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I've started my journey!

Af has arrived today, after a couple of days of spotting just to get me excited, so I have just done my prostap injection to put me into a medical menopause. It hurt more than the trial injection, and didn't help that dd thought it would be good to watch!!
However I'm now on my way!!
My nurse is away until 31st August so I'm to ring her then to arrange a scan to make sure I have downregged properly and then will start oral oestrogen to build my lining before I have my donor embryo transferred.
I know that this has a slim chance (around 20% I think as I'm having SET) of working but I can't help feeling excited about it.
I'll update my progress, and side effects on here over the next few weeks. I'm really hopng the side effects will be minimal but have heard that you can get VERY moody with prostap so I have warned DD and other family and friends!!


  • Hi Helen, I'm pleased to hear you've started your journey. I haven't heard of the side affects of prostap, I know my down reg nasal spray had me in mood swings! Best of luck with it all & I really hope it works out for you. Xx
  • Fantastic! I wish you all the luck in the world xxx
  • Helen

    That is great news. Fingers crossed that it all works out.
  • Helen, So pleased you have finally started. Wishing you all the luck in the world am keeping everything crossed for you xxx
  • Hi Helen
    Just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world and keep on with the PMA!
    Looking foward to regular updates
    Rhian x
  • Really glad things are moving forward for you Helen. I'll be following yopur journey and will keep everything crossed for you x x x
  • Thanks for all your support!!!
    Injection site is a little tender today and I have been a little cross with dd but thats as she was being down right naughty and nothing to do with my hormones-which I did tell her!!!
  • Helen, that's great news - wishing you all the very best! Xx
  • Hi Helen,

    I am so pleased for you tht you have started your journey. I hope so much this works for you and I can't wait to read your updates. Wishing you loads and loads of luck, hope the injection site isn't too sore!!!.x.
  • hi helen dont know whether you remember me from lttc, i fell preg in april and sadly lost my baby at 9 weeks. im starting ivf hopefully so i came over to this forum ( been forum hopping lately!!)

    glad to hear the journey has started and il look forward to your updatesimage i always liked your posts and think you are very supportive to alot of people xxx
  • Hi all, thankyou.
    Gemlou, yes I remember you and I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.
    Well my 5 year old dd has just said my injection is working as I'm cross and moody-I'm blaming it on too little sleep!(caused by her! LOL)! One thing I have noted is af is even heavier than usual-especially for day 4! I think I need to eat red meat today or I'm going to be anaemic!!-sorry if TMI!
    Tomorrow G and I are going with her dad to Chester zoo and then a hotel (he's in his own room!!) overnight in llandudno so they can go to the beach before returning on tuesday afternoon. This will be stessful enough so I'm really hoping that I'm not suffering any mood effects yet-I don't think I am but I NEED to be calm and tolerant!!!
    I'll let you know if I manage it!
  • Hi Helen, good luck for your day trip tomorrow and I will be thinking of you at the Zoo (I'm in Cheshire too so not far away!) and remember not to beat yourself up if you do feel moody/grumpy -it's a lot of pressure and a lot to go through with the injections and all the emotional side effects never mind the physical ones! I'll be reading your updates and sending lots of moral support, Kate x
  • Thanks Kate-I think I'm more likely to beat dd's dad up to be honest LOL!!!!
  • Hot flushes have started!-whoopee!!!LOL!!
  • Hi Helen, just wanted to say good luck for your cycle. I am starting IVF too at the beginning of September. I will be keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you!

    Sarah xx
  • I'm MOODY today!!!!
  • hi hun just wanted to say good luck. i keep thinking of you and checking on your progress. xxx
  • Hey mrs_e,thankyou, lovely to hear from you-how are you getting on?
  • Hi Helen

    I have enjoyed reading your journal so far. All the very best and I hope it works 1st time. Your dd sounds like a funny girl with her comments - made me chuckle.

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