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Testing around VDay!?



  • I just went to the loo and removed my tampon and there was just a bit of discharge with blood in on the very tip,nothing else,normally the discharge is heavier by now before full flow starts?   It was straight after sex so I'm just guessing it'll get heavier by tomorrow,as the last time I had sex was 12 days due to me being ill,so It wouldn't be implantation bleeding x oh i over think everything! Lol x

  • Hi ladies! This wait is ridiculous, I never thought 2 weeks could take so long!

    im trying not to test yet, yesterday I had some very uncomfortable cramping on my left side and was pretty gassy as well, all that has since gone away.   

    Been thinking of you all though! xx

  • Af hasn't turned up yet and it was only that bit of blood in dishcharge yesterday 😏

  • Septemberberry how long have you got to wait now? And it goes so slow doesn't it,but testing to early only causes unnecessary stress and it costs a small fortune lol x but good luck x

  • Looks like AF is arriving for me! on the day i have a 4 hour meeting with our companies new owners! ... i cant focus at all!

    Gutted i really thought it was my month ...

    Good luck girls xx

  • September - the two week wait is killing me too. I just can't wait to test. Ovia has me at 7dpo and fertility friend at 8dpo. I think I might test on Saturday with an early detection HPT. 

    Laura how are you doing? 

    Aw Myah, thinking of you. It must be so difficult. 

    Simmo I'd avoid tampons just incase! 


  • You think it's driving you mad lol until your on a site like this and everyone is feeling the same as you,so helpful and not judgemental or dismissive at all like family and friends can be,but thats because they don't realise how much it consumes us at times,how important it becomes,it's a good thing that we can all chat and learn instead of just bloody googling everything😂 Good luck ladies!!! x

  • I used a tampon because I was going out and hate sanitary towels in the day,but I've nothing at all now,I googled😂 And from the last time I had sex it could actually be implantation bleeding and not af,I've had cramps/pinching in my sides lower down but it's hard to say because I've had a terrible upset stomach,i just presume it's af,but that mean I'll get a new cycle and can try again x

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'll be testing on Valentines day!

    I'm currently 2 days late for my period - was due on Sunday... but trying to hold on until testing until I'm over a week late as that will take me to the 5 week mark if I am pregnant...fingers crosseddddd.

    This is like a 3ww for me haha

  • Hello! 

    Awwh Myah sending you lots of happy thoughts xxxxx please let us know if you have any good news ☺️

    Im going to do a test today because I can't wait anymore I'm due on friday but I'm fed up of all these symptoms and just need to know either way! 

    I definitely agree Simmo it's so nice knowing you're not a crazy person, there are so many others in the same position, so nice to have the love and sympathy out there too! I Did the same as you too and used a tampon because I thought it was af but when I realised it might not be I stopped , just so hard to tell when they're the same symptoms! 

    fingers crossed for you laurapops! 


  • At what day past ovulation does implantation happen? Because mine cud be 10-12 days maybe? I don't know when I ovulated but that's when I last had sex,I tested today and it's negative

  • I had a couple of drops of blood this morning then it completely stopped! 

    Still trying to make me get my hopes up lol! 

  • HOW man you days past ov are you? x

  • Awwh fingers crossed for you Myah! That's exactly what mine has been like! My bleeding happened about 12/13 days after ovulation, ive taken a test and its negative but it's not my first wee of the day, it's around 6.30pm where I am, so I'm hoping if I try tomorrow with my first :/ xxxxxx

  • Oh I did mine this afternoon,so maybe abit early but I think mines af on its way x 

  • Welcome LauraPops! Fingers crossed for you!! We're all freaking out about the 2ww I can't imagine the 3ww! Hopefully St. Valentine will bring you some good news!!

    LauraL I do hope tomorrow's test will be a BFP!! If today's was neg. tomorrow's might be faint. Even though implantation takes place it can be a little while until the pregnancy hormone is high enough to detect.

    I rely on an app to tell me when I'm ovulating, so for me it's not an exact known date, but I should be about 9 or 10 DPO, I'm trying to wait as long as possible to test!

  • I was 14 days dpo. Period was due yesterday xx

    good luck on the tests xx

  • ive just googled it and it's a saying  around 4-6 days after implantation bleeding it should show up positive on a  home pregnancy test?? I've no idea if that's true? 

  • Good luck ladies on those tests xx

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