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Welcome to Due in March 2015!

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm HelenBX and it's lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are due in the same month as you, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the BX team, please do shout!



  • Yay we have a group image


    I guess il introduce myself and hope im joined soon. my name is sian i am due 21/3/2015 with baby number 4! it was a huge shock but im really excited. oh and both my boys are march babies so its going to be a busy month. x


  • Hello siand - and congratulations!

    And wow at it being baby number 4: that's amazing!

    So, do you currently have two boys and a girl?

  • Hello! I'm due no 3 on 31st March. My son is also a March baby image

  • Hi Helen bx, yes i have 2 boys and a girl. Id like to even it up to 2 of each but maybe im destined to have another boy as its another march baby.

    Can i ask when this site started getting so quiet? iv used it in 2 of my pregnancies and its always been so busy. there was always someone to talk to day or night! i hope we can atleast have a busy due in march group.


    Hi Eyper, how have your other prgnancies been? are you expecting much morning sickness? i feel a little nervous knowing whats coming, lol x

  • hiya my names lucy i have 2 girls aged 7 and 4 and i have 1 boy aged 16 month this was a massive surprise but very much wanted due date 10.3.15 which is my boys birthday i have an early scan on friday the 25th and my booking in appointments tomorrow image x


  • Hi Sian, I'm also a little nervous knowing what's coming up! I've felt a little queasy but nothing major so far. I had sickness with both pgs but it was worse with my daughter. I had pre-eclampsia with my first and was induced 2 weeks early. Second time round they thought my son wasn't growing so I was induced early with him too! But he ended up being bang on average. I'm hoping for a natural labour this time! How were your last pregnancies?

  • wow lucy3 i am also due on my youngest birthday.


    Eyper, i am really sick in the first trimester normally, i feel like im allergic to the pregnancy, i feel so ill!! im not to bad at the moment but im sure it just around the corner.

    my eldest was on time weighing 7lb 13, hospital water birth. second was 13 days over, a planed home water birth, she weighed 8lb10. my youngest was refusing to come out so i finally agreed to be induced at 16 days over due. i only had my waters broken as i was already dialated and the labour was 2 hours start to finish, he weighed 9lb10!!!! it was a quick but very painful labour, his head and sholders were massive. so im pretty anxious about whats going to happen with time, it could be a 10lb+ and i could be pregnant forever, lol

  • oh know i hope you both start feeling better soon if im totally honest other then my hormones being abit over the place i dont actually feel pregnant so far so good hopefully i havent jinxed it now lol. my first was 4 weeks early 7lb 1 my second was a week early labour was 1hr 50 mins start to finish weighing 7lb 2 my youngest was 1 day late induced because i had Cholestasis but got there and went into labour when i got through the door labour was 45 mins start to finish he weighed 7lb 5 none of my pregnancy have been straight forward so hopefully this one will be lol x

  • 45mimutes, thats incredible. You are obviously ment to have babies. Can I ask is your early scan nhs or private? My mum keep joking that I should pay for one because she thinks its twins.
  • nhs i had one 2 weeks ago as they thought it was ectopic but my bloods came back fine so its routine for them to do another scan 2 weeks after the first one. if you go private id wait till your about 8-9 weeks as you cant see alot before then everyone ive spoke to lately seem to think there having twins must be something in the water lol image x


  • Hello! I'm expecting baby no3. A total surprise as AF hasn't returned properly followed no2, and I've just had a couple of total irregular ones. I thought I was due Feb, but was sent for a dating scan to make sure and it showed a 6mm baby and a due date of 7th March. I'm feeling totally overwhelmed but totally overjoyd too!

    Here's to a happy healthy 9 months to us all!
  • HI all - lovely to meet you all.

    My EDD is 14.03.14.

    This will be my 3rd baby. Have two boys age 3 and 7.

    Hoping for a girl but think it will be a boy.

    No sickness so far but my boobs are sooo sore ! ouch.

    looking forwards to chatting to you all.

    Have you all made appointment with Midwife? I can't remember when I contacted them with my last pregnancy xxx

  • Oooh, lots of new people. Hurrah! Congrats to you all!

    Lucy3: wow, what a suprise! And how lovely that your baby's due on your teenager's birthday!

    Eyper: hope you escape the sickness this time round. And yep, sounds like you're due a natural birth this time, for sure!

    Mrs_Mathews: welcome over from the Feb Birth Club to the March one! So lovely to hear how happy you are!

    babiseren: ouch at the sore boobs. Hope that eases soon. I have three boys and, when I was pregnant with the third, like you, I just thought it would be another boy. Funny that feeling you get, isn't it?

    siand: you're right that the forums aren't as busy as they used to be when you were pregnant before. To be honest, I think there was a period of time when no one at BX HQ really took the time to give the forums any proper TLC. But that's changed now. We're here properly - and we want to help make the forums even busier and easier to use - and we're really enjoying 'meeting' you all and getting to know everyone. And yes, let's make the March BC a lovely busy place!

  • not on my teenagers lol i dont have a teenager my oldest is 7 but baby is due on my youngest birthday he will be 2 when i dueimage no worries hehe made me laugh xxx


  • Ha! Sorry, Lucy3, was reading the thread too fast and thought you said he was 16. Have just read it again and you said 16 months.

    I am a numbskull! And I can't even blame pregnancy brain...

  • haha its ok ill let you off just this onceimage x

  • Helen, could I suggest baby expert reduce the amount of forums they have. It was much better when there were fewer forums. Its really off putting when people look on a forum and it has no activity. If people were sharing forums like they use to then see more activity would give new people the confidence to post. X
  • siand: You are a woman after my own mind! That's exactly one of the things we'd like to do, as we, too, think so many forums/topics are confusing - and, like you say, off-putting if folks don't post in them much.

    I wonder if we can pick your brains? Can you remember roughly how many forums/topics there used to be? And what's changed? Are there loads more pregnancy forums, for example? What looks newest and weirdest to you? And which ones would you definitely keep?

  • yay! 
    i'm due baby no3 on the 9th march, my eldest will be six and my youngest will be 4 when baby arrives. feeling very anxious as had a mc in may, so constantly fretting about that xx

  • Hi Helen, when i first started using BE it was very basic. in fact i was the one that requested the breatfeeding chat because all we had was the baby forum and it was filling up with breastfeeding talk. a few more were added like bottle feeding etc. but then everyone wanted a forum and BE kept adding them. why do we need toddler and preschool? they are the same thing. also i never understood the working mum, young mum, single mum, stay at home mum etc the joy of BE is that were all mums and thats all that matters.

    i have added a list of all the forums and hi lighted the ones i would keep and were used regularly. i also remeber bereavment being used but couldnt see it. i would obviously keep the due in ... , and my baby was born in... forums too. not sure if this helps x



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