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Testing around VDay!?



  • Welcome Laura! Only people who know are me and my OH! 

    September I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland and I'm 26, 27 in May. 

    I think I'm coming down with something, had a really upset tummy. Very nauseous today. If this had been later in the tww I'd have been really hopeful! 

    I totally get the frustration of people falling pregnant by accident. I had a chemical pregnancy last cycle, wasn't ttc and had been using condoms but they must have failed. I only found at the last minute so I wasnt too affected by it, but I know if it had been a viable pregnancy I would have felt a bit guilty when I know people try for years :(

  • Sorry just wondered if you could help! 

    I've been having light cramping (similar to period pain) all day and today I have had spotting of blood. I'm not due on until a week today (ish) and I ovulated between the 20th-22nd of Jan. Hoping you might be able to shed some light on this, hoping I haven't started my period early! :( 

    thank You!  

  • What colour is your spotting Laura? It could be implantation bleeding! 

  • red/pink

     I googled it and said it could be but didn't want to get my hopes up! Just never been early on a period ever always late xxx

  • Laura that's a good sign!! If your cycles are always right on then theres a great chance that it's implantation bleeding/cramping! 

    Everything I've read says implantation takes 10-14 days and that's right where you are! Aww fingers crossed girl!!

  • Awwh fingers crossed!! 

    I can't tell you how nice it is to have someone to talk to about this and knows how you feel! 

    Thank you lovelies! 


  • Fingers crossed! 

    Its so nice to have someone to ask and chat to about things. My OH gets the scared look when I mention cervical mucus lol! 

    What are your thoughts on certain foods & drink during tww? I have our engagement meal tonight & I know it will look weird if I don't have a glass of champagne. Also, the starter is Camembert and the main steak which I would usually have rare. Don't want to let on to anyone we're trying. 

  • Haha my husband does the same! 

    awh first of all congratulations on your engagement ☺️ 

    I honestly think it's personal choice, I don't drink very often so people dont seem too bothered by it I haven't had a drink, you could always say you have a funny tummy or something? 

    It's so hard because you don't want to make the wrong choice. I don't think a glass would hurt if you did want one though :) 


  • I completely agree! The support and safe place to talk is invaluable!

    You must keep us updated when you test!! You said you've been trying since last March right? 

  • Loz congrats on the engagement!! 😍😍 when's the wedding!? 

    I've tried reading up on good and bad food during the 2ww but it's hard to get any good info, it all seems to be hearsay. So just try to relax to ensure your body isn't stressed! xx

  • Thank you both! :) we have set the date for May/June 2018. Very excited, hoping that we might have a little one either here already or on the way! 

    I avoided the champagne just incase! Had a little sip but passed the glass to my OH and he finished it off. 

    How's the spotting going Laura? Any other symptoms?

  • Awwh that's is so exciting! We got married last July seems like a lifetime ago lol

    thank you ladies! I had hardly any bleeding last night, this morning I had some light bleeding, no pain though, with my periods usually the first day is awful with painful cramping and really heavy flow. Just don't know what to think🙈 

    I think I might test next weekend incase I'm too early xxx

  • I've just got this awful feeling it's just my period :( but suppose we'll see next week xxxx

  • Morning everyone! I'm trying to resist testing so badly! I might get a test later and test tomorrow morning!  ... so impatient ha ha 

  • Laura there's still hope! I've read that tons of women still have their period while pregnant, very strange, but test abyways!

    Myah! 😅😅 You said your test day is on the 8th? Maybe an EP test will be able to pick it up tomorrow! You sound like me though lol my tests are only $.88 so it's super cheap for me to test a lot. Fingers crossed!!!

    Loz aww!! My hubs and I were married September of 2015 (hence the 'September' in my name lol) married life is amazing 💞💞

  • I know its not like a normal period, No real pain, few cramps on my left side every now and then but then that's it, I think I will test just incase ☺️ 

    Awwh fingers crossed myah, I know it's so frustrating there should be just an instant thing that we know we're pregnant, like when we get our period we know we're not, it would be so much easier haha 

    I'm so glad you had a lovely time last night Loz it's awful trying to hide it isn't it 🙈 

    Is anyone else testing next weekend ☺️? 


  • 10 months I've been trying. I've given up obsessing this month. Obsessing isn't working lol xx

  • Hello Susie! We've been trying 11 months now so I know how you feel, the constant testing and obsessing it's draining. Fingers crossed the more relaxed approach works ☺️ Xxx

  • This is my 25th month trying For my first and I'm 37! Eek!! had early mc in september so really hoping this is it! 

    My boobs have never hurt like this for a period! I will test in the morning and let you all know! Xxx

  • Fingers crossed for you Myah! Will be sending positive thoughts ☺️ 

    So sorry to hear about your mc in September too xxxxxxx

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