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Heinz for Baby weaning diaries Part 2 - tell us your thoughts: Samsung Galaxy Tablet up for grabs!



  • My son had a cough like Mia just when we started to try textures and lumps so it was really hard to tell if he just hated it or just was not hungry as he was a little ill! As soon as his cough stopped and was really interested! Mia is just doing so well! Keep it up!
  • Savraj is doing great and seems like he loves making a mess!! Very impressed with how he is doing! My son seems a little behind but its me that hates messy meal times!
  • Alfie is eating fish pie and praws! WOW!! He will not be a fussy eater, what an appetite! Keep up the great work, especially with teething going on!
  • Baby Mia I think that it is important to keep calm and gentle and not give up.
  • Baby Savraj, it's important to make sure that the mess doesn't put you off and stop you progressing with self feeding. Cover the floor and just accept that things will get messy!
  • Baby Alfie, you get to know when your child is hungry and when they have had enough. Unless he is not attemptiing to eat the wide range of foods you offer then you are doing a good job.
  • Just watched Mia's story and I think your doing a fab job my son and daughter both was the same they just have to get used to the different texture from mushed food :) 
  • Just watched savraj's video my advice is to just keep encouraging him and sit infront of him and rather pretend to eat it and show him this used to work for my girl as she would then start giggling and then would try herself :) 
  • I've just watched Alfie's video and if he is a healthy weight I wouldn't worry too much about the amount he's having , he could just be getting bored and nearing fullness :)
  • All the families are doing so well, Baby Mia, still so cute, how quick has the month gone, the roast dinner sounds like fun, I am sure will enjoy trying it in future. It often takes a few tries for babies to like things. 
  • Baby Savraj, well done for reading his interests and giving him the spoons, i am sure in another month he will be feeding himself. A big mat on the floor helps catch the mess. 
  • Baby Alfie - sounds like he is entering the toddler phase. He has done so well with weaning and his mum really understands him which is perfect. 
  • Baby Mia - Moving to Texture 
    I had the same concern as Mia's parents when introducing my baby boy from puree to texture food. At first I was worry if my baby will have enough food and what type of food is best to start. I have started to wean him about 6 months too. The puree food was a quite easy to introduce and slowly we have progressed to many more products and tastes. If I knew he doesn't like something I would stop for now and try with the same after while again. On the beginning of our texture feeding journey was porridge where I could add a bit of cooked and mashed fruits. My baby enjoyed this very much and step by step we have moved to other food such as pasta, rice or cottage pie. 
    I think this stage of weaning baby is about patience and bringing flavours they are happy to eat.
  • Baby Savraj : Self - Feeding 
    The first sign that my baby boy wants to feed himself was when he started to reach for the spoon when I was feeding him. He was probably 8 -9 months old, so later than baby Savraj. Every child is different that's why is important to look for the signs if he is ready to self - feed. My often worry was if the food is right consistence and so still was smooth but with a larger variety of introduced products. He loves sliced strawberries and cooked chunks of pear or apple. Heinz chicken, sweet potatoes with veggies and pasta meals are one of his favourite. We tried risotto meals too and this going well. As always with this type of feeding I do worry if he swallowing properly, had enough food or too little. Just want to do right and what is the best for my son. When going away to visit family we love taking with us Heinz pouches and jars so convenient and perfect for even fussy eaters. I couldn't be happier.....It's great to see how my little boy progressing on this journey, love this food and no matter how messy, he is willing to try all flavours. 
  • Baby Alfie : Eating enough 
    In baby Alfie diary I could see our little boy how distraction played a big part in him being fussy and not eating well. By letting to feed himself I have often worried if he eats enough. We too get a lot of play with food and spitting out what he is disliking. Often I end up with spoon feeding when he plays with carrot sticks. My son loves pasta, broccoli and salmon bake. This one is easier to eat for him because no need to chew a lot, pieces of food are small morsels. He is happy with this and happily feed himself putting spoon in his bowl. I know what he likes and dislikes so I am trying to give him right nutritious food. Some days are more difficult than other and this stage is challenging too. I know anything could play a part how he eats and distraction is one of these. Usually our family meals are quiet and focus on eating ( no chatting) 
    When going out I like to take a few handy Heinz pouches or jars. He loves them and usually eats all. I am aiming to give him a balanced and nutritious meals with fruits and vegetables to continue his healthy grow. 

  • Gosh, Alfie's video 'Am I eating enough?' really brings back a whole range of emotions for me.

    My youngest daughter (now 2) from the moment she started weaning has always been very picky with her foods/textures and would always let us know about it! 

    I remember our trip to Spain when she was 12 months old and 'eating out' really was not enjoyable for us as a family for the reasoning that she just didn't have an interest in food, she would be that one child in the restaurant that yelled and flung her food, tried to climb out of her highchair.. we've all been there right?! 

    But gradually over-time she's tried more foods and will eat as/when she's hungry (which the Health Visitor is totally happy with) and she has found her love for certain foods.

  • Mia just needs some time and patience to make the adjustment to lumpy textures
  • The Savraj video and the chicken curry has me wondering about when and how to introduce spice to their diets
  • Alfie seems to fling his spoon far when he is done, must remember to have have a large cover on the ground to protect the carpets
  • Mia will soon get used to the lumps. She looks happy experimenting with the foods.
    I'd encourage Savraj to experiment feeding himself more - perhaps 1 spoon for him and 1 for the parent.
    Alfie being older is happier to try feeding himself.

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