anyone else trying to lose weight before conceiving?

help girlies, have put on over 1 1/2 stone since getting married in june 07, desoperately trying to lose it before trying to conceive, ive done it before (lost 2 1/2 stone!) but all i do lately is eat, any advice please?????


  • I know what you mean have a similar problem - am going to really start the exercise again next week. If you want to try together then am happy to try and encourage each other to exercise and eat healthly or less!!
  • that would be great, have reen running 3 times a week for last 4 weeks with hubby and have improved so much, can go 1/2 a mile without stopping (wahay!) and do 2miles overall, with little walking gaps in though, but as for the diet, hubby's sick of me failing so would be great to do it with you!
    i eat healthily but i just pick at the end of the day or buy chocolate at the shops and then binge, so i runi all my hard work! ive just been food shopping today and got plenty of good stuff, so its really just less i need to eat, and cut out the sweet impulse buys! how about you?
  • So pleased you brought this topic up! I am size 16 and about two stone over where i need to be but have been completely addicted (and i mean addicted) to chocolate! I binge every night although can supress a little in the daytime. I too have to lose some weight before i concieve and if i can get used to eating like a normal person i know i will lose weight throughout my pregnancy! I am glad i am not the only one! Hoep we can give each other loads of support.
    I must not binge anymore or i will explode!!
  • definately the more the merrier!
    my size 14s are cutting me in half at the moment and im living in about 1% of my wardrobe s last year i was a size 12 before my wedding, the lightest id been since i was 14! (im 22 now!) im determined to get my "mojo" back as it puts a strain on our relationship, me not being totally happy etc... must do it! let me know how it all goes this week for you!
  • OMG - well done on getting up to 1/2 mile without stopping and 2 miles in total. Don't do running but have the Davina exercise DVDs and been trying to do one of them 2-3 times a week for 30 mins. Work tends to get in the way but am hoping to try and start getting in to the habit of getting up in the morning and doing in then. Also agree need to stop eating rubbish in the evenings too. Need to go food shopping and so going to try and avoid the bad things and just come back with nice healthly options image

    Good luck for the weekend if don't see you on here and will catch up next week to check how we are doing xxx
  • hi. can i join you. i started slimming world online a couple of weeks back but nit doing as well as i thought. ive not put any back on but keep losing the willpower. im still holding onto baby weight (my excuse she is 18months) and really want to get down to pre-preg weight before falling again. if you know what i mean.xx
  • Its really hard to maintain the willpower. I occasionally have a good week and lose 5 pounds! But within a week its back on, I cannot maintain it. I know i probably go a bit strict by i am an all or nothing person and i cannot have just a bit of chocolate, its got to loads etc etc so when i diet everything is fat free and low cal. However, i am pledging to you all " i shall not make a pig of myself for atleast a month" and i hope you will all hold me to it!!! lol. I wish everyone loadsa luck and will be on same time tomorrow night to egg you all on! x
  • ive managed to do well for 2days. thats fine coz not at work but the temptation is there at lunchtime tomorrow. ive just got to strong and avoid the
  • Yeah, me too!

    I am currently on month 5, but really don't think we have done it this month (AGAIN, BOOO!)

    So, have decided, as I am getting a bit desperate I am now back to Slimming World and target of about 2 stone to go! Mind, I am hoping that I will have a little miracle in my tummy instead of chocolate and wine!!!

    Started on Tuesday, so I'm very focused at the minute, we'll see how the willpower lasts!

    I am just conscious that if *God Forbid* we do need to go down the doctors route with not being able to conceive, I don't want the doctors to say that I have to loose weight etc (Blah, blah...) I'm about a size 16, so overweight but not huge, but you know what they can be like!

    I reckon we all spur each other on girls, come on, for the sake our our unconceived bubbas!!!


  • me too. i've put on nearly two stone in 18 months since my wedding and i;'ve gone up two sizes. i hardly have any clothes that i can wear its awful. i just find it hard to have will power when i'm going to be pg soon (fingers crossed) but i have to do somehting. i'd hate to think this was the reason that i wasn't getting pg......i was thinking of slimming world - done it before so might be worth a try.
  • les do it then girls!
  • I lost a stone at the end of last year(was still THREE stone overweight) in preparation for ttc and I have managed to put it all and a couple more pounds back on since february when I started ttcing-AAARRRGGGHHH. Some days I just eat loads and my clothes-xl to start with are getting tight!!!
    I had pre eclampsia with my lo and being overweight with a subsequent pregnancy will add to the risks of it occuring again. I MUST loose weight but dont want to follow a diet as such as I feel that once I get my bfp I'll not diet so I want to eat more healthily, smaller portions and do more exercise. I do very little structured exercise but have a physical job and an active 3 year old so I'm on the go most of the time. Unfortunately I'm at my mums for tea today and have to have loads of roast potatoes and pudding(dont have any at home) so I shall restart my healthy eating plan tomorrow but will have a look tonight to see how you are all doing. Good luck!!xx
  • just been for run and did even better, came back so hot and sweaty but it was worth it, diet not great but new day tomorrow, fingers crossed. x hope ur all doing ok!
  • i've had a shocking weekend and not a great start to the week but been to tesco and bought lots of healthy stuff so roll on tomorrow. good luck everyone.
  • Good luck to you all - I have been doing WW and lost 2 stone and am 3Ibs away from my goal weight. I think it is only good to try and get at your optimum weight to help things along - although you can still get PG when you are overweight!! Since I have been TTC it has been harder to lose though and have been stable for about 2mths which is incredibly annoying!! It those last few Ibs!!

  • I have given up and restarted about fifty times since last week!!!! Where has my willpower gone??? Does anyone know of anything to help with chocolate cravings??? Its not just a bit of craving, it feels like life or death! Might go to docs to see if anything i can take or do. i have been thinking of hypnotherapy.
  • I'm in exactly the same position. I've put on 2 1/2 stone since getting married and am desperate to loose it but can't stop eating!
  • I have one or 2 squares every night and that stops me craving. Buy a bar and break it up and put it in the fridge and just take a couple of squares at a time!! Dark choc is even better as you don't want a lot of it!!

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