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Fancy testing a Joie Tourist pushchair worth £200? £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs too!



  • I have twin boys who are 1 💙💙
    This would be ideal for just taking one out.
    They're both less than 15kg 
  • Hi, we'd love to test a Joie Tourist Puschair. 
    Sophia is 19 months old and weighs 10.8kg. We'd love to test this puschair for our shorter journeys - the school runs and nipping to the shops, but also for our longer journeys. We go on lots of walks together as a family, including countryside walks and even walks to town.

  • 8 month old little girl who is under 15kg! Been looking for a new pushchair so would love to test! 
  • I have Ivy who has turned 1 in July and she isn’t heavier than 15kg.

    We would absolutely love to try this for you and give a thorough review x
  • My little boy is 18 months and doesn’t weigh more then 15kg 🙂
  • Naomi is 19months and less than 15kg 
  • This would be amazing to test. 

    My daughter is 13 months and less than 15kg. 
  • I would love to test this, I have been on the hunt for a new buggy, but don't know where to start! My little girl is 13 months and is a little Polly Pocket no where near 15kg! 
  • Sienna is 24 months and is under 15kg. We would love to try this out. 
  • My little one is just over 6 months and below 15kg We would love to test this and give feedback. We are in a bulky pram atm and have a large family. This would be a brilliant test for us with the little boot space we have when all travelling and when we're all out and about x we also have a 2 year old under 15kg who would also be able to use the pushchair when baby in carrier x Thankyou x
  • This would be perfect for my lil boy he is 22 months (1 year & 10 months old) and under the maximum weight.
  • My daughter is 2 years and 3 months and weighs less than 15kg
  • Would love to test this with my bleu, he is 13 months old and 9kg 😁
  • Poppy is 13 months and under 15kg! We would love to test! 
  • CurrentCatMumCurrentCatMum Regular
    edited Aug 10, 2021 8:24AM
    Would love to test! Sophie will be turning 6 months on 1st Sept, is around 9kg. We have been struggling to find the balance between something that fits in the boot of the car but can still handle a bit of grass and track roads so not super flimsy!
  • Would love to try this, son is 13-14 months band not as heavy as 15kg. 
  • Have a 1 year old, she’s less than 15kg. We would love to test the pushchair
  • My daughter is 1 in a couple of weeks 😭 and weighs less than 15kg! Would love to test this out! I also have a 2 and a half year old who is just under 15kgs too 
  • This would be great for us as we’re off on holiday in oct so would be great to test out.  Harry is 20 months old and weighs 13kg
  • My little boy Ronnie is 20 months old and weighs less than 15kg 😊 We would love to test this! 🤞🏼
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