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  • ah ssshesh now thats where ive been going wrong the past 19 months where has she been with all this info for me damn it :roll: image
  • GRRR how frustrating Tink.

    We started TTC before my sis was pregnant and as she's the only one that knows we're TTC I often have a bit of a moan to her, to give OH a rest :lol:, and her solution is to have more sex.
    For F**ks sake what do you think we have been doing for the past 17 months Leanne? Lucky you having an 'accident' after 9 months of unprotected sex!!!

    Oh I got a bit too into that then, was proper hammering the keyboard and everthing lol!

    I know what you mean Tink and to be honest it sounds really crap over there anyway... You just stay here hun image xx
  • Haha Grudie, thats it, we'll all be moving to pregnancy next month eh?! x
  • Sounds like she should write a book being such an expert!
  • Double post, oops

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  • yeah broodybeth who would have thought if only we had sex we'd get pregnant

    guess what all you ladies are doing tonight pmsl :lol:
  • How annoying.

    I'm sure every woman on here wold be delighted if they got pregnant after having sex once but the reality is that this isn't the norm!

    I personally take great comfort in knowing when I ovulate, I feel like i've got a bit of control over it!

    How utterly ignorant this woman is and also very insensitive to others. I got a bfp afetr 2 months which i know it very very quick but it ended in an ectopic. It's a shame this woman doesn't realise it's not quite as simple as she thinks.

    Also the purpose of these forums is to support one another rather than to judge people for things they do to try and get pregnant!

    Boycott cosmo! x x
  • OMG, does this woman still think a woman's place is in the home!! Sounds like the sort of thing you'd hear from someone who lived in the 1940's!! For crying out loud, we do OV tests and chart temps etc because we live in a generation that has found out how to do these things acurately instead of just having sex all the time. All I can say is she must have been permanently on her back with her legs in the air for 4 weeks if all she had to do was have "sex"!! Now there's a slap in the face for all of us that have been trying for some time!!
  • OH tink thats where i am going wrong :lol: :lol:
    after 16 months i have been forgetting to have sex to get pregs :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Sorry if i repeated anyone i hit reply before i read them all image image image
  • some people are so ignorant. it only took me 4 weeks to get pregnant first time round not the case this time, wait till she decided to have another we see if its that easy again. these people seem to think just coz they fall pregnant that easy everyone else is doing something wrong.

    "note to self, must start having sex if i want a baby.lol"
  • Lol i knew you guys would be supportive!!! She made me soooo mad - just incase you couldn't tell!!! I wrote a real bitchy response to her :lol:

    I mean congratulations to anyone who falls pregnant quickly, and that is me been genuine but sometimes it isn't that easy. One girls reply was "exactly, i mean how do these women (these women - cheeky cow) thing that they reproduced in the times when there were no OV sticks."

    She has a point BUT does she think we are all that stupid, they were commenting that girls like us never have sex any other time apart from when we OV neither. I am sure us TTC'ers are aliens to these ignorami people :lol:

    STUPID GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!

    Well ladies, i am sure you can guess what i will be doing tonight. I will see you all in "Pregnancy" tomorrow eh :lol: xxxx
  • ha ha that is funny I am going to on and have a read... Tink, I came on here after being on the you and your wedding forum.
    I posted my woes regarding the MC and almost two years of trying and someone replyed .. yes i know who you feel i have been trying for 2 months ....two months ! I just ignored her ..and then got rescued by a lovely lady who sent me the link for this forum! never looked back ....x

  • Me too, a lovely lady on Cosmo saved me by giving me the name of this website!!! God bless her!!! x
  • Well being the nosy cow that I am I read the thread on Cosmo - it is UNBELIEVABLE! I found the "these women" comment particularly annoying too. Then there is the lady who says that we should "just relax" and we will fall pregnant. ??!!???

    Then I read your post! SNARF!

    The reason people were successful before the invention of ov sticks was because they got married really young (like REALLY young) and there was no such thing as contraception, so they didn't really have a choice between getting pregnant or NOT getting pregnant. It wasn't so much a choice back then, more of an inevitability. That is why in the 60's women fought for the right to use contraception, because they were fed up of being baby machines. Women deserve the right to have control over their bodies and over their own destiny. Not only that, but before the time of ov sticks there was also no IVF, so women who weren't able to have children had no where to turn. PLUS there were lots and lots of unwanted babies and dangerous back-street abortions.

    So is this woman suggesting a return to PRE WAR Britain? Shall I tear up my right to vote straight away, or wait for the announcement on the telly that Feminism is over??

    For crying out loud.
  • i saw this on the front page n couldn't help coming to read what had p'd you off on cosmo so much as i'm a member of there too but joined here coz pregnancy bit was crap!

    i read that post the other day and was too stunned by the stupidity of the people replying to even try and put my point across rationally! good for you tink!!!

    i'm one of the lucky ones who just managed to fall pg without even trying but i would never dream of saying any of that stuff to someone trying to concieve...i mean my aunt n uncle started tryin at the same time as my mum forr me and my little cousin is 20 years younger than me!! it doesn't 'just happen' for everyone and any woman should know this surely?!

    good for you for standing up for all of you tink!!! xxx
  • By the sounds of it, she just sounds smug and patronising. She obviously has no idea of the heartbreak that many couples and single ladies who desperately want a family go through. I can't claim to know what it's like either as we are only in our 2nd month of trying, but I wouldn't ever dream of making a comment like she has.
    Silly woman.
  • For the people who read the thread did you get the feeling of anger wash over you like me :lol:

    I just can't believe it. Someone also said some of us women TTC only have sex around OV and not any other time which means we don't truly understand the meaning of sex!! I find those women petty and ridiculous i must say. And moonandstars you are so right. Not everyone got pregnant in those days but like you said there weren't the facilites there are now!! It just made me shake with anger that there are actually people out there who are so ignorant to this.

    I also think it is disgusting because if we were the kind of people to take it to heart then spiteful comments like that would make most of us feel bad and ridiculous for charting our temps and using OV sticks and CBFM's!!!

  • what a bunch of dicks!
    people honestly think they have all the answers... grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Hi,
    I also came from the cosmo forum so I know what Tink is talking about. I have only been TTC for 2-3 months but we're doing the whole "We'll just stop trying to not have kids".

    So at the moment I don't want to start using charts etc, and I am a bit clueless as I'm sort of hoping that it will happen for us eventually...but I do understand that one day if we don't conceive I will have to start using temps/charts etc.

  • moonandstars you ra eso right, there were plenty of women in those days that couldnt have children or waitied years to have kids they just didnt have places like this to vent their feeling. honestly some people should have a look at the real world.
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