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  • Hi ladies,

    This thread just caught my eye. I wanted to to let you know that I had severe PND which, at varying levels, lasted nearly 3 years. It was staright after eldest DS, through next pg and after DS2. I believe it was something called Postnatal OCD which causes you to have bad thoughts about things happening to your baby (not particularly you doing anything, just extreme things happening), turning into a kind of automaton and secere anxiety at going out with the baby. It was a nightmare! I had 2 x eight weeks counselling at my hospital but didn't want to take antidepressants. I'm now convinced that's why it went on so long. I can identify with every thought on this thread, every fear and every mad moment. I just wanted to tell you that there is hope, there is help out there and to go and get it if you feel bad. You are not mad, you are not a bad mother (whatever you think) and if people judge you then that says more about them than you. Do not be afraid to ask for help. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant after having 6 miscarriages since my 2 boys were born. I am 43 and really want my third child. I'm sure everyone thinks i'm mad, but hey! I'm terrified of the thought that I might get pnd again if we're successful, but i'm still carrying on. I fought the 'black dog' and won (visualization really helped my btw, every black throught resulted in me mentally massacring the black dog). I know it's lurking though, waiting to pounce once i've given birth. But do you know what? this time armed, i'm ready and waiting for the mongrel. I'm going to the Drs, homeopath, counselling services, acupuncturist and i'm going to say 'give it all to me, let's fight this beast together, I will be the winner and I AM IN CHARGE NOW! Sending enromous hugs to you ladies. Don't give up, there are thousands of us like you, you are not alone and you are not a freak. You are an amazing woman and one day you will be yourself again. I'm a testament to that. Michaela xxx

  • Hi all.

    To start off I am a guy. I'm here to try and get some help for my wife.  It's a very difficult situation and I need advice. I'm English and my wife is Gambian,  we had our son 11/11/2016 but while my wife was pregnant she tried attacking me each month for no reason and after sleeping on the sofa for a night everything was ok the next day. Then after JJ was born she just rested and complained about having to wake up in the night to feed him, change him. I tried my best to support her, to do as many jobs as I could. When I seriously burned my hand JJ was 9 months old and I couldn't physically change him or other things. Long story short I've been beaten by my wife until she decided to leave. She left many times but always came back but this time I had to return back to the UK. We did speak about me leaving to find work and get dome cash together, and to save our relationship. I think my wife is suffering from PND and we need help as a family. Oh we are expecting again 

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  • I am getting an assignment done to see if I have it I feel like such a bad mum for getting frustrated I have done some things I am not proud of a feel so bad for doing I cry a lot don't sleep most night and just finding it so hard to tell people how I am feeling as I am scared they will take my baby away from me my appointment on Tuesday and I don't feel ready to talk yet as I am scared they will take my little girl away from me 
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