something ticking in your mind 😄

    Luckily I still have the expensive things like pushchair and for as I'd "never got round to" selling them. I'm quite enjoying buying new clothes but there are some beautiful things I had for the other 2 that I wish I still had.

  • *cot not for!

  • Wow part 2 😊 

    I also haven't got any thing from previous two, started again from scratch. Youngest is 8 years so everything seems like new all over again. 

    Only thing left for us to buy is Moses basket sheets ohh and a new car !! Still haven't decided what to get and time is ticking..

    I've found a group on another site about people who have Group B Strep in this pregnancy and some of the ladies has had it in previous pregnancies too so I've had alot of advise and read good outcomes of stories in labour and birth so feel alot better about it all. Midwife on Wednesday so I'll be checking how long we will have to stay in at hospital for observations and checks after birth as I've been told 48hours thats if I managed to get all antibiotics,  so will be adjusting the hospital bag accordingly that I've already packed..well organised haha. 

  • So pleased you've found a group to share experiences and set your mind at ease Gemma.

    Also, yes, new car. Husband has now decided he doesn't want to part with the Skoda until after its MOT in February, so I've stopped looking. I'm a bit annoyed as I'd like the new car sorted BEFORE baby comes. Sigh. At least our other car is a 7 seater.

  • 30 weeks tomorrow! 3/4 of the way there. Feel huge today image

  • Aw beautiful bump Louaneurin. Here's mine, 29 weeks.


  • Lovely!! :) not long now ladies!! x

  • That's men for you but at least the car is big enough if it's a 7 seater. My boot won't open as it thinks the roof is down which is just I've just been food shopping and had to put it all in back, good job I didn't have the boys with me. 

    Haven't we all come a long way with our beautiful bumps, not long now and our bumps will be in our arms 😊 

  • Ohh part 2 of the chat... glad we have a new thread as the other was hard to get through as sometimes it sent me to page 1! 😂  

    Hope everyone is enjoying their pregnancies! I am feeling so un prepared as had to buy everything as this is my first baby!! Worried I don't/won't have everything I need 😬🙈 

    on the up side I took my driving test on the 5th and passed first time so feeling so much more ready for baby now I can drive! 

    Anyone always waking up hungry and needing a wee during the night it's all of the time now for me and I'm only 28weeks on Monday! I know it's only going to get worse plus this heartburn that seems to come 10+ times a day! 

  • congratulation sophieann i only passed mine just over a year ago and my god how much easier it has made everything for me 

    lovely bumps everyone growing nicely 

    we have a 7 seater so all my seats will be taken now if the older ones come out anywhere with us but with it being a zafira the boot space is rubbish with all the seats up when I got shopping I'm often putting it all in the back seats my excuse to go on My own ha 

    in only waking up about once through the night which isn't to bad haven't been hungry yet but I do remember often with my first id be sat in the kitchen at 3am eating oranages 😂 Xx

  • Ladies, am I being unreasonable? A good friend upset/annoyed me today.... we were talking about the baby and I mentioned that if he continues on the growth curve he's on that he'll be the smallest of my babies. She immediately said "you'd better stop dieting then". Now it is true that I am still attending Slimming World BUT this is with the full support of my midwife as SW have worked closely with the The Royal College of Midwives to make sure pregnant ladies can safely follow their plan. I've also explained to her, more than once, how Slimming World works as she has made comments before. This friend also knows about the potential growth issues we are facing due to the low papp-A so I feel like she was being quite insensitive. She's a slim lady herself so I don't think it's a jealousy thing. Sorry, just needed to rant as it bothered me quite a lot!

  • Congratulations Sophie 😊 I'm getting up about twice in the night for the toilet but keep getting disturbed sleep from heartburn aswell, it makes me cough alot and it's horrible. Had it with the youngest who's now 8yrs, and gaviscon didnt touch the sides so I'm bearing with it at the moment. 

    Thumper sorry your friend has been insensitive, sometimes they just don't think do they..i don't see the problem as your midwife has given you their full support, I know there's alot of 'dont diet whilst pregnant' and this is probably where she's getting it from but what she needs to understand is that if it was dangerous for you or the baby your midwife would soon put a stop to it and from what I've gathered she is happy for you to continue, so there's no dangour or causing any harm to either of you. Try and not let it get to you, and maybe have another chat when things have calmed over. The thing is nowadays to many people have their own opinion and feel the need to express this with out the full facts !! 

  • *Danger even lol 

  • Thuper you arnt being unreasonable at all...she probably didn't think before she said it, your fine babys fine so he might be smaller the Dr isn't worried then it's fine, your eating healthy not starving your I give birth to an absolute turkey, think I'd rather be you in this situation 😂 x

  • I'm officially 7 months pregnant today it's getting so close now :) 

    My mum got us this car seat, it's 0-1 year, decided not to get the 0-6 silver cross one that goes with the pram as it's to pricey and i can't drive anyway lol so we won't need a car seat that offer apart from partners days off, then we can put the pram in the boot if we go anywhere, I see a lot of people putting  the car seat on the pram frame it looks really handy but I feel having got a expensive pram that we should use it properly as he won't use the carry cot fixture for long and want to make the most of it xx 


  • Car seat looks good Rebecca, seems to have a decent amount of padding to keep him safe and snug.

    Well done Sophie on passing your test, forgot to say that in my last post as was in rant mode :-D

    I could never get on with Gaviscon for heartburn, I use mint Rennies which help a bit.

    I'm peeing about twice in the night at the moment. Sleep has started getting more restless this past week - I was sleeping like a log up til then.

    Thanks for your input on the situation with my friend. Hubby reckons I need to say something to her. I will probably just let it go. The funny thing is he isn't even on the small side - he's tracking on the 50th centile, so estimated birth weight 7lb 11oz. It's just my other 2 were 8lb 3oz & 8lb 10oz. Midwife reckons he'll be a 9lb-er :-/

  • Thuper i wouldn't worry about them comments my sister in law does slimmingword and she's in great shape from it I wish I could stick to it I would say it's more healthy eating not starving yourself probably is great for baby and think your scans prove that he's growing perfectly 

    carseat looks great Rebecca probably made the right choice if Your not going to be using it much and make the most of your pushchair I intend on doing the same i may be lazy on school run thou and just attach the carseat but for everything else will probably use pushchair with carrycot xx

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