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Clomid Thread... Lets All Share And Stay Positive :)

HI Girls...

Thought I would set up a new thread so we can all get to know each other better as there are a lot of new girls and it was a bit difficult to keep up on the old one.......

So might be an idea to all re introduce ourselves

I am Dannii and I am 21 I am married to my amazing Husband Steven he is 30.

We have been ttc for about 2 1/2 years i no that sounds young but i no i was put on this earth to be a mum thats all i have ever wanted. So when i was told that i dont ovulate i was so upset, my doc started me on 50mg of clomid days 2-6 i am on my 3rd month now clomid is making me ovulate just no baby yet image i did an ovulation test yestarday and it was positive so fingers crossed image

Good Luck Girls

Dannii imagexx


  • Hi although I've got my bfp, through taking clomid, I would like to to just gatecrash just to say good luck to you all. Clomid worked for me on my 5th cycle so I hope you all have the same good luck with it xxxxx
  • Hi although I've got my bfp, through taking clomid, I would like to to just gatecrash just to say good luck to you all. Clomid worked for me on my 5th cycle so I hope you all have the same good luck with it xxxxx
  • oh hun that's great image when did u get ur BFP? Did u ever loose hope because I sometimes feel like its never going to work for me image xxxx
  • Hi I lost hope all the time. Ive always had irregualr long cycles, but fell pregnant in April 2010 only to have a mc. I still hadn't conceived a year later so saw aconsultant who prescribed clomid. I got my bfp in December and Im now 19 weeks. I kept thinking it will never happen! Just try and be patient if you can and try not to let it take over your life. I relaxed a bit with it all about a month or 2 befroe I got my bfp. I know its hard but try to take a relaxed approach. On the plus side you're still very young so have plenty of time ( Im 38 next week)

    Take care and I hope you get your bfp soon xxxx
  • Just want to say hi and introduce myself.

    I'm due to start clomid at the start of my next cycle. We are 'unexplained infertility', hubs SA results were good, my bloods were all good. So fertility doc at hospital prescribed clomid as the last option available to us on the nhs.

    I'm nervous about the stats of multiple births and so is hubs.

    I'm 31 and so is hubby, I have an 8yr old from a previous relationship. We have been officially ttc for nearly 14 months although we weren't very 'careful' with contraception before that for a few months as well.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all

    Andi xx
  • I'll be joining you around the beginning of May.

    I'm 35 and my toy boy hubby is 33 in a couple of weeks and we're trying for our first. I came off the pill last august and have only had 3 afs since.

    I'm currently taking tablets to bring on af so I can have day 21 bloods and then we're starting Clomid. I'm grateful that the doc won't make me wait for a natural af to start as who knows how long that could take! Also waiting for hubby to have his SA, but as the wait time for this is so long, our gp will let us start the first month regardless of whether we have his results.

    I feel quite lucky, as we haven't had to jump through the hoops that others have. It seems not many gps will prescribe Clomid even though they can, and many have had more tests and seen fertility specialists to get this far. I'm trying not to pin my hopes on it, but realistically it will be the only assistance that we'll get on the nhs.
  • well I have my 21 day bloods on Tuesday so excited for that image aint really been feeling to good the past 2 days though image hope u girls are ok

    Dannii xxxx
  • Hi everyone.

    Any news yet Dannii? Its all so stressful. this waiting. Its driving me mad.

    Andi have you started yet?

    FC that your AFs start soon Dudders.

    I think I have spoken to most of you before but I'll introduce myself anyway. We are on our first cycle of clomid but been TTC since our wedding in October 2010. I'm 35 and DH is 34. Neither of us have any other children.

    We're just in the 2ww and waiting to see if we have been lucky. I am thinking probably not as I don't have any symptoms of being pregnant and I have been symptom spotting like mad. I can't spot any so far, although normally my boobs are so painful before AF but this month they aren't. On the other hand, I think if I was pregnant they would be more painful not less.

    Does anyone know if clomid changes your cm patterns? I'm sorry this is so gross but for up to a week before AF I always get brownish cm. The hospital aren't worried about it although I don't think its right. This month I have had none at all and I'm now on CD 28. I am trying not to get my hopes up and DH thinks its the clomid thats made it stop. Has anyone had any similar experiences?

