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  • Thanks @Catlady220. 🙂🙂 congratulations to you also hunny. X 

  • Congrats ladies. Great news. 
    Unfortunately I got my period today. 5 days late. But looks like that was caused my anti inflammatory drugs a doctor gave me. Who forgot to tell me they stop your periods!!! Along with 5 false positive tests on some what seems like, very unreliable tests lol. A very confusing week that’s for sure. So I’ll be leave this group and wishing you all lots of luck with your pregnancy. Danielle I may well see you in the Nov group with any luck :-) 
  • Regarding honestly feels like period cramps, almost identical symptoms. Should I worry or is this normal? (First timer here)
  • @Bhansen6890 from what i understand its normal as long as they arent intense......i have them too and im a first timer too so were in this together.........when is ur estimated due date....mines Oct 5 2020
  • @Shanaex thanks hun <3
  • @Catlady220 October 14! The cramps aren’t intense so that’s good! I’m trying to be calm about everything but I have a million questions being a first timer. 
  • @Bhansen6890 i understand lol im the same way.....we are going to have it confirmed tonight and honestly im very 15DPO but it comes up faint on the cheap strips and rather well on FRER but idk i just am worried it wont come up on their trying to be calm and not think about it but after 5 months it finally happened n id like it to stay there
  • 9dpo and been waking up with period type cramps. I don’t normally get period pains so this is all new to me. Is this normal in early pregnancy? A little worried  

    9DPO with a positive test xxxxx 
  • @Shanaex I’m experiencing the same thing and I’ve been told that it’s normal. 
  • Aww great thanks @Bhansen6890 its well painfull. Gonna go get myself some Pregnacare tomorrow as I don’t think I need SevenSeas trying for a baby now lol. 
  • @Shanaex been having that too and it's normal
  • Thank you @Catlady220 ❤️❤️❤️
  • @Shanaex yea I'm currently waiting on blood work to confirm
  • how are you ladies this morning <3
  • my nausea is kicking in and im tired alot.....and my tits hurt anytime they brush up against something :/ im so bloated that my pants dont fit so my cousin gave me alot of his sweat pants that dont fit him or he doesnt like and i laughed bc i have never owned a pair of sweats in my life but they are way more comfy to go about my day in than unbuttoned jeans
  • Still having cramping 12dpo, so still slightly concerned but doing okay!
  • Hey @Catlady220 that is well funny, I’ve literally been living in leggings. Anyway I’m now 9dpo lines getting darker feel bloated and gassy, mood swings but haven’t reached the nausea stage as yet. 

    @Bhansen6890 im with you darling still cramping. Just wondering when to book a doctors appointment. Thinking to wait until I’ve actually missed my period 

  • @Bhansen6890 ur still ok as long as they arent severe <3 u should download the app called what to expect when shows u how big ur baby is what symptoms u might be experiencing and what ur body is doing and the babys developement <3 cramps are ok.....i have them still and  the DR said its 16DPO so u should be fine <3 justb concerned if u have severe cramps with red blood 

    @Shanaex me 16DPO not all women get nausea but i guess im lucky enough to :neutral: i stopped testing bc i had mine confirmed by a DR and instead of wasting money on more FRER id rather put it into our baby fund <3 and yea i dont have mood swings though....i get emotional but no outbursts
  • Evening ladies, long day at work today and away overnight so only just got a chance to check it. 

    Today is the first day on 10 days that I feel semi normal, the nausea seems to have lifted but still very tired. I was also feeling really bloated too but that seems to have gone down too. 

    Booked my GP appointment for next Thursdaua and then I will get my booking appointment with the midwife. 

    I've decided that I'm going to do hypnobirthing this time round so I've started researching which one to do. I had such a good birth last time, so hoping for the same this time! 
  • @Butsie185 oh.....I gotta go work my insurance out on Wednesday so i should have my appointment soon
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