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Company for 2 Week Wait!

Hey ladies! Im approx 3dpo and starting my 2ww - if anyone is in the same boat and needs some company please talk to me. 
Background - diagnosis of endometriosis, TTC 9 months, miscarriage at 9 weeks that happened last month. (I know it’s soon to try again but have been given the green light by EPU and my partner and I want to continue). Possible chemical in the month before. Currently using a variety of supplements plus preseed.
Pretty nervous this month and trying to resist overthinking/early testing for as long as possible! 


  • Hi, TTC for a year by now. Not tracking this cycle just to be more relaxed and hope nature does its magic, but I am on a 2ww now for sure. Had cramping two days ago and this morning had some light spotting. Funny enough - I had this almost every cycle, so this for me doesn’t mean anything. But that’s how I know approx where I am in my cycle. 
    @Kelki keeping fingers crossed for you! When you get the urge to test, just try to distract yourself. But if you had miscarriages it means you are able to conceive which is actually a good sign xxx
  • After this cycle I thing I’m going to stop tracking for a couple of months and see how we go. Feeling very mixed this month because I’m now scared that if I get pregnant again I’ll have another miscarriage. @Latte96 you are absolutely right about the conceiving thing though so I know to count my blessings. It sounds silly I’ve just always had a feeling that getting pregnant wasn’t going to be my issue, it’s staying pregnant that concerns me. 
    How do you manage to distract yourself from testing?! I feel like I’m super aware of everything my body does right now!
  • @Kelki I just try to stay around with friends. So basically be less alone as then my thoughts take me over. Sure I can’t ignore cramps, but I just try my best not to analyse anything else. 
    I never thought I will have problems conceiving... but here I am. Sucks x
  • No one ever thinks that they are going to be the ones to have problems conceiving.  But it is harder than people think.  I am always amazed at people that don't want to get pregnant have an "oops" and get pregnant straight away, but those that are planning on thinking about it, take longer. so strange.  I am trying to conceive my first, have been trying for about 6 months.  Each month i get upset and mad at myself when it doesn't happen but this month i am feeling upbeat about it. I am 3DPO so we will see what happens :) 
  • I think because I got the endometriosis diagnosis my brain prepared itself for it not being that straightforward for me having a baby.
    @Latte96 the probably is a work from home and live 4 hours away from most of my family and friends. I usually exercise to distract myself from things buts I’m worried to do that when I *might* be pregnant. 
    @TryingforNo1 I had a friend/acquaintance recently telling me about how she fell pregnant the first time they tried and how she wasn’t even sure she was ready when she got pregnant. Also how ‘it’s really not that hard getting pregnant I don’t know why people complain’. I could have torn her head off honestly 😂 
    We can try to be upbeat together here then! xxx
  • @Kelki oh that is the worst!! How do people not think before they speak? Or friends that say “soooo hows the baby making going?” Ummmmm have I told you I’m pregnant..... then no not pregnant haha 
    yep that’s it. We will be upbeat and optimistic together. I am wishing us both BFPs this month 🤞🏻
  • I know!! Its especially awkward since the miscarriage because we haven't really told anyone about that either and if they catch me off guard I just don't know what to say! 
    Yes to being upbeat together - BFP's this month and if not in the very near future xxx
  • Hi Ladies ☺️ I was due to ovulate last Thursday and had EWCM on Wednesday which all sounds promising apart from the fact that I’m yet to see peak on my OPK. I’m hoping the test somehow missed it as we BD everyday last week so I really hope I did ovulate and am now in 2ww. It’s so frustrating not knowing for sure, I may need to start BBT next month if I don’t get BFP this month. 

    Baby dust to you all 💕 xx
  • Really relating to this thread. Twice now i was toward the end of the TWW and family or friends asked me if I was pregnant...AF came moments later. I vented to one of my friends that has been pregnant twice and she said that anyone who has been/tried to get pregnant should know you don't ask that- you wait to be told. I also always seem to receive or see pregnancy announcements right after AF comes or during the TWW. 😤 I decided that even after I get pregnant (hopefully soon as Ive been checked out as has DH and were good/on the 9th try now), I'm going to very obviously pretend to be drinking for awhile to avoid being asked.
  • Hi ladies Im new here. I'm in 2ww too and 3dpo. Hopefully we will all get bfps this month xx
  • I’m now in TWW although I post more in the. “Hoping for a bfp in September” thread. Am currently nearly 7dpo and getting blood test on the 26th to confirm if there’s is a pregnancy, 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻. Hope to see some lovely bfp soon.

    When is everyone planning on testing? X
  • Am planning on testing Sunday. I had bfps at 9dpo with my previous pregnancies. Xx
  • Hello every one! Glad to meet you all and share the 2WW with you all and baby dust to us all this month 😊 
    @Luna87 gosh everything you said is so very relatable right now too! Let’s stick together for a bit of moral support.

    @Kazam2817 I’ve seen the hoping for for bfp in September thread but there are so many people it gets confusing!  

    @Mumma87 I am going to try to wait as long as possible. My last BFP super early (supposedly 4dpo according to charts but I must have ovulated earlier) and because I miscarried I feel like if I wait longer it will be a better outcome?! 
  • Hi. I'm currently on my second month really TTC and the first time doing the OPK tests. 
    Today is my CD29. Been having some symptoms but also thinking it might be my PMS too. My cycle is not regular. I have it every month but the days cannot be predicted. The longest cycle I've had since doing the tracking is 36 days. 
    I first did an ultrasound on May. The doctor told me that everything looks normal. And there's a maturing egg on