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  • Hi everyone havent been here for long time. This kiddos have me busy all the time. But herimagees a lityme uodate about my twis  they are 14months now. They both walk. Victir on the right start to walk at 9 months and William walked at one week before his birthday. Victor is more independent. He loves to do thinhs on his own. William is more mommas baby lol. They are not babies no more they are toddlers smarties ones. Glad to hear from all of yall again and see all des cuteness toddlers. 

  • babyhope16, so lovely to hear from you and see how your twins are doing! They are proper toddlers now! 

    We're just stopping by to ask, what do you wish you had known about breast or bottle feeding? Please do come and tell us if it's about breastfeeding on this thread, and if it's about bottle-feeding over on this thread

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  • Hey ladies how are you all doing? My postnatal depression is now very much under control - thank goodness! And I have just got a new job away from retail so I can spend more quality time with my family. 

    Remzi is doing well - he still won't walk more then a couple of steps but is in to climbing everything! Don't know whether to be impressed or worried he totally mastered going up and down the stairs 😩.

    Woke up at 4am this morning to find my little boys having a snuggle in their sleep 😍.


  • Mummy Tortoise, we are SO glad to hear your PND is under control and hear about the new job - what are you doing now? That snuggling pic is SO gorgeous - your heart must have melted! 

    Today’s new thread:

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  • Hi how is everyone it's been long. Hope you're all doing well. I wanted to know if anyone has started thinking about nursery options in their area. I have been told by fellow moms To start applying to nursery from now intact when I contacted my local nursery and informed my son is only 16 months she was all for me starting to apply .. she dint seem to think it was early. Have you all started how are you finding the whole thing. a first time mom and don't really know what to do 

  • Hi ladies,

    i have really enjoyed seeing all of your updates on your beautiful babies! Evander is doing well. He didn't start walking til 14.5 months (he's now 17.5 months). His milestones overlapped for months each (for example he was army crawling for a long time and cruising on furniture at the same time but neither crawling nor walking, then when he started crawling he also started trying to climb things but not walking, etc. but now he's walking and running everywhere!) He's really into animal sounds, loves books and playing outside in the mud. We taught him some basic sign language which he uses daily. He eats anything we put in front of him (we recently went to a German restaurant and he happily ate goulash, bratwurst, etc) We're in the US and live in a diverse area with many types of food from all over and he loves it all :) Overall he is a happy, and active baby.

    Also, we recently discovered that we are expecting baby #2! I'm 10 weeks along and still nursing Evander 3 times a day. This pregnancy seems to be a lot different from my last one. I barely had any nausea with Evander, and even so it only lasted weeks 9-11. With this baby, the nausea started at week FOUR and lasted all day, most days. Taking my prenatal vitamin at night seemed to help. The nausea seems to be tapering away but I'm still exhausted most days! I feel like a sloth of a mom sometimes and feel bad that I haven't been more active with my son. How did you mamas get through your next pregnancies when you already had a toddler at home? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    i hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


  • Hi there congratulations on your second .. we still can't muster up the courage to have a second . My little one is good with food as long as he's not teething.. I still am nursing my little one two times during the day but the night is the hardest .. he wakes a lot constantly nursing .. almost using me like a pacifier .. everyone says it's a phase he will grow out of but it only feels like it's getting worse. Does your son nurse in the night, if not how did you wean him off. To add we live in. An apartment so can't do the cry it out as it would not be fair on my neighbours to have a crying baby at 2 am .. 

  • Mandy, that is so hard! My LO hasn't nursed in the middle of the night (MOTN) since 11 months old. Medically speaking he could have stopped much sooner but there was change and vacations and it was never a good time ... until he started waking up EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR to nurse, then we realized nursing was more of a crutch and hinderance to him getting good sleep. He'd wake up so tired and cranky (and so wouldni

