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Trying and not giving up!



  • I forgot about your trip @PinkSnow410 - how exciting! I am super jealous, really need a holiday. We just have too much money going out for the house at the moment but we do need to plan something to look forward to. I’m sure I can talk DH into something...!
  • @RememberToBreathe u definitely should. We struggle with cash since I had to quit job. But we are still going to visit my parents in Poland for Easter. I'm soo looking fwd to it.
  • @RememberToBreathe yes definitely see if you can manage something, because you deserve a holiday! This is a girls trip, but I definitely need it. I actually financed this trip, but I got 0%apr thru my Chase account until Nov so it worked out perfectly. 
    @MadDoda oh that is exciting! It will be great to travel and see your parents ❤️
  • We’d want to go somewhere with the dog so I might look into a cottage somewhere we can just go walking and have nice food x
  • @RememberToBreathe that's what we're planning to do in March, possibly the lake District again or Wales. We're going to Lake Garda in June and I can't wait, desperately need a trip to shake off these winter blues!
  • @MadDoda ❤️ Scotland. My family are from Glasgow! 
  • I'm polish, but I always say I'm Scottish in my heart. I absolutely love this country. 
  • @MadDoda it's a great place to be! OH is riding his motorbike round the coast of Scotland In April, he can't wait ☺️
  • I would love to go to Scotland - we cycled John O’Groats to Land’s End a few years ago (oh how fit I was) and I just loved cycling through Glencoe and all the Lochs. Problem with pooch is that he’s not great in the car so we’d have to stop half way there overnight and so we’d need to go away for a good ten days really and I don’t fancy that in the next couple of months. Maybe in the summer!
  • @RememberToBreathe I used to be fit too.. we cycled round Holland a few years ago, Rotterdam to Amsterdam and it was amazing. I haven't been to the gym in months and I like my sofa 😂
    Scotland is amazing though! The pooch would love the walks!
  • Hey ladies, thanks for the tag ☺️ Totally agree with the feelings we get seeing new peeps getting their BFPs (although obviously happy for them at the same time) 

    my head can’t take it at the moment, I’m in a bad way; think it’s since that thing with my friend, only she is updating our chat with updates and stuff and I just can’t take it. I’ve deactivated Facebook for a bit to get away from stuff.

    speaking of travels, I need to arrange my 30th birthday holiday! It’s next month 🤦🏼‍♀️ Why am I so disorganised haha. Also planning on 3 x holidays this year, think I’ve earned it! Amsterdam will be one to visit my brother xx
  • Totally get you @Aliciab90 😘

    have you decided where to go for your 30th?

    So I’m still charting this month just so I know when to expect AF etc but I’m so confused! What is happening? I can’t have already ovulated?! 

  • @RememberToBreathe it's possible, but that is really early! My cycle has been an absolute mess after MC though x
  • I am in quite a lot of pain today @Emmy012 so I suspect it hasn’t happened yet but is on its way. Perhaps just a really weird temperature fluctuation! Today’s temperature is over my usual pre-ovulation temperatures though which is very odd for me. 
  • @RememberToBreathe all my temps have been unusually low for me this cycle with some very random lows and highs, I think it's just best to expect the unexpected afterwards lovely 
  • You’re right @Emmy012, thanks. Needed a sense check x
  • @RememberToBreathe keep temping so you know where you stand though, I think my body tried to OV earlier again but it just didn't happen but then finally did again on cd23, my chart is so odd compared to previous ones. 
  • @RememberToBreathe it's possible u ovulated at cd9 if ur temp will not drop. Would be good since ur skipping cycle, to have it short.

    Test looks same like yday, I'm worried that maybe I imagine after all... Gotta grab smth more sensitive today I guess. I rly hope I'm not wasting P.

    Had terrible morning Gabi was moaning and moaning I hardly slept, good i took temp a bit earlier. I'm exhausted, but I'm heading out to hairdresser, that should fix my mood!
  • Thanks @MadDoda - you’re right about it being nice if my skipped cycle is short! I guess we will try next cycle even if it’s not clear what my scan results are. Will see.

    Definitely best to get a more sensitive test if only to ascertain whether or not using the progesterone is a waste or not x

    Enjoy the hairdresser! I love getting my hair done 
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