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Booking a family holiday: share your top tips with ABTA. Voucher to win!


Booking your family holiday with an ABTA member travel company, means you can book with confidence, knowing that all package and flight plus arrangements are financially protected and have peace of mind, that you’re getting exactly what you booked. 

ABTA would like you to give us your top tips for booking a family holiday. Tell us your top tips, and you could win a £200 John Lewis voucher for sharing!

All you need to do is post on this thread your top tips for booking your family holiday. Everyone who posts their tips will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 John Lewis voucher.

We'll keep this thread open until 28 January 2018, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.



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  • Make sure everyone has a valid passport, and take plenty of snacks for airport delays!

  • For the very best deals, consider booking as far in advance as possible.. as much as 12-18 months in advance. This is when the best deals are offered.

  • I would recommend to book earlier in the year to avoid missing on deals. I am usually trying to book in January as the great offers are to be found. It is good idea to compare with other offers online too. When choosing to buy package holiday through travel agent I would haggle to get the best possible deal. 

  • Take plenty of things to do on the plane and for waiting about in the airport! 

  • Decide on a suitable area, price, location etc
    Research it, look for things that can be done there as a family, for the kids 
    Price check dates, hotels, apartments and book what is comfortably affordable 

  • Check to see if it's cheaper to book everything separately; even with different companies - we always find it is. We sometimes book the outbound fight with a different provider to inbound flight, and the room/hotel with another. Skyscanner is a great for flights and for hotels

  • Always book travel insurance, especially if you have young children. You never know when they're going to get sick and you may not be able to travel.

  • Book early (late is fine for offers, but not when you have kids).  Make lists, and get everyone involved, otherwise the children will just hold you back.

  • Check ratings and previous reviews, if going abroad go for the best flight times to ensure you don’t go insane especially when travelling with toddlers. 

  • Consider everyone's needs and interests and if necessary seek advice from a travel agent as well as looking on line to ensure that you don't get the ineviitable "I didn't want this type of holiday" or "I didn't want a shingle beach"

  • Reading reviews from places like trip advisor will give you a good idea of how family friendly places really are (despite what the places say themselves)

  • Research well and talk to other parents about destinations they have travelled to. 

    Choose a destination which means travelling time is kept to a minimum.

    Explain and discuss with your children what will happen and read stories so they know what to expect. 

    Take plenty of familiar snacks and activities 

  • Go self catering with another  family, then share the child care duties

  • my top tips would be to take the ipad for the aeroplane especially incase of any delays. Also research the hotels in great depth to make sure they have sufficient kids entretainment 

  • Book early to get the best deal and to take advantage of free kids places. Check out real reviews on trip advisor and don't be afraid to ask annoying questions. 

  • Don't stress! It's not your responsibility to make sure that people enjoy themselves!

  • Sign up to airline and tour operator newsletters as that way you get information on when flights and holidays are released.  I saved £500 on Easyjet flights to Zante by booking on the day they were released.

  • Be prepared well in advance of flights being released and book everything seperately. You get what you want and often much cheaper!

  • Renting a holiday home for your family is a much more affordable and often value for money solution. Booking self catering accommodation allows you to prepare all family meals whilst controlling a budget and you don't have to book several rooms for the whole family.

  • Make sure you research the destination and hotel thoroughly to ensure it'll meet your needs. Read reviews on blogs and Trip Advisor. Plan the journey with lots of fun games and activity books to keep the little ones occupied.

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