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Anyone else off the pill and still waiting for first AF??!



  • Hiya

    Nothing really to report but I just thought I'd say hi and how you doing? Got me some OPKs and a thermometer, just have to make sure it doesn't make me obsessive and even more stressed! Still a bit unsure about taking AC though.

    Hi Fran, congratulations on your wedding, try not to worry (easier said than done),

    Mrs Robson, I forgot to ask before but how did accupuncture go?

    NBF and baby dust to all xxx
  • Acupunture really makes me feel good - let's hope it does the same for my ovaries!! xx
  • Hi ladies. I haven't been on here much the last few days as I've been trying to take my mind off testing and all things baby!! I hope you're all doing ok?
    I just wanted to tell you that I got my BFP!! Did a CBD this morning and it says pregnant 2-3! I'm so shocked I just can't believe it, I got my birthday BFP after all! I just hope so much that it's a sticky bean! So my biggest bit of advice would be to carry on with the opks on a daily basis because you just never know when your ovaries are going to wake up and decide to release an egg!! If I had given up testing I would never have known I had ovulated...thank goodness for internet cheapies as I used around 100!
    Sending you all lots of baby dust and I will keep checking back to see how you're getting on. I know I was a late joiner to your thread but thank you so much for all your support and being so lovely.
  • Thank you!! I still can't believe it, hopefully it'll sink in soon,,,and the bean will sink in for a long stay too!! xx
  • Woohooo!! That's great news Mrs S I'm very happy for you. I've been away for a few days so that was a lovely suprise. So good to hear stories like this. Hope you had a happy birthday and have a nice holiday. That's the best birthday present ever!!! How are you feeling?

    Still no AF for me. I've been OPKing and charting my temps and they are all over the place, although they have been generally higher the last few days, but I tried taking my temp a few times in a row one day and it changed by about half a degree within 10 mins of lying there! Think I've been having feelings low down and in boobs but I've felt so many odd feelings over the past few months I've lost track!! My body will wake up when it's ready : )

    Lots of sticky bean dust for you xxx
  • Fantastic news MrsS!! What a brilliant birthday present! Hope you have a fab pregnancy!
    Hello all - haven't been on here for a little bit now - I dunno - trying to keep busy and not obsess too much!! Anyway I got a smiley on a CBOPK last Saturday so fingers crossed - gonna test Valentine's Day. Unfortunately with PCOS a smiley doesn't necessarily mean I've ovulated - last smiley I had AF didn't come for another 126 days so not too reliable!! Anyways I can hope and the thought that I may have ovulated and may be on a 2ww is kinda good - just gotta wait and see if it was real or just a false one!!
    Feel good in myself though - I've upped my exercise, am doing acupuncture and taking metformin and at least I've had one AF now so chances are better than before so fingers crossed!!
    Any more news lately then girls?
    H xx
  • Congrats Mrs S too!!

    Mrs R - have been thinking about you and wondering how you are getting on. I have everything crossed that 2010 will be a fab year for you.

    I am 8 weeks tomorrow and still worried sick that somethings going to go wrong! Just got to keep calm I suppose and wait for my scan. Really hoping I will be sharing some scan pics with you soon

    x x x
  • Congrats again Happy Mrs S!!

    Great news that you have probably OVed Mrs Robson, fingers crossed this could be your BFP to join the others on here! Sounds like you have taken some really positive steps, so even if its not this time I am sure it will be soon!

    Looking forward to seeing your scan pics Ruby Shoes, your worries are perfectly natural but I am sure you have a sticky bean xxx

    I am currently on CD 72 waiting for AF number 2 (yikes!) however I am fairly sure I have ovulated now as I have had sore nips for a week, and that happened last time a couple of weeks before I got AF. So it is a bit annoying that this cycle will be about 4 weeks longer than the first one off the pill, as I was hoping they would get shorter, but at least it seems that I am ovulating, even if its not very often! I don't think we BD enough around ov, but am going to really go for it next cycle and make sure we BD every other day so def don't miss our chance!

    Good luck ladies xxx
  • Hi all

    That's brilliant news Mrs Robson, looks like things are happening!! How exciting to be on a 2ww, good luck with your test, keep us updated. Does the acupuncture hurt?
    Good to hear from you Ruby Shoes, I'm sure your little bean will be fine, although if it was me I'd probably be feeling exactly the same as you and worrying.
    As for me I've had my AF!!! imageimage 127 days, I didn't count until it actually came and then I worked it out. It's funny because it was 15 days after I went for my scan and it looked like there was a big follicle. I didn't get myself organised with a thermometer and OPKs for a few days after that, so if I did ovulate I think I missed it. I never got a positive on OPK and my temps were all over the place but I've had a hectic few weeks, been doing OPKs in service station toilets, public toilets, on trains!! It makes me laugh doing that :lol:- anyone else have the same? And I've been getting up all different times, which may be why temps are a bit odd. I did get a pinching feeling about a week before it followed by af pains and sore nipples, which I thought, was ovulation, but now I don't think it was. When AF came it only lasted 2-3 days though, I'd actually started to forget exactly what the signs were!
    My doctor did say to make an apt a week to 10 days after scan, but haven't managed to yet as you have to ring that morning to get one that day and it's a bit difficult when I work half an hour away and the latest apts available are at 3pm!
    Have been trying to chill out 8\) and keep occupied, and the scan certainly made me relax a bit and gave me a big dose of PMA, I think all of those things might have helped. Also got Emma Cannon's baby making bible - very interesting and not too expensive on Amazon.
    Hope you get your AF or BFP soon Magpie, sore nipples sounds promising!

