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Due in November 2017



  • predictive text disaster. 

  • Haha no worries. Will this be your first?

  • Yes it will!!! 

  • COngratulations Ericas!!!! I'm sure it will all come back on the bloods! Looks like we are all due first week November or there abouts! I've told my mum and mother in law as they knew we were trying so kept asking anyway but they know it's early days so keeping it quiet- My 7 month old got his first tooth yesterday and two more coming through so have had approx 4 hours sleep 😴 really could do with a real coffee but tricking myself with decaf!!!!!! I hope your all feeling good today!!! Where are you all from btw? we are in north shore sydney-

  • Hey marta

    congrats to you!! I've been feeling that ache as well but sort of similar to

    when my coil was put in. Amazing little bean wedging in! Where are you in the world?

  • Thats great news Hannah, hope you manage to find your energy today somehow :)

    I'm from London, U.K, pretty far away from Sydney.

    Good news, spotting seems to have settled down. Not holding my breath yet but I think its looking good. I have an appointment next week to get some progesterone, so I think that will make me feel better. Here in the UK the NHS doesn't prescribe it, so its a bit of a hassle to get it. I have to go to a private doctor but I think its worth trying as last pregnancy my levels were low.

  • We made it through the day- just! oh wow another Londoner! my DH is from London and his family are still all over there- i hear hints of spring time are about!!!! Yeah lots of research re progesterone to get you through first trimester-im not sure how it works here as fortunate enough so far not to have needed it- it's so nerve wracking in the beginning!!!! 

  • Oh really! Yes absolutely 'hints' of spring, yesterday it was grey and raining all day and today it is currently blue skies and sunshine!

    I look after my little niece who is 20 months during the week for a few hours everyday, so at least today I can take her and the dog up to the park for a walk! Its horrible being stuck inside with a little one when is rain and gloom outside.

    I'm off on a short break with DH next week to Turkey! Im so excited, I love Istanbul. 

  • Hiya I am using progesterone pessaries ( we've done a private clinic iui) my clinic swear by them for first 12 weeks. 

  • Really Ericas? What dosage do you take and how often? Hope you dont mind me asking!

  • Ah the days cup of Earl Grey! Plus a nose lingering over the hubbies coffee!

  • Good morning ladies.

    We got our BFP 3 days ago. But I am nervous as I have had several m/c.  We do have one beautiful little boy who will be 1 in 9 days not sure how he will handle new babe look but i am worried as I have NO SYMPTOMS at all yet and according to my LMP I am 3 weeks and 5 days but I O'd on 2/21. I am going to try to get in with my Dr to do a blood test and make sure all is progressing well.... Congrats to you ladies(:

  • Hi Bsmommy, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations. We're so sorry to hear of your loss. Plenty of time for those symptoms to kick in, so try not to worry too much (easier said than done!). 

  • Hi ladies, ive just joined and I'm 5wks+4days , due on 3rd November and it's my first pregnancy.  I also have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and decided to stop taking my very low dose meds later week when I found out about my bun but not the best idea as I came home from work today in tears after a sleepless night convinced that I was going to MC. Been to docs today who advised me to start meds again and hopefully I'll get MC fears into perspective.  I've been reading posts on m4m since I found out and they've been a great help so thought I'd join  :)

  • Hi Danizoe, welcome to MFM and congratulations! Well done for going to the docs about taking your meds again, that's really good you're back on them. How are you feeling otherwise? 

  • Hi ladies,

    congrats to all of you! Exciting times are ahead of us, don't worry too much, we have to stay positive!

    I'm based in Manchester, UK and it's my first pregnancy, however we've been trying for over a year. We're beyond excited, but only told our mums and grandmums :-)

    Hope you all will have a lovely evening! xx

  • Hi DanielleMFM, thank you for your reply :) apart from the meds business I've mainly been OK, I keep getting stomach and back twinges some quite sharp so far this week which are worrying me a bit but I'm hoping it's all normal. Got my booking appt on 17th with midwife so looking forward to that so  can talk through some of my fears.  Do you have little ones? 

  • Congrats and welcome ladies!

  • Thanks Jadeelx! it feels like 2 minutes since I was looking at these forums thinking ...I wonder when if I'll get to post about my sore boobs one day :) how are you getting on? I'm off work today but going back tomorrow, had a lovely nights sleep last night. Do you work at the mo? It's killing me not telling everyone there...I've decided not to spread the word until 12 weeks but I've told my manager and a few close friends as well as the grandparents to be....I want to tell everyone! 

  • Haha yes I know what you mean! I work from home so lucky I can take naps when needed :) 

    My boobs don't feel as sore as the did in the last pregnancy (that ended in MC) ... they are a bit sore on the sides but not killing me like before. I've been getting really dizzy spells which I didnt have, not sure if thats because of pregnancy or if I just haven't been getting enough water lol

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