  • Not sure what happened there ... it posted in the middle of me typing. I must have hit the button by mistake. Anyways, we were both miserable so we decided to do Sleep Training (again.) We joined a group on Facebook called Respectful Sleep Training/ Learning. The community there was really supportive of all types of parenting styles and has members from all over the world. That would be a good place to start. We might weaned our LO by deciding that we wouldn't give him milk before a certain time (for us we chose 1 am because that is when he used to normally wake to nurse before the every hour thing.) And when we did give him milk, I sent my husband in with a bottle of pumped breastmilk. My son would cry so much harder if I nursed him then left. We did that for four to seven days and eventually our son stopped waking up to nurse (we were also Sleep Training for bedtime and naps at this time.) We combined a few methods that worked for our parenting style. There are more gentler approaches listed in the files section of the group I mentioned above. We did timed check ins and slowly increased the intervals but eventually going into his room at timed intervals just made him more angry (we could tell the difference between angry cry or sad cry. He was protesting the change.) So eventually we decided to move to full extinction, which is a decision we never thought we'd make. However, it worked best for our son's personality. He learned to lay himself down and go to sleep pretty quickly when we stopped interfering with his own process of doing what he needed to do to go to sleep. It took a total of 9 days to train him around 11 months of age, and he has been sleeping through the night (STTN) for 12-13 hours since then. We keep his bedtime routine the same no matter who does it with him or where we are staying and that helps. We use a sound machine. He also transitioned to one nap, which typically lasts 2.5-3 hours in the afternoon. We found all the information on transitioning naps, etc from the Facebook group (appropriate wake times based on age, etc) I hope that helps some. Since it's summer, maybe you can try Sleep Training while your closest neighbor is on holiday? Or suggest they use a sound app at night if they know it will only be a short time ... Relax Melodies is a good one! The key to Sleep Training is a commitment to first coming up with a plan that you both are comfortable with (and be open to changing based on need) and remaining consistent in your goals of helping your LO learn to sleep on their own if that is what they need (there are lots of kids that figure it out on they're own, easy going, can sleep anywhere a a drop of a hat ... that just wasn't our child.) And the benefits of him getting much needed rest, and learning the ability to put himself back to sleep between sleep cycles outweighed the difficult training process. We learned that he was waking so many times at night because he was dependent on nursing to get him back to sleep between sleep cycles (like when we rollover in our sleep, we're awake in a sense but barely notice because we have the ability to just go back to sleep.) After our bedtime story and prayers I lay him down with his stuffed lamb, and his elephant head little security blanket, and he waves bye bye and blows me kisses as I head out the door and shut off the light. He rolls around to get comfortable then closes his eyes and goes to sleep. He wakes up happy and waving to us, ready to nurse in the morning and cuddle in our bed and start his day.

    i know that was a long reply and lots of information but you are not alone and we have been there! You will find amazing support from the FB community I mentioned, and they will answer any questions you have. Good luck mama! You are doing an amazing job! :)

  • My daughter is 4 weeks. She's called Saoirse  (pronounced seer-shah) and with a 17 month old toddler it's HARD WORK!

    I had another terrible pregnancy...severe vomiting all the way through and was on crutches for the last 15 weeks of my pregnancy. 

    Ru working? I'd only gone back part time and finished up as quickly as I could. I took naps when i could and took help from anyone. 

    For me I can't sugar coat it. I'm just looking forward to when they are 4&5 lol. 

    Hope you make it through and that your toddler isn't as wild as mine.

  • Thanks so much for your reply . I am going on holiday to visit my family in a month's time so holding off the weaning till I come back. I know my little one does bad with change and I don't want to take away his only comfort . I tried weaning him off his habit to nurse to sleep at bedtime but after two weeks of having a flailing crying baby that took 1 hour to put to sleep I had enough and went back to nursing. 

    I really need this to end as it is crippling my sleep and I am sure my son's sleep too. He also takes a 2 to 3 hour nap mid day which is when I seem to get anything done. 

    Did your son always have a toy blanket when he went to sleep .. my son never had anything to sleep as I was very scared of him suffocating.. I am thinking of introducing one to him but don't know if he's too old to get attached or understand 

  • Mandy I didn't bf but because I was pregnant and working if he'd wake I'd take him in beside me. He'd then become hysterical if I left the room. At night I would need to hold him until he fell asleep and couldn't leave until he was asleep. My husband was sleeping in the spare room and he was with me.

    When I finished work in April he went to his own room. I'd put him down and sit on the chair. If he stood and cried I'd give him a min then lie him back down, rub his chest for a min and then go back to my chair until he eventually slept. I would do the same when he would wake during the night and refused to take him in beside me.

