James for a girl

I really REALLY like the name James, but for a girl. Love it. But then I love surnames and strong names for girls. Mentioned it to my mum and you'd think I was proposing to call a baby girl Hitler, or Mugabe!!!

Is it *that* crazy? Go on, be honest...!



  • I know a Finlay who is a girl.

    Plus there is Cameron Diaz and  Daryl Hannah. Having 'boys' names did them no harm!

  • I think she would probably get a few strange looks. I would assume you had thought she was going to be a boy and when she appeared a girl you thought you'd keep the same name.

    Jaime would be fine, but I think James for a girl is a bit odd.. sorry!

  • I think it's a bit crazy, to be honest. I do not think its a girls name at all. I was in the doctors surgery the other day and they called for a Tyler and it was a girl. Completely threw me! I think if you called a girl James people would wonder why you had done it - ie its not normal to call a girl by a boys name. Just my two pence!

  • Ducky has made a blooming good point tho!

  • Ha ha! Not going to read Ducky's post to hubby. He's had a schoolboy crush on Darryl Hannah since Splash! Don't want to give him even weirder names ideas than I already have myself :)

  • I love it, really love it. However I wouldn't use it because I wouldn't want her to go through life people assuming she was a boy when they saw her name on paper and constantly being asked if people had misheard when people asked her name.
  • I also really like it, I think it would be a strong and cool name for a girl, but probably wouldn't go for it for the same reasons as AutumnRose.

  • Exactly what AR said. I really love it but she may hate you for it when she always has people expecting her to be a boy, assuming the title on forms should be me not mrs, people asking her if her parents thought they were having a boy etc.

  • No, I wouldn't use it.

    I'm all for out there names but this is your CHILDS name, one THEY have to live with, not you. Be kind.
  • Jamie or jaime for a girl. Id not use james.

  • I don't think it is "that" crazy, but I wouldn't use it, but then I don't like it for a boy either.

    Jaime yes, James, no.

  • I love boys names for girls - Frankie, Stevie, Elliot, Ryan, Perry are just a few I can think of off the top of my head! That said, both my girls have really girlie names!

  • What Rusty and CK said, too of for me. I like Jaime for a girl though.

  • I suppose if she really hated it, she could just call herself Jaime/Jamie. But I wouldn't use it. I don't think it's a "unisex" name like Sam or Alex or, even, Jamie.

  • Totally crazy and I feel for the child having that name for life. I mean would you call a boy Debbie or Louise or something similar ?

    Surely out of all the girls names there are there must be one you love .

  • Its a masculine name and I wouldn't give it to a girl. I take MamaDs point about Stevie, Frankie etc but these are names that could be derived from girls or boys names (Steven/Stephanie, Frank/Francesca) so in my mind these are acceptable for either boys or girls. I wouldn't call a girl Elliot or Ryan either mind you.

    I think even if you like it it'd be unfair on your child, imagine going through school with a masculine name as a girl, easy prey for bullies.

  • Pretty divided then! :D

  • I don't think its fair on a girl to be given a boys name personally. I agree with the others that if the name is a shortened version then it's  one of those names people know may be male or female and is more acceptable in my eyes but James is so clearly a boys name.

    MrsClaus has a good point, would you give a boy a girls name? I know you want to be very gender neutral but the name could be setting her up for bullying.

  • I suppose I don't really see it as a significant bullying issue, just because I think if kids want to find something to use against others, they will, and I think families can limit how much that stuff affects a kid, to some degree. Plus I think names are quite fluid and there's lots of names in use now that 10 or 20 years ago would have left people aghast! At least it's a name, not a made-up word, which some names are (was hubby's opinion).

    BUT! I totally take on board what a total pain in the ar$e it would be if little one was registered for things or names-on-list situations and every single time has to deal with the same reaction and go through the hassle. And yes, people would probably sadly think we were just trying to use a boy name because we wanted a boy. Which is guff, but people will jump to that conclusion.

    Hmmm, shame. Thanks though! :)

  • Hhmmmm....I personally think its a bit odd but its the inherited male name in our family. I'm not against boys names for girls an like many of those mentioned above....but I wonder how it would be to grow up a female James....she has to live with it after all.

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