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  • Hi Danielle, yes I will do that's so kind thank you x

  • Hi Cher lovely to hear from you. Glad Harper had a nice birthday. We aren't having a party but have lots of things planned for this weekend with her. Grace is walking, she started the week before Xmas and there is no stopping her either. She even tries to run now lol

  • Now that your little ones are 1 what milk are yous giving them ? Harper is sill on follow on milk just now but after this tub I'm thinking of moving on to cows milk rather than the branded growing up milk as I've heard it just a money making scheme. are any of your babies on cows milk yet?x

  • Hey Cher, we mixed the growing up milk with cows milk so my lg got used to the flavour until we ran out of the growing up milk, and then straight on to cows milk.

    Don't forget to PM me your address so we can send your book out.

  • I moved onto cows milk a few weeks ago now. I didn't see the point anymore as her diet was great and she was having cows milk for breakfast in cereal etc. I just made a straight switch and she's never complained. I also heard the follow on milk was a money making scheme so never brought it.

  • This is something im confused about. I'm going to speak to the health visitor about it. 

    Lucas is (I hope) just getting out of an 11 month sleep regression and I hope that's it! He's also still not eating great, first few mouthfuls are fine, yogurt was fine, puffs were fine, my dinner was fine. He takes it in, chews it and then spits it out. sometimes if i scoop it he then eats it second time round but it's actually starting to stress me out. he even does it on occasion with stuff he loves! i need tips. I'm going to try not feeding him any of my food at all And not offering any dessert To see how that goes xx

  • HI lovely ladies!

    Wishing Grace the happiest birthday today!!! well done to Kara for being such a great mum as well!

    Essie Leo is the same when he's teething. How is he feeling now?

    our boys are the same , not sleeping in their beds but with me he only wakes up twice still to feed.

    I am still breastfeeding...don't know if i should introduce cows milk or not. What's your advice?

    Someone told me due to Leos's difficulty in sleeping (he only goes to sleep around midnight and by 7am or 8 am he is fully awake,even waking up still to feed) about melatonine drops.

    Has any of you heard about this? is it safe?

    Tomorrow is his birthday, can't believe it! it went so quick but i still haven't overcomed my horrible delivery... how do you feel about that?


  • Happy Birthday Gorgeous Grace! Give sloppy kisses from Lucas! Xx

    thanks for your reply Ana, he's been the same for weeks now it's a nightmare. He's slowly going back in to bed. Are you happy feeding him at night? Everyone's different but I would personally try and wean him. My niece is a week younger than Lucas and  has one breastfeed a day and has self weaned herself. Neither of them have got up for a feed for months. You must be so tired. How long does he nap through the day? I try and keep Lucas awake or even wake him up if his naps go too long so he's ready for bed between 8-9. 

    as for the delivery? I totally understand. They say you forget about it as soon as the baby is places in your arms but I remember every last detail of it xx

  • He has been like this since he was born... i am tired beyond words........ i tried to sleep in the sofa on my bf days's off,which are the days i go to wok at 5am, but end up having to feedhim always around 2am ... and then before i leave again, hedoesn't tke any kind of bottles! he screams and doesn't settle down unless i feed him. don't know what else to do with him... 

  • I know everyone's relationship with the health visitor is different but mines is great try speaking to her. 

    I spoke to her this afternoon and she's gave me a few tips about feeding so fingers crossed they work xx

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes essie and Ana! We have had the best day. She's been spoilt rotten :)

    Im sorry to hear your having a hard time Ana. Sounds exhausting to still be up twice to feed at night. I may have missed it but is he eating well during the day? I believe at this age as long as they are eating well during the day then they shouldn't need feeding at night. Could it perhaps be a habit/comfort? Perhaps he is used to waking up and being fed and now doesnt know how to go back to sleep without it? If that's the case I would try and let him cry for 5-10 minutes before you see to him. He may be so tired he will drift off to sleep alone. He should then learn that waking up doesn't mean he is rewarded by a feed.

    Sorry to hear lucas still isn't eating well. Ive only experienced it for a few days at a time when she's teething or unwell and I know it's upsetting so can only imagine how your feeling. At least he is eating a bit though, and if he is sleeping well then he must be full enough. I'm sure it will improve.

  • Big happy birthday to Lucas ( hope I got the date right essie).

  • Thanks Kara u sure did! House is back to looking like a toys r us warehouse :)

  • Haha essie I know the feeling! We have only just tidied up after her bday mess, there were toys everywhere!! Hope you had a lovely day.

    Grace has had her 1yr immunisations now, wow did she scream!! It's harder the older they get :( She's also had diarrhea the last few days too and in thinking it's connected. 

  • Thank you very much for grace's birthday book madeformums team! Really lovely of you :)

  • Aw, it's a pleasure Kara5! Sorry it took so long - we actually sent it to the wrong house the first time round (doh!)

  • Kara I was sure I sent a big message on here and had no reply, I'm now wondering if it was on the previous thread I'm gutted because your last post answers my question. 

    Lucas had awful runs after his jags and I thought it was linked but the HV asked the jag lady n she said no but it's funny how Grace had it too! 

    Lucas took his first proper steps on Saturday and last night he was walking lengths of our living room and has keep it going. It's offices my baby isn't a baby anymore! 

    Hope everyone's well, so quiet on here xx

  • Haha Helen! I bet whoever you sent it to was a bit confused! 

    Lovely to hear from you essie. I had thought it had gone very quiet too. I know everyone has been busy with returning to work and the toddlers 1st birthdays though. Yes that is weird that they both had the runs, it must be connected! So chuffed he is walking now, he will be running before you know it. Grace has been in the garden today running up and down she is so quick now! She's also saying a few words now and can understand a lot. If I ask her to ger her ball she will leave the room to look for it and bring t back. I ask her to get certain things like her dummy and blanket or juice and she gets it and brings it to me! It's amazing what she's pick up! Oh and I've taught her how to do a roly poly! She's def not a baby anymore lol

  • Aw that's so lovely! He hasn't said a single word the only thing he shouts is ba!

    i was working today and picked him up from his grans and he's been walking everywhere, it just shows u he just needed the confidence to do it. Xx

  • Yeh the minute grace had mastered walking there was no going back! Enjoy it, he will be a completely different child now. I found grace was getting abit miserable and fustrated before she could walk but now she's soooo happy! 

    We are off to a farm tomorrow. Got her some reins so she can walk around instead of in her buggy! Can't wait :) 

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