    Now if he's not fallen asleep having his milk, he can be so wild he's knackered and falls asleep easily I can now take him to bed, lie him down, sit for 5 and then leave no matter if he's awake and he'll sleep around 11 hours.

    Unfortunately it's tough and once you start you need to keep going as the min u cave in you're back to square one.

    Also a 3 hour nap is very long. My son sleeps no more than 60-90 min so that might effect the night sleep too.

    Good luck 

  • Thank you so much .. I think after I am back from holiday will just have to bite the bullet and do it .. I think he naps long because he doesn't get enough sleep at night.   

  • Ano it's a double edged sword.

    Just set yourself a date and then have a large glass of to make yourself feel better and two you won't be able to nurse anyway.

    If only all babies were the same and came with manuals

  • Katt, I stay home with him. After he was born I got hit pretty hard with post partum depression. I had to seek treatment for it. I am a clinical marriage and family therapist so it would have been unethical for me to return to work in the state I was in. I was not in any condition to care for other people when I needed help. So I resigned from my position, sought and received help, and am fine now. Child care is very expensive here $1000-$2000+ USD per month so I would have to work more than I wanted to just to break even. To me it wasn't worth the hassle or expense so we created a new budget that allowed me to stay home. I am welcome to return to my practice whenever I am ready but since I am thinking of homeschooling my children that might not be for some time.

    Evander is pretty easy going, but even so I am still exhausted from just being pregnant. Cooking makes the nausea worse. So I'm just hanging in there.

    Mandy, I think we started with his toy blanket at 7 months. It is just a small stuffed animal head attached the middle of a small square of fabric. my husband and I slept with it first for a few days so it would smell like us then I kept it close by during nursing sessions. Eventually he bonded to it and it helped him to transition to sleeping without us. We put him in a small toddler bed that was only a few inches from the ground when he was 4.5 months old. And he has been in a toddler bed ever since

  • I found it easier when I wasn't working as I could go at my own pace. 

    My son is just wild. He's in to everything and just runs everywhere and climbs. 

    I bought instant meals for when my sickness was really bad.

    How are you feeling about being pregnant. Was it planned or a surprise. My little girl was a surprise and it took me ages to be really happy about it.

    My husband has been back at work two week and days are long but is all worth it

  • Kat, we had been trying to get pregnant for six months before we were successful. My husband has some medical issues that affect his hormones and fertility so we are really happy we could still get pregnant without intervention. I'm happy about it but since this is my third pregnancy (my first ended in a miscarriage) I am still nervous about it. I try not to think too muc, but I still have two more weeks before I can see and hear the heartbeat and see the little peanut on the monitor. I don't think I'll be able to really relax into this pregnancy until I can at least see and make sure things are going okay.

    How was the transition to two? Is your 17 month old taking well to having a new baby around? Do you still nurse him and the new baby? I joined a tandem nursing support group since I'm technically providing nutrients for two babies (the one that's growing and nursing the oldest.) So I guess I'm eating for three! (Unless there are more than one baby in there ... we'll find out August 9th.)

  • Lovely I. Contemplating a new baby maybe in the next year but I have gone through hell and back because of birth control. To be honest I have not been able to fully commit to sleep training because of the issues I have been suffering. I had the mirena IUD and it was the absolute worst. I just managed to get it removed and now transition on to the pill. My body has not felt worse I feel like I am being hit by a bus everyday .. bleeding everyday for three months . I physically dint have the energy to do anything 

  • I was only able to bf for a short period of time with my son so didn't have that issue to content with.

    He's ok with her. He knows when shes in her basket to leave it alone and to be gentle when he strokes and hugs her. He's so kind natured he just runs about like a headless chicken.

    Getting out the house can be a challenge but I had such horrendous pregnancies if this hadn't happened by accident then I don't know if I would have had a second baby.

  • Oh Mandy! I have friends that have had similar experiences with their IUD. I'm so sorry you are going through all of that! No wonder! I wouldn't feel up to a lot of things with such an energy drain. Hopefully you can get sorted out and regular again!

    We're all here for each other!

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