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Is it my waters breaking??



  • Update: just before bed I decided to take paracetamol as the pain was so bad, I was on so much pain constantly that I decided to ring the hospital for them to tell me I'm in latent labour, to have a bath and paracetamol and try and sleep through the pain. I calmed myself down and I've had about 3 hours sleep, and the pain has seemed to move from my back to my side and front. I survived the night but can see it being a long day!!! Cxx
  • hi huni

    Let hope little one makes an apperance soon for you xx

  • aww sweetie i know how fed up you Will be feeling right now but i promise you you WIL forget it ALL once you're holding your little girl in your arms. are th  pains erratic with some being mor  painful than others and do they feel like period pains or more like the diorrhea type.cramps you ge  when you have an upset tummy?  where exactly are they, are they right in and all over your bump or are they just over the top near you  ribs??? how do you feel in yourself, such a cleche that i know lol and you're BOUND to be feeling tired and pissed right of  but i mean do you feel poorly??? xxxxx

  • It's ridiculous!! The pains (when I get them) are mainly down my left side and sometimes go through my bump if tht makes sense. I haven't been able to keep anything down, everything I eat something it just comes back up. I haven't had any pains for a couple of hours which is so frustrating, I'm fed up of feeling like I'm actually getting somewhere and then not image I don't actually know if I'm in labour and the woman on the phone at the hospital just talks to me as if I'm stupid so feel like I can't ring the hospital and ask why it's stopping and starting xxx
  • have  you had any bleeding at all? i mean blood blood not a  show hun? if you take no other advice hun PLEASE listen to me when i say do NOT let the hospital fob you of  or make you feel stupid. yes it might b  your first babh bu  your not.  bloody idiot hun don't le  them treat you like one. i did with my second daughter an  it nearly cost me both our lives. i allowe  the hospital to treat me an  speak to m  like an idiot an  mak  me feel stupid an  like a mithering pest for five days. i was due on monday fifth march and ha  been uncomfortable n in pain for.  few days and felt ill, i couldnt put my finge  on WHY or what was making me ill but something didnt feel right. i only had pain accross the top of my bump and it felt like i was about to thro  up constantly. i last went to th  hospital on the Wednesday where AGAIN i was sent home and made to feel pathetic. i didnt contact them again and by friday at 10pm i was sat eating a butty and felt like i was going to poop my pants, that stabbing type o  trapped wind pain in my ribs/top o  my bump so got up and headed upstairs to the loo, i just put my foot on the last stair at the top and felt a huge gush, i thought "ooooh my waters have gone"  i got to the bathroom as quickly as i could as it was pouring constantly down my legs all over th  floor i thought "jesus  how much water IS THERE!!!" when i looked down i saw wha  looke  like something from a horror movie and it wasnt my waters, it was bright red fresh blood. i cannot describe how much blood there was without soundin  like im exaggerating but iswear on my life my legs were covered and each step i took i left a puddle footprint. i sat on a dining chair and it was dripping off each side of the chair, i went into shock at this point and started to shake and ramble incoherently. i dont remember much as i was in and out of conciousness but i remember telling the paramedic "i TOLD them something was wrong and i was NOT going back to st. marys hospital no way" he said " sweetie, if we dont get you to hospital in the next ten minutes you and your baby wont be here to argue with anyone" within an hour of the first gush of blood i was in hospital and my baby was born by emergency section. it took two minutes to resuscitate her and her arms and legs were literally black for a week she has some behaivoural issues now but the hospital said it is literally a miracle she survived. i had had a complete placental abruption and lost so much blood my hb levels were down to 3.5 after five blood transfusions.i was very poorly and don't remember much of the first few months of my daughter's life but i am extremely grateful she is here. a partial abruption is rare and lethal and baby survival rate is 50/50 but with complete abruptions 99% of babies dont survive. my little girl is a miracle she is seven now but to this day i regret not standing my ground and MAKING the hospital listen to me.

    im not for one minute saying i think you are having or are going to have an abruption hunni, and i in no way whatsoever want to scare you i just wanted to tell my story to emphasise th  importance of standing up for you and your baby, dont EVER be afraid to do that. and just because thry are a doctor or a nurse it doesn't mean they have a crystal ball or that they know EVERYTHING. just because something is rare it does not mean it doesnt happen. us women know our own bodies and we know when something's wrong or not right and we have every right to disagree with a nurse or doc, or to tell them how they are makin  us feel stupid or offended in some way. 

    sorry for e massive waffle lol it just gets me when hospitals do that hun. xxxxx

  • Nope no bleeding and the pain keeps easing off, I just think this is the latent phase of labour and she's taking her time and being a big drama queen with her entrance into the world. Not had any contractions so just got to keep myself comfortable and brace myself for what's about to happen xxx
  • image

     hey becki, try serving her with this!!! lol xxxxx

  • Haha that's great!!

    Just been for my second sweep and she says I can not believe you've not had that baby!!!! I'm 2cm and got a 'very stretchy cervix' haha so it's all down to this little lady. Been advised to drink plenty of fresh fruit juice and something that is likely to loosen my bowels (which I don't like the sound of)

    My midwife has been very supportive and has put me at ease which is more than what the lady on the phone did. She's also said she'll come round mine on Saturday to do a third sweep if I haven't had her by then
  • thats good when i had my 2nd sweep i was 2cm as well and it all started that smae night! eat some pineapple and drink some fresh juice, my midwife told me that your body has a good clear out before labour starts and i had some stuff from the doctors so i took it in the afternoon and boom it did the job!!

    Good luck and lets hope you wont need a 3rd sweep xx

  • Got four packets of pineapple chunks and a 2L bottle of fresh orange juice and in having a good bounce on my ball xxx
  • Careful you don't sh1t urself ha ha. I did after eating a whole pineapple pmsl x

  • Haha I've been told by midwife to eat foods that are likely to 'upset my tummy' because anything that will open my bowels will open my uterus as well
  • i had a  dulcolax with my first, it's a herbal laxative and pooped through the gap in mother Teresas legs lol goo  luck hunni fingers crossed baby will make an appearance soon xxxx


  • Lets hope this is the beginning of the end of my pregnancy image xxx
  • lol keep bouncing huni!!! i suffered in the last few weeks not being able to go so the docs gave me some bullet looking scary pills to pop up my bum (sorry tmi) but hell they worked! yep it will help if you can get things shifted lol 

    bouncy bouncy bounce! 

  • Been on my ball all day so we'll see if that's helped at all. Got a belly like a rock it's so hard!
  • come on baby!!! how many days overdue are you now hun? has the second sweep madenany difference to you hun? xxx

  • I'm 8 days over now! And yeah I feel close and ready now xxx
  • ooooh well here's hoping little lady doesn't keep you waiting much longer and surprises you with an appearance soon!!! it definitely sound  like you're not far off an  it's fantastic your mw is willing to give you another sweep on saturday if needs be. go  my fingers crossed it wont be lon  for you hun xxxx

  • Had another bad night last night and only had bout 4 hours sleep. At night I am absolutely miserable!! But this morning I've had an extra hour sleep and I feel so happy, these hormones still!!! Haha xxx
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