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  • Happy pancake day to you all! We were wondering, are you or your children giving anything up for Lent? Do come and let us know if you are, on this thread here. 

  • Morning mummies. How is everyone doing. How's little ones and how all you who when back to work feeling. Like I said before I was so nervous about Sophie having to start nursery as she was so scared of everyone and use to cry non stop when we had friends coming around. She could literally cry and scream entire time while someone visiting us but it's such an improvement since she started nursery. She goes there on Mondays and Thursdays for 9-10 hours and been going since 2nd of February and she changed a lot. Makes me feel so good. We went to visit relatives on her birthday ( she use to cry seeing them all the time and was always in my arm while we there) and she only had a little cry and was running around everyone. She had her birthday party with our friends who have kids/babies and she was ever so good. Letting her to go to nursery was the best decision ever. Last time daddy took her there ( on Monday) she didn't cry when he was leaving she just waved bye bye and when with a smile. Even nursery staff said that they can't believe how quick she transitioned to going there. I was very lucky that sophie was already properly walking when she started going there so I didn't miss her first steps. It's not cheap and nearly all my pay goes on it ( part time job) but she loves it makes new friends learns new things plays with new toys plays outside everyday. She really enjoys it and it makes new feel so good about it. 

  • That's great shristain xx such a relief for you x

  • imageThankyou so much for the beautiful book, as you can see Grace loves it. All ready for bed just waiting on her milk heating up.xx

  • Hi everyone, well despite my concerns about Grace's development in terms of her legs after the hip harness she has all of a sudden started standing and walking along the sofa. I am so thrilled at her doing this. She is also a fantastic climber, on her 1st attempt climbed up on the foot stool and used that to climb up on to the sofa lol. My nerves were wrecked and I was very close by incase of a fall but I guess this is how they learn through exploring and adventure. Don't think it will be long now until she's walking.xx

  • Hi

    Has anyone started the transition off of bottles?

    Patrick takes a morning and  evening one. With the morning I've tried to introduce the cup but on the days I'm working it takes too long to get him to drink enough. 

    He'll drink water out the cup during the day but only a few mouthfuls at a time. 

  • Hi Katt1906, Grace is down to just an evening bottle of full fat cow's milk. To end the morning one I just gave her the Ready Brek 1st and then when I tried to give her the bottle she was too full up and that was it. Grace didn't like the milk in her cup so I just give her water and make the ready brek with milk and give her yoghurt in the day as well to make sure getting enough calcium and vitamin d.

  • Remzi not keen on milk in a cup either. He drinks more cows milk then when he was on formula. He usually has 6/7oz of milk around 6/6.30 breakfast around 7.30/8 weetabix or porridge with cows milk. I offer him a cup of milk in afternoon he doesn't usually drink much then 6/7oz before bed. If you'd rather Patrick use a cup maybe try a soft teat cup as a transition? When Remzi wouldn't drink water out of a cup we got and avent soft teat sippy cup which really helped x

  • Does anyone else little one grind their teeth?? Remzi does and it drives me nuts 😩

  • Hi everyone, we hope this message finds you all well? Tomorrow is the 60th birthday of Dr Seuss's The Cat in the Hat, so we were wondering, do you have a favourite Dr Seuss book? If you do, won't you come and tell us on this thread here? 

  • Thank you so much for a lovely present. Sophie loves her books and she definitely enjoying this one too. Thank you again imageimageimage

  • shristain, those are the most wonderful pictures - thank you so much for sharing them. Mummy Tortoise - your book should arrive any day now - I sent it to the wrong address by accident - sorry! 

    And if you haven't PMed me your full name and address yet for your toddler gift, please do by the end of the week. 

  • Hi everyone,
    We were hoping you might be able to help us out if you have a moment? We would love to have your feedback on what you think about the MadeForMums chat forum - we would dearly love to hear from as many of you as possible, and if you could pop over to this thread to give us some feedback, that would be wonderful. 
    Thank you so much!  

  • Hi everyone, we wanted to share a thread with you, started by a member who's letting women know, they shouldn't worry about c-section scars, and proudly displaying hers. If you too wanted to share your experience having a c-section or talk about your scar, please do come and check out the thread here. 

  • Hi all, we have a question for you. During your pregnancy, did you have a 4D scan? If you did, we'd love for you to come and tell us about it over here on this thread

    Thank you! 😊

  • What do people think of this whole Tommie tipped prep machine being bad investigation?? I have always used one and have found it to be a life saver and Ava hasn't seemed to be poorly more than any other baby!!! I'll be devastated if the findings reveal its harmful!!

  • I opened mine up and it was fine. Patrick has had no problems with it and I agree was a life saver. 

    I hate when I see these things on fb as it just causes hysteria and I think people join on the band wagon looking for compensation. 

    Hoping just a bad batch as I'm due my 2nd baby in july and might die if ive got to boil a kettle ar 2am

  • I know definitely it has caused so much less stress for the baby as well.... when she was younger rather than her screaming and screaming while I boiled kettle and then cooled it she could have it in two minutes!! i couldnt bare the thought of not using it when I have a second!!

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