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Fancy testing a Joie Tourist pushchair worth £200? £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs too!



  • My little girl is 8 months and is under the 15kg limit 😊
  • Blade and I would love to test this. We’re currently on the lookout for a lighter weight buggy. We’ve used the bugaboo donkey for the last few years and now he’s the only one requiring a buggy. 
    He’s 1 and is under 15kg. It would also be interesting to see how well it suits a taller child which is our struggle at the min. 
  • Inayah age 9 months does not weigh more than 15kg looks amazing would love to try 
  • I have a 17 month old who is less than 15kg :)
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    We would love to test this! My son is now 14 months and well under 15kg
  • Hiya- Arthur is 16 months old and is tiddy so doesn’t weight over 15kg ❤️
  • Hi there, 
    I would love to be picked to test this fab buggy out. Sidney is 2.5 yrs old and is less than 15kg. 

    Best wishes, 
    michelle x
  • We would love to test this! Florence is 2 and weighs less than 15kg 
  • Would love to test. Little boy 14 months, weighs just over 9kg.
  • Hello!

    My youngest is 13months and doesn't weigh over 15kg. 
  • Wow amazing! 😍 Lucas is 11 months old and 10Kg so perfect for this test! X
  • My little boy Theo is 15 months and less than 15kg 🥰 xx
  • Hi, my son Séaghdha is 8 months and under 15kg. We'd love to try this stroller to take on camping trips as it would take up much less room than his pram. Thank You 😊
  • I would love to test this product.
    My little boy is 2years old and does not weigh more than 15kg
    :) x
  • I'd love to test this, I'm keen to see if something as lightweight as this would be robust enough for some of the more off-road bits of our walks. I've got a 23 month old little boy who is 12.7kg. 
  • We would absolutely love to test this buggy! My son is 20 months and definitely not heavier than 15kg :)
  • We would absolutely love to test this! We travel a lot and have been searching for the perfect compact, lightweight pushchair for our son who is 14 months old and weighs 10kg.  

  • This would be amazing. My Daughter is 7 months nearly 8 and definitely weighs less than 15kgs
  • Oh we'd love to test this, I have a 1 year old whos 8kg 😊
  • Would love to test this, baby is 9 months old and toddler is 3yrs but not 15kg yet. Would be nice to have a pram that doesn’t have a massive fold. Our current one dominates our boot! 
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