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  • We’ve told immediate family as my mum would know just by looking at me 🙈 I can’t lie to save my life!! But no one outside that immediate circle. I just feel that heaven forbid something should happen I’d want my mum and dad for support but everyone is different so do what is right for you. 

    I had had no sickness last time at all but feel a little queasy in and off this time. Nothing too drastic though x
  • We told our parents and my sisters but I’m not freaking out that I have 🙈 x
  • Good to know! We booked a private scan when I will be 8 weeks so might try and wait until then before I tell my mum. My dad passed away quite suddenly in January this year so know this will really perk her up and would just be lovely to share the happy news. Just a bit torn just incase! 
  • Sorry to hear about your dad, hearing your news will definitely put a smile on her face.
    I’m seeing the midwife Tuesday then hopefully booking a early scan to make sure everything is ok x
  • Ladies ... minor freak out for me ... just spotted some brown bloody in my knickers ... I’ve been lifting / packing a few things this eve but kept it to light things ... i’m Not quite 5 weeks so obvs its very early days ... I just wondered if anyone else has had this? I’m HOPING it’s just implantation bleeding ... if anyone has had that what was it like?! Xx
  • KMIC is it around the time u would have normally had a period? I know I sound like I’m on repeat saying this but always been told by EPU brown isn’t too worry and no pain, pain and red fresh blood and clots get to hosp to be checked. I’m sure it’s nothing babe honestly but maybe your body saying sit down and rest xxx
  • I agree with fingers crossed. Sit yourself down and rest rest rest!! Probably nothing to worry about but lifting boxes and worrying won’t help so relax, let someone else handle the packing and look after yourself x
  • Thanks ladies! I do agree and am trying to use common sense ... but it is hard - esp after last time. I’m praying it’s just implantation bleed. I would normally be on my period now yes.

    i have a doctors apt booked for the 20th when i’ll be 6 weeks ... so I am going to beg a plead to get referred to the EPU for a scan! I just don’t want to go through what I did last time! X
  • Sure it's just implantation bleeding! Put your feet up you've got a great excuse but do just call if you have are really stressed and worrying but honestly sure you'll be grand! 
  • If you’re normally due your period then it’s probably just old blood from last cycle. I know it’s silly to say it but stay calm and relax. I think you have a good case for an early scan given your history so make sure you make it all clear and they’ll hopefully let you have one. If not you could always consider a private scan. Pricey but worth it if it sets your mind at ease x
  • KMIC give EPU a call at some point... I was told if there was pain or bleeding or u had a history of any difficulty in pregnancy (mmc, mc, eptopic) they would offer a scan at 6 weeks 5 days. As by then they should be able to see a wee flicker of the heart beat. I know last Time they gave me
    one at 6 weeks 6 days and it really put my mind at ease xx
  • Thanks ladies! I will defo be going for a private one if they don’t send me to the EPU. Just annoying that they probs wouldn’t scan me yet anyway, so i’ll have to wait another week or so anyway! I did have a little bit of light bloody last time around 7 weeks, but then it stopped and everything returned to normal - but that obviously didn’t work out too well for me soooo... 

    My feet are up for the night!! It’s going to be hard not to get so involved tomorrow on moving day ... but this is definitely a warning not to! Praying I don’t wake up to more blood tomorrow!! X
  • We told our immediate families and I've mentioned it to 2 close friends. Last time was the same - families were told straight away and we shared the news with everyone else after our first scan at 9 weeks. Personally I don't really care for the 12 week rule when it comes to family members, mainly because I'm a) too excited to not share lol and b) if anything DID happen, they would find about it anyway.

    This time around its a bit tricky keeping it from people as everyone knows we have been trying, so are constantly asking for updates! I actually already had 5 people (including my boss) at work as if I was pregnant this week because I went home sick on Tuesday. 😳 So it's going to be tough keeping it a secret for too long I think! I do want to wait until after the first scan at 8 weeks to tell friends, and then we'll make it more public knowledge a few weeks after that.

    @KMic as the others have said, I wouldn't worry too much about brown blood as it means it's old. Best to relax and take it easy though - the perfect excuse to put your feet up! I had some bleeding with my last pregnancy, and I know how bloody scary it can be! 
  • Kmic try not to panic easier said than done I've been the same this evening ive been getting myself worked up I noticed the same and when I had a wee was abit on tissue aswell very minor amount but just makes you panic if we've both had it around the same time hopefully it's just normal I've been reading up and it can be from implantion where the babys embedding further into your wall so fingers crossed that is what it is will be mentioning it thou at appointment think it is quite common just going to try and push it to the back of my mind till appointment xx
  • Thanks @Rainbowsunshine ... reassuring that you have had the same thing! Obvs I hope you are ok. No further blood overnight but will be keeping an eye on it today! Scary times!! Apt with doctor on 20th so will speak to him then. Until then I shall concentrate on the move and hope for the best!! X
  • I'm going to ring today just so I have a date to look forward to even thou it wont be for another 3 weeks 🙄 glad everythings stopped I've had no more aswell so hopefully that's it xx
  • Is anyone else ridiculously tired?! I know I was tired last time but I don't remember the fatigue hitting this early. I'm napping every day, and in bed by 8:30pm! 😴😴😴
  • I’m less tired this time.. but maybe it’s because I’m not chasing around after toddlers anymore. But now I’ll probably start panicking that I’m not tired enough! 
  • I’m exhausted. I’ve been napping in the evening when I get in from work or going to bed at 9pm. Still got huge bags under my eyes!
  • I could sleep on a clothesline! Just yawning constantly! X
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