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What books do you love reading with your child? Tell Egmont: chance to win £100 voucher!


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Egmont Publishing want to know all about your special mum-and-child reading moments. And you could win a £100 voucher for telling us!

What books did your mum read to you when you were a child? And which books do you love reading to your own child now? Are any of them the same books as the ones your mum read to you?

Egmont would also love to know what you love about reading with or to your child. What makes it a special time for you both?

Everyone who posts about her special mum-and-child reading moments and the books she reads to her child and/or the books her mum used read to her will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 shopping voucher.

Do feel free to post up pictures – of favourite books or of you and your child reading together – if you like; the folks at Egmont would love that!

We'll keep this thread open until midnight on Friday 11th March, and we'll announce the winner's name on Monday 14th March.

This discussion is sponsored by Egmont Publishing, the largest specialist children’s book publisher in the UK. You can find out more about the great children’s books published by Egmont here.



  • My daughters favourite story at the moment is 'The great dog bottom swap', it's a really funny story and she loves the rhyming words and the different breeds of dogs in it! We got a puppy in the summer so she loves hearing and seeing about all the other types (as she says). It's a great story to read, would absolutely recommend to anyone with a cheeky 4 year old like my little lady :)

  • My mum used to read the mr men and little miss books to me but my all time favourite was "not now Bernard" and "five minutes peace" 

    I have all the books lined up ready to read to my lil one soon. Reading time is really important it's a special time to bond in the early stages and helps children develop language and understanding of words. 

  • My youngest loves me reading any thing by julia donaldson and my eldest likes jackaline wilson me and my girls enjoy our quiet time bed xx

  • My mum used to read the My Naughty Little Sister books with me as well as all of the mr men/little miss stories (loved them!) my Nan used to read nursery rhymes with me which she still does but with my boys instead lol 

    my eldest used to like me reading the funny bones stories to him because of all the rhyming (I think that's what it was called! it's the skeletons lol) but now he likes reading to me instead which I enjoy!

    my youngest is a peppa pig fan so we have lots of books about peppa which we sit and go through although he loses interest quickly (he's only 19months) so we end up pointing at the characters and making noises instead lol 

    to this day I love reading when I get a chance to and I think it comes from my family encouraging me to read from a young age and I would love to share that with my children, too! Nothing quite like being able to lose yourself in a book! 

  • My mom always had a book in her hands so its no surprise I was ( and still am ) a total bookworm ! When i was little I loved the famous five, secret seven, the faraway tree and mrs pepperpot stories stand out as favourites and by the time I was ten I was reading Stephen king !!! ( thanks to my big brother lol)

    My kids however loved the Mr men books when they were little, the chronicles of narnia were a bedtime hit and harry potter books, my younger son likes how to train your dragon series and my daughter devours jaquline Wilson and David walliams 4 yr old reads anything and everything for her age range but loves peppa !

    Today all my books (hundreds of them) are on my kindle but the kids still have a bookcase that's raided daily :)

  • My mum used to read the little match girl to me when I was little but she couldn't get to the end of it without crying. It was a copy she'd had since she was a little girl and it had a really distinct old book smell. On the occasion I do get a hint of that old book smell it transports me right back. 

  • My favourite book as a child was Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's dairy, I like to read this to my boys and also The Gruffalo as I love to do the voices!! Anything that rhymes goes down well in this house!! Giraffes Can't Dance is another favourite. My youngest favourite is Dear zoo, we all know the words to that one! There is nothing better than story time when they are all cuddled up on my lap. Perfect. 

  • When my son was younger he used to love me reading the Spot the Dog books to him, in particular, Spot Bakes a Cake! He really enjoyed books with sounds too and I lost count of the number of times we went through a Noddy sound book - I can still hear all the sounds now! The best time to read was tucked up in bed and I thinks it's important to have that time together.

  • Elisa is too small to read but together we read the tales of Masha and Bear, watch cartoons and play with dolls. She has fun and I .. well!

  • My little boys favourite book is Hairy Maclary And Zachary Quack by Julia Donaldson, he's 18 months and he has asked for it every night for the last 3 or 4 weeks. He 'woofs' for the dog, 'quacks' for the duck and 'buzzes' for the bees. 

    I remember my mum reading the Shirley Hughes books to me and we've now inherited what's left of the collection. My daughter (5 years) absolutely loves 'The Trouble With Jack' but I think that's partly because her brother is called Jack! She also loves 'The Worst Princess' by Anna Kemp. She got it for Christmas and I hadn't heard of it before but it is fantastic-it makes us both laugh! She took it to school and her teacher said it's one of the best children's books she's ever read. Definitely worth a read! 

  • Mine and my daughters favourite has to be GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU. I think its the most lovely comforting story you can ever read to your child. It helps her calm down and its such a nice story. The pictures are great too.

  • I used to love reading the Dr Seuss books with my gran (I can still recite all of Green Eggs & Ham!) but my favourites to read with my children are Little Rabbit Foo Foo and A Squash and a Squeeze because they can join in.

  • My daughter has always loved stories with princesses and fairies in them. I read her a chapter of one of her favourite books to her every night. xx

  • Gotta be the hungry caterpillar! I loved it as a child and both my los love it now it's like life has gone full circle 

  • imageOur favourite time of day is bedtime where we have snuggles and stories every night without fail and have done since they were born. It's a special bonding time for us and has encouraged both our children into having a love for books. My fondest memory is when my eldest was 2 and he picked up his favourite book and began to "read" it to his little sister. It was lovely to see him share his love of books with her the way we do with him and my mum did with me. Books are beautiful. 

  • Reading time is special because it's a real bonding time between mother and child. 

  • I have always loved sharing books with my children. Favourites include We're Going on a Bear Hunt, The Gruffalo and Little Rabbit Foo Foo. I must have read them hundreds of times. They can still recite these three years later and have already said they will read them to their own children when the time comes.

    A love of books is one of the best gifts a parent can give to a child.

  • I love snuggling up and reading books with my boys- it's great to have that calm, quiet closeness at the end of the day. They both curl up on my lap and listen together. We especially enjoy rhyming stories like Julia Donaldson, and it's lovely that my big boy can now read the story to me and his little brother. Precious times :)

  • I absolutely love reading to my daughters, they can't go to bed without a book. I love all the Julia Donaldson books, and used to adore all the Enid blyton books when I was little. We regularly visit the library to encourage them to have a variety of different and enjoyable stories. My husband and I love reading and encourage our kids to pick up a book anytime they want to!image

  • Story time is a special time with my little ones for me. Even when having the most hectic day, I make sure they have a good quality time with mummy even for half an hour. I read to them every day and my little ones' favourite story at the moment is Room on the broom by Julia Donaldson.

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