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Anyone on the TWW and After due on 8/07/18 - Part 4



  • Thank you Trying! I really hope my dream come true really soon xx
    My boobs are so sore I need to hold them when I use the stairs! It has never been this bad. And I don’t really have any other symptoms still.. 
  • Good morning 12dpo today! I still have sore breasts, but maybe less than yesterday.. although they get itchy and tingling today. Still not really any other symptom. Hoping for a no show on friday! 
    Anyone else close to the end of the tww??
  • Fingers crossed for u billy love!
  • Good luck Billy hope she is a no show too xxx
  • Fx for you billy I hope af doesn’t turn up for you xxx
  • Thank you ladies!! Xx
    The lack of symptoms is making me hopeful as when I had my bfp I had very mild symptoms and it was unusual! 
    Hoping for good news :) 
  • Good morning! Cd27/13dpo today! So happy the month is almost over and anxious to see if af will make an appearance. I have very mild symptoms today... sensitive breasts, some pimples on my chin (never get pimples), little bit of cm/feels wet, and maybe a little pressure in my right uterus/upper leg that comes and goes.. I'm so scared to be disappointed again..
  • Hi Billy, you are so close now. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you. When will you test. 

    I'm looking forward to next cycle and starting to try again. Feeling refreshed and motivated again. AF due Sunday/Monday for me. 

    Hope everyone else is good. 
  • I am actually sad thinking I could very well get a bfn when I test Saturday morning.. Maybe I will test Friday when af is due, just because I'm annoyed with this waiting game!

    Sas, I am so happy you are refreshed and excited to get back in the game!! I bet it'll help you this cycle :)

  • Good morning! cd28, 14dpo! Last day! Feeling good and happy. Still have sore bbs, some mild/dull cramps on and off. Swollen/bigger bbs. Bit of cm/feels wet. No back cramp, which usually signals af coming soon. I'm feeling pretty hopeful. It usually shows up between 6:30 and 9am.. so I'll know tomorrow early.
  • Got all fingers and toes crossed hunni xxxxxx
  • Thanks Trying!! :) It's hard to do anything at work today because my mind in wandering in all directions and trying to spot any symptoms.. It'll be a long day!!
  • Yes it's bloody difficult isnt it I'm just waiting for 1st AF since the D&C think I have some idea when she will arrive but obviously can't know for sure hate not being in control 🙄 really hope this is it for you hunni xxxx
  • Not knowing would definitely add to the anxiety! Hope she doesn't keep you hanging for too long..

    I hope this is it too.. 6 months ttc since my mc!! and 9 months total! I think I've done my fair share of waiting!!

  • Agreed you have hunni xxx
  • Ah im
    praying it’s your month billy! Hopefully you won’t have long to wait either trying! 
    My hubby is going for his tests next Friday and he will have results on the following Monday so at least that’s moving along. He’s just been told go he has to go see a gastro surgeon as he’s been suffering with bloat and we thought it was a good intolterance now they reckon it’s something more. Fingers crossed it’s nothing serious,  I’m also thinking whatever it is may have played a factor in our baby making. Who knows. Anyway we will see what happens. Only problem is he has to abstain for 3-5 days and I’m due to ovulate midweek next week so I think we will get to bd on day 12, 14 and again on day 19 and 20. Hopefully that will be ok. 
  • Hope everything goes ok with other half hunni and that you catch the egg xxx
  • Has she stayed away hunni? Xxxx
  • Thanks love. 
  • how is everyone this morning 
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