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Due in July 2016 - Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in July 2016 Birth Club Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • To beautiful how did you get on? Xx

  • heres my scan from today ximage

  • That's beautiful how amazing. Did everything go ok? 

  • Is anyone else's upper stomach solid? I feel like the bottom part is sticking out but still but squidgy and the top by my chest is solid as a rock! 

  • everyting went amazing and yea my stomach feels the same xx

  • Aww so cute how many weeks xx 

  • How's everybody feeling I am still feeling like crap dr ace me anti sickness tablets but feel as all I can stomach is toast all I eat for weeks now x

  • How lovely!! Excited (and nervous) for mine tomorrow now :-)

  • Sorry jwebster your message appeared after I posted mine ... I wasn't saying how lovely about your sickness! Sounds awful, are you going to go back to the doctors and see if they can give you anything different?

  • Can anyone suggest anything for sickness ?? 

  • There only have me tablets yeste I 2 try them after Xmas new year if still sake need go back be hosptial stay for me so hopefully pass soon I be 9 weeks on Friday x

  • I got anti sickness tablets from gp I find toast is only thing I can keep down how many weeks are you you think I be a pro at this with 4 b on way but worst as every tiredness is bad as well x 

  • I'm just over 8 tried everything else apart from going Drs looks like I will be going there tomoorw can't cope with the nausea hardly eating and getting heartburn 

  • It's not nice feeling I got tablets as I want try be able 2 eat Xmas dinner x

  • 13hours 52 mins!!!! Please all keep your fingers crossed that my malteaser is healthy cannot wait to show my scan off xxx

  • Are the tablets helping ??

  • so just got to use NHS 24/7 again -_- .. im being put on steriod nasal spray as my phlegm is causing so much distress that im sure that if that problem was fixed that my whole MS wouldnt be such a problem but sadly got to wait until tomorrow to get the prescription :(

  • Oh buffy how horrid :-( Hopefully2 I'll be looking out for your updates in the morning!

    For reference, appletiser mixed 50/50 with water looks just like Pinot Grigio (fooled my mum I was sharing her bottle of wine) but tastes awful!!!

  • Waiting for my first scan on the 30th wish me luck guys. I will be on my 10th week by then.

  • Can't get to sleep cannot stop thinking about tomorrow 10hrs 40mins 

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