    Good luck to you all xXx
  • Hi broody,

    Yes, a side effect of Clomid is that it dries up the cm - ironically potentially making it harder to conceive! Have you thought about a sperm friendly lube (preseed or conceive plus) as they match the fertile cm to help the little swimmers get to where they need to be! Fingers crossed for you - how far into the 2ww are you?

    Last tablet this morning, so af should start in a couple of days image Another step closer, what a relief!


    I saw you post about your blood results - I'm not sure they are for anything other than to see if you've ovd. Although the progesterone level rises during pregnancy, I don't think there is a significant difference at day 21 between pregnancy and an unsuccessful cycle. I can't really comment though, as I'm expected my first level to come back as a big fat zero! Hence being given Clomid.

    What areas of the country are we from ladies? We live near High Wycombe in buckinghamshire.

    Baby dust xx
  • Hiya girls no sign yet Broody :/ i feel really drained all the time its so annoying image .

    I am from Hull Dudders but I am now living with the hubby in Middlesbrough

    Baby Dust to you all

  • Hi ladies, hope your all well.

    Broody, I haven't started yet, just waiting for af still. I ovulated later than normal so will be a couple days late.

    I think I remember the doc telling me about the cm and could try using something like preseed if it happens.
  • Well af arrived this morning so first pill tomorrow!
  • Good luck andi image

    Af due anytime now - I'm so impatient :lol:
  • Good luck Andi- you too Dudders. How are you getting on Dannii? Any signs yet?

  • af was due today so fingers crossed how u getting on hun?

    Good luck Dudders and Andi

    Baby Dust to u all image

  • Hi girls

    Andi how are you getting on with clomid? Touch wood its better for me this month. I hope its being kind to you.

    Dannii sorry to hear it's not happened this month. I have been told that 4 months is average and my cousin conceived on either her 4th or 6th (I forget which) so try not to get too downhearted. Ours was a no too image but I'm going to follow my own advice and keep positive image

    I think I'm going to go and buy some ov sticks. I do have a CBFM but does it work with clomid??? Hmm Not sure.

  • Af finally arrived, so edging closer to the start line.

    What have side effects been like for you ladies? I hear taking it at night is best as you can then sleep through the worst of it.

    Baby dust x
  • Dudders I didn't like it much in my first cycle. I posted a thread about it which I have cut and paste below. So far its only day 2 of cycle 2 so I'm not sure if it will be better yet but so far it seems to be much better. They started for me almost immediately so I will let you know over the next few days if things get better when you persevere. I really hope it doesn't worry you or put you off- I'm just posting so you're not alarmed if it happens to you. I went to the GP and he said it wasn't a problem and was nothing to worry about. Here it is...

    1. It made my AF very heavy and very long. (sorry i know its TMI but when I say heavy I'm talking a whole pack of sanitary towels in one day).

    2. Headaches (on waking)

    3. Nausea (on waking and also on and off. I thought I was going to be really sick the other morning but wasn't)

    4. Very weird and very vivid nightmares relating to children (seeing a ghostly child of about 11 climb out of a pregnant woman's stomach, dreaming I was pregnant with 15 babies at once and a little girl with downs trying to peel her face off to name a few)

    5. Slight tummy pains

    6. Water issues a bit like cystitis

    7. Very emotional and depressed

    8. Today its been like PMS- aching tummy, lower back, upper legs etc

    9. I don't know if its related but I am freezing cold

    Throughout the end of the cycle I had loads of spots which is unusual and my stomach was bloating right up then flat again on a daily basis. Then just before AF was due I had horrendous camps and spotting. This time AF doesn't seem so heavy but its incredibly painful.
  • My second tablet tonight image i hope this is my month fingers crossed hope u girls get ur BFP this month too.

    Good luck girls here is to positive thinking image
  • Hi, today will be 3rd pill and I would say no side effects yet. I've bought more ovulation test and will start testing earlier as doc said it might bring ov forward as I already ov regularly. We can't bd though until after cd10 this month as I've got my hsg as well this cycle.
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