    Baby dust xxxx
  • Ah thanks StarryNu, I would welcome either at the moment!!

    The thought of you doing opks in random places made me laugh!!! :lol:

    I am glad your scan went well, it is reassuring to find out there isn't anything wrong, and that we will probably just need a bit of patience whilst our bodies sort themselves out!

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi Magpie and StarryNu so great to hear from both of you and glad to hear of 'movement' with AFs!!

    It feels better when at least you know that you can possibly start to chart temps or do opks - I know using my CBFM made me feel better, just because I was actually doing something positive towards getting pregnant. I only used it for one month, didn't get a peak but did get my BFP so there's some hope for you all!!

    It is hard not to worry but I am generally ok. Just have little moments where I worry that I made the whole thing up!! But my lovely hubs said yes to an early private scan (as our valentines pressie he he!) so will be having that a week on Thursday, hopefully will put my mind at ease a little bit as it still seems SO LONG til 12 weeks......

    Anyway, I'll keep you posted as you have to with any news - I am sending the most babydust ever to this little group because all you girls are fab

    x x x x
  • Ruby - can't wait to see your scan pics! How good of hubby to go for the early scan!
    Magpie - so we both think we've ov'ed then eh?! Fingers crossed for us both!
    Starrynu - AF at last is good news - gettign back to normality!
    Toria - fingers crossed for you - tearfulness could well be your hormones on the move.
    I've been irritable this weekend and in a bit of an irrational way so thinking my hormones are doing something (is AF on her way......??). Fingers crossed though for something even better!!
    Nitey nite lovely ladies xx
  • Hi everyone, hope you are all good, and hope you all had good valentines days! Sounds like things are happening for people which is fab news. My AF ended up being pretty light and short, but she was definitely there!! Feeling loads more positive and trying to do lots of nice things and relax a bit, I have a feeling that might have been what kicked everything into action. Having you lovely people to share it with helps lots too:\)
    On with the OPKs again, and I can now add campsite toilets to the list:lol:
    Ruby, good luck with the scan, sure it'll be fine and will be so nice to have a pic of the little bean.
    Hope everyone else is getting back to normal,..... or getting bfps!!
    Love and baby dust xxxx
  • Hello ladies, I hope you are all well.

    Well, I finally got my second AF (and boy do I know about it as it is heavy and painful, boo!!). After 81 days I can't help but be pleased, obviously a BFP would have been nice but AF is still very preferable to nothing happening!! And it means I OVed exactly when I thought I did by noticing my symptoms (don't want to do OPKs yet) so thats good!! Hopefully after a 54 day cycle and then an 81 day cycle things might be a bit more normal this time, probably not but one can hope!!

    Any one else had any news? Mrs Robson had you OVed?

    Good luck everyone xx
  • Hello StarryNu, we must have just posted at the same time, spooky!!

    I am glad you are feeling positive, even though your AF was light, it has to be a good sign! Things can only get better!!

    Oh, and campsite toilets?! :lol:
  • Ha ha hi Magpie!! I always have to search around for this post. That's fab news about your second AF, yes a BFP would have been nice but it's good that you recognise the symptoms and you're ovulating (save you a lot of money and hassle on OPKS!!).
    Yes camping was a bit nuts in february, bding helped us to keep warm though :lol:
    Night night lovelies xx

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  • Congratulations Mrs S- great news!

    Rubyshoes- I know it's easier said than done and perfectly natural to worry but take it easy and try to enjoy everything. I'm sure your scan will be fine- looking forward to pics.

    I'm still AFless it's 12 months next week since I came off the pill and have only had 1 af of my own since. I've had PCOS confirmed and I'm waiting to go back to the hospital in April- it seems so long keep phoning for cancellations but no joy.

    Good luck and babydust to everyone xxx
  • Glad you're AF is looking inbound Toria. I haven't been able to use OPKs or the CBFM but I'm hoping to if I get put on Clomid. The CBFM you use every day it's more reliable but is about ??100. The ebay cheap OPKs are much cheaper but not as reliable xx
  • Hope April will be here soon! Less than a month and a half. They will have to take it seriously then and you will be well on your way.
    Toria I really hope it's your AF and all those pill / implant hormones are out of your system, they are evil.
    Well I guess I'm on CD17 now and for the past week or so I've been BBTing at the same time every day and OPKing. As soon as I started doing BBT at same time every day they were really steady for a while and then a couple of days ago went right down, then right up and then right down again which confused me? OPKs I've not have a positive even though I've tried to not drink for 3 hours before and between 10am and 7pm. Toria I'm just using the cheapies but that's incase my next cycle is as long as my first - it would bankrupt me if it were and I was using the expensive ones!! I'm not sure but I think CBFM works for cycles between 21 and 42 days. My last one was 3 times that but next one *will* be shorter, fingers crossed. Hope yours is a nice normal length one!
    Hope you lovely ladies are fine. AF and baby dust to all xxx

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  • OOoooooooh! Toria - let's hope you do a Sallysunflower and get PG in the middle of the move - fingers crossed!!
    Hope - thinking of you as I'm a few months behind you - my doctor won't refer me on until August for clomid. After being so hopeful on metformin etc it seems my smiley was another false one and I'm now on CD51 and starting to think I may get another stupid 5 month cycle - ra!! I know it's sensible for the nhs budget and so on to ask women to try for a year before getting help but it's not fair when you already know things aren't working as they should. I could screeeeeeeeeam!! Hope April comes around quickly and so too that BFP.
    Baby dust xx
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