How old ?

I'm 20 and my first is due on my 21st birthday, May 2nd. X


  • im 20, pregnant with my first baby at the minute, due august 2nd.
  • just turned 19 due 12th march. got engaged the month before i feel pregnant and hoping to get married soon my other half is 11 days younger than me but acts as if he is 10 years older than me lol i love him to bits tho
  • I am 21, my oh is 27. We have 2 children aged 2 and 4 and i am 19 weeks pregnant with our third child!

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  • hi everyone i am 21 and my partner is 33 we have a 2 year old daughter named Nautica a 1 year old son named Escada and our third baby a boy is due on 9th Feb :\)
  • hi eveyone i'm anita i'm 24 got 3 children jason who was 7 on christmas day robert 5 and megan-jaine 3,i am due with 4th on 11th may got married last year after beimg with my husband since before we left school.
  • hi everyone, I'm 21 and have 8 days left til my baby is due on the 27th of feb. I also have a daughter who will be 2 on the 26th of feb! My oh is 24 and we've been together nearly 5 years. x
  • Hi Joanne

    I'm 21 oh is also 21 and am due at the end of March with my first :\) I cant wait lololol
  • Hi everyone, I'm 19 and have a little boy who's 3 in June, and I'm pregnant with my second due in October (Just found out today!!).

    I'm also getting married on 9th June to my childhood sweetheart, we been together for 5 years.
  • hi jazzycat congratulations on both ur pregnancy and wedding, not long, i was ment to be gettin married 2nd july but had to cancel as everythin wasnt arranged and baby due july so my dress wouldnt have fitted lol, ive been with my fiance for 6 years, im also 19 . 20 in april x
  • Thanks Louise! I hope my dress will fit, I only paid for it a couple of days ago! I will be 20 weeks by the wedding so I'm hoping I won't be too big (might have to buy a corset lol!). I'm 20 in September, so won't be a teen mum of 2 yay! Hows your pregnancy going? I feel really sick at the moment which is so different from my last pregnancy for which I didn't have any sickness or problems - it's quite a shock!
  • hi, maybe u will have a wee girl this time,i still have the days of sickness and in now 19+2, was hoping it would have gone by now but i must be one of the unlucky ones lol,got my 20 week scan on tues so cant wait im counting the days, hope ur sickness eases soon xx
  • Hi everyone. . I'm 19, having my first baby due May 2nd, i'm 30 weeks pregnant. My fiancee is 23, been together 4 years ( he was my first boyfriend we are childhood sweethearts! ) Lots of love, Sophia x x
  • Hi I was 25 when I had my little boy in December, will be 26 in 2 weeks. Just wondering do I qualify as a young mum? Still feel like I'm just a baby myself but compared to some of you I'm positively ancient.
  • I'm 19, and i'm due aug 28 with my first baby. My cousin is also pregnant and due the exact same day, hehe.
  • me and my fiance are both 21 in a few months and are expecting our first, a little boy image on May 13th. 74 days left!!!! We will have known each other 3 years and been together 1 year by the time our little one is born. Plan to marry 2010!

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  • hi im 23, 24 on friday 2nd of march. im due 20/7/07
  • Hey there,i'm 22 & have 3 children.A boy of 4,& two girls of 2 & 1.
  • Hi i am 25, my fiance is 31 and i have a 4 nearly 5 yr old son from a previous relationship. Been with fiance nearly 3 years.
  • Forgot to say im due my second baby a girl on 2nd june xx
  • My name's Naomi... I'm 23, 24 in April.... husband is 26.... have a 10 month gorgeous girl called Laura. Gonna be planning number 2 at the end of the year image
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