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Heinz for Baby weaning diaries Part 2 - tell us your thoughts: Samsung Galaxy Tablet up for grabs!

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MadeForMums recently partnered with Heinz for Baby, to ask you all about your thoughts on weaning your baby. As a result, Heinz for Baby created weaning video diaries, following three MadeForMums families all about their weaning journeys: here are their second diaries.

Baby Mia: Moving to Texture: Mia is now 7 months. Scroll down to her 7-month video and her parents’ written diary to find out more.

Baby Savraj: Self-Feeding: Savraj is now 8 months. Scroll down to his 8-month video and his parents’ written diary to find out more.

Baby Alfie: Eating Enough: Alfie is now 11 months. Scroll down to his 11-month video and his parents’ written diary to find out more.

Heinz for Baby would love you to watch each family's second weaning diary (follow the links above) and come back and tell us on this thread how the diaries resonate with you: if you have any similar experiences or worries, or just fancy chatting about what you’ve seen, you could win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet worth £200 for commenting.

We would love for you to comment on each family, which means you can enter this thread three times - once for each of the family diaries, as three individual comments/posts, so that’s three chances to win the Samsung Galaxy Tablet! 

To post, please scroll to the bottom of this page, and add your comment about each family in the reply box, making sure you mention which family you are referring to. Everyone who posts (and answers the question fully) will be entered into a prize draw to win the Samsung Galaxy Tablet worth £200.

We'll keep this thread open until 9/3/20, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.

This discussion is sponsored by Heinz. Please note that comments and pictures you post here may be used by Heinz for Baby in future marketing and advertising material. See full Ts & Cs here.



  • Just watched Mia's diary and i totally remember my eldest daughter doing the same as Mia and just ejecting the lumps straight out of her mouth, but they do get there in the end and just get used to it - persistence is key! 
  • I think with Savraj, i found giving my daughter a spoon to hold, while feeding her myself at the same time, really encouraged her with how to use the spoon and get used to doing it. 
  • I think with Alfie, you just have to be led by your baby and when he's had enough, he'll soon clamp his mouth shut! The constant throwing of the spoons was brilliant in this one. 
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    I think baby Mia is on the right track to start chewing soft little lumps, just patient. I feel very much for baby Alfie's parents I know what a child with painful gums suffers and it is not fun for anyone involved, also patient and lots of sweetness. As for Savraj I would not give curry to a little child of 7 month, period. Sorry for my strong disagreement but that's how I feel about.
  • Mia - persistence is key 
    Savraj - We gave ours a spoon each and before long they learned and wanted to feed themselves
    Alfie - the daily cleaning must be fun (not)
  • Amazing! Mia, lumps - both of mine were the same but keep with it. Different textures are a must to keep going. 
    Savraj, wow - I didn't give mine curry until they were toddlers. Not sure I'd like to clean that nappy! 
    Alfie - Whats a little mess when you're learning eh? 
  • Hi everyone, don't forget, if you comment on each babies diary separately, you'll have THREE entries to win here, by making three separate posts! So once, for Mia, once for Alfie and once for Savraj! Good luck! 
  • Baby Mia, looks like she is doing really well, the cool fruit flavours will help with teething. Great that she is trying different textures and temperatures. 
  • What great progress by baby Savraj sounds like he is really starting to get to grips with picking up food and playing with the spoons. I agree with his mum mess is an important part of weaning. 
  • Its great at Alfies mum knows his cues, like throwing the spoon means he is full. As sometimes they could be misinterpreted as misbehaving but it's just babies communicating the only way they can. 
  • My baby has just turned 6 months old and she seems similar to baby Mia. I have been trying Matilda with Heinz baby porridge and baby rice to start but if there are any lumps, like Mia, she is spitting them out. I’ve been trying different textures like Mia’s parents. I tend to use Matilda’s milk to make the food a little more liquidy and smooth and if she’s eating that, I’ve been making it a little thicker. I’ve also been using some boiling water in it and she seems to like it a little warmer. Baby Mia is doing well trying different textures and temperatures. I think at this stage parents like me, are really worried about their baby choking. It really does make me panic and my husband is even more anxious about it so it does make us a little uneasy. Fingers crossed Matilda keeps trying different textures and flavours and is not too fussy! My 7 year old is determined to give her some chocolate!!!
  • Savraj’s weaning diary is the age that makes me panic even more. At the moment because Matilda is only 6 months, I think it’s natural and safe to make her food really smooth and lump free. Like Savraj’s parents, I’m a little frightened by the gagging noise and panic about her choking. I tried Matilda with a little bit of banana but she wouldn’t eat it until I mashed it and puréed it. I suppose it all takes time! I also remember how messy dinner time is at this age- food ends up absolutely everywhere!!! Like Savraj’s family, I worry about what food to take when we are on the move. I find Heinz jars and pouches brilliant for this, even if we are just going to nannie’s house. They’re just so convenient and I know that Matilda likes them and the consistency of the first food jars at either 4-6 or 6 months, really suit her. I don’t want to feel stressed when we are out and about. I simply want Matilda to be satisfied and it to be as stress free as possible. Matilda already thinks she is helping me by grabbing the spoon and making a mess so I’ve started to give her a spoon to ‘help’!!! It does not help me but they need to learn!! I think mixing and matching home cooked food, like sweet potatoes and vegetables, one of Matilda’s favourites and jars like Sunday roast, first spoons peas and pumpkin and chicken helps to make Matilda happy as she is getting a variety of goods and tastes and mummy happy because I have the flexibility to feed Matilda well. As for curry, I’m unsure about it, although I’m not against Matilda trying a little bit of everything! 
    This diary has reminded me to buy one of the big plastic mealtime sheets for my kitchen floor! Haha!!  
  • Baby Alfie’s diary reminds me that as parents, we worry about everything. I worry if Matilda’s has enough food, then I worry if she’s had too much and if when I get her weighed by the health visitor, her weight will have deviated too far away from her line!! It’s really good that Alfie enjoys chunks and finger foods of vegetables and cheese and things- it was so cute to hear he had his first roast dinner, well pieces of it!!  It’s amazing to think how quickly they learn, Matilda struggles with her spoon and just bites on it, whereas Alfie has got good at using it and actually feeding himself! I have this to look forward to! Again, this is another age when it’s very messy. I remember taking my older children to a restaurant as babies, and I was mortified that when we were about to leave, I noticed all the food on the floor. My husband and I used to take lots of baby wipes, pick up all the dropped food and clean up the baby! It’s worth it though when there’s no washing up at home! I’d always put a Heinz jar or pouch in my baby bag So I could feed them before our food arrived and then like Alfie’s parents, gave them chunks of my own food to try! I’m looking forward to Matilda trying lots of different foods to see what she really likes. I’m hoping she’ll continue to enjoy lots of vegetables and fruits to keep her healthy. 
  • Baby Mia, just keep at it, great progress!
  • Mia is doing really well, I remember when mine was that young, everything ended up in the mouth. Porridge was always a firm favourite
  • Fruit is a great idea for experimenting with textures, Savraj sounds a like they just need a little time to get used to the idea of feeding themselves, until then fruit is great fun to play with!
  • Teething is always difficult, giving Alfie something cold and soothing like yogurt was an excellent idea
  • After watching Mia's diary, it reminded me of our daughter! She was breastfed exclusively at first but then when we started weaning, she became grumpy but at least she slept better!
  • Savraj's family have got to keep going, we over pampered our daughter and as a result she took a long time to feed herself, it is worth the effort at this stage to avoid problems later
  • Teething is so difficult for us right now. I am really enjoying this forum though
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