A shocking 12 week scan! UDATED WITH PICS!!

Well,i had my scan this morning,I'm actually 12+3 not 12 today and it's TWINS!!!! I'm sooooo shocked,happy and scared! We've both laughed and cried a lot already! It means changing our whole life,new car,new house etc. I really don't want a C Section,but I haven't had time to research whether you can have twins naturally! She said there's not much chance of them being identical as they are in 2 sacs not one. Def the most shocking day of my life!!

K 12+3 xx

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  • Wow, Wow, Wow!!!

    Oh my gosh - that is fantastic!!
    My friend had a natural deleivery with twins.
    Have you taken it in yet?

    Congratulations hun

    10weeks xxxx
  • Thanks MrsN and Floosy2,not really taken it in yet but can't stop grinning! I don't have a scanner so have taken pics on my phone but they are not very good quality. Will try to upload soon.......AARRGGHHHH!! I just can't believe it,there's no history of twins either! xx
  • Wow congratulations!!!

    So will this make 4 kids now? gosh!!!

  • omg congrats hun god i bet u nearly died haha wow thats so exciteing xx
  • Wow! That is amazing news!
  • I know,I didn't expect 4 kids! I was really nervous so when she put the thing on my tummy I said "is it alive?" and the woman replied with "more than alive sweetie,there's 2 kicking away in there!" I just burst into tears! It will undoubtedly be very hard but we'll cope! x
  • Wow congratulations, such lovely news! You must be so excited! How have your other two taken the news? x
  • Fabulous! Of course you will cope, brilliantly! Em on this site had her twins naturally very recently, I think...?
  • wow what a wonderful but scary surprise! Congratulations!! my friend has twins and she had a natural delivery, so it is possible so long as you have a good pregnancy xx
  • wow congratulations! very pleased everything is going well! x x
  • Wow congratulations thats brilliant news glad it all went ok - thats amazing news xx
  • omg what a shock but oh what a lovely shock, very scarry too. I had an early scan at 7 weeks and we are only having one thank god. Congratulations.


  • Congratulations!!! My auntie had her identical twins naturally but she had to deliver them in theatre. Its more risky to deliver identical twins than non identical twins - she was told that anyway.
  • congratulations what amazing news!

    my sister in law had her twin boys naturally, and they wasn't tiny either!


  • wow thats fab news, congratulations!!!!!!

    ashy x
  • Thanks ladies! It's lovely to have so many people happy for us! No wonder I'm so exhausted! Our families are happy,my MIL started screaming and phoning her friends instantly! Just waiting to tell my nan now,she's 84 and has ALWAYS wanted twins so I think she'll be over the moon! xx
  • aww thats lovely news,congrats
    luv clare


  • that is so fantastic!! well pleased for you. Can you tell me how you have felt the last 4 weeks and did it feel any different to your other 2 pregs? Im 8+2 but feel loads worse this time round than with my DD. Hubby keeps saying "Maybe its twins". just wondered hun. Lots of hugs and big congrats!!! x x x
  • BE doesnt seem to be posting today!

    BIG CONGRATS on the twins news! thats fantastic!

    Can i ask whether you had any major symptoms in your 6-12 week period and were they a lot diff to your last 2? thanks hun x x
  • congratulations!! what a lovely surprise. (Snowangel on the due in June forum is having twins and is on a lot if you want any advice/want to compare notes!) x
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