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Is it my waters breaking??



  • lol aww it's horrible being overdue isnt it hun. when your due date comes and goes its like coming downstairs on christmas morning and somebody's nicked all your presents lol your little girl is sure one for doing things in her own time isn't she, like the famous song says "when I'm when I'm good and ready" haha she seems to be very comfy and enjoying your anticipation at her coming to meet you finally. my first wasnten days late and she is nearly ten now and still the bloody same, she will do thingsnin her OWN time when SHE is ready and not before!! stubborn isnt the word lol. maybe your little princess is going to he the same image xxxx

  • Yes I can imagine her being very comfortable in there but she needs to realise that her mummy is very uncomfortable and at times in pain!

    Praying it starts tonight as I'm not wanting another sweep!!! Xxx
  • I'll be keeping everything crossed for you hun and sending laboury vibes your way xxxx

  • Hehe thankyou image feeling different tonight, like I need a poo (sorry if tmi) but I'm trying not get my hopes up as I'm sick of being disappointed xxx
  • hey thats a good sign especially if its a new feeling hun. id be considering attaching ears to the birhing ball, converting i  into  a space hopper and going for a boing around the garden to kick it off lolthey say do walking but all that got me was swollen feet lol xxxx

  • Well I went asda to do some shopping and since I've been back that's when I've felt full! Deffo think it's a good sign but will keep updating! Xxx
  • yay!!! image  i will keep checking for updates best of luck hunni,  super exciting times!!! xxxx

  • Super excited image i keep checking on here for updates, come on little one!!!! xxxx

  • Right ladies, this poo feeling I've got keeps getting a little bit painful, not so much I can't handle but so I can't sleep (again) it's all in my pelvis and not in my bump though?!? Xxx
  • Sounds good!! I remember giving birth to my 1st n feeling like I was pooing out a water melon haha 

  • Okay these pains are quite bad now, every 5 mins for 40 secs and they're leaving me quite breathless!! Hope this is it xxx
  • woooo becki I'll be very surprised if your not at hospital by now!!! hope so, it does sound like little one is ready to make her big entrance!!!    image xxxx 

  • Good luck hun x

  • i am assuming by the lack of updates your either holding your little princess in your arms or breaking dh's hand as you're bringing her into the world!!  eeeek so excitng good luck an  i hope it's all gone/going perfectly hun. xxxxxx

  • OMG this sounds like it could be it!!!!

    so excited for your nexted update, hope all is going or gone well image xxxxxxxxxx

  • Ladies I'm proud to announce I have a beautiful baby girl!!! Born 10:35 this morning weighing a huge 9lb7!! Not the best labour as I only got an hour with her after and had to be stitched front back in Nd out and everything else but she's totally worth it and I love her more than life itself image thankyou ladies for supporting me through this magical time!! Xxx
  • Congrates babe and welcome little lady xxxxx

  • Well done and congrats hun x

  • Congratulations huni image xxx
  • yay!!! imagecongratulations hunni and super well done!!! 

    welcome to the world little princess!!!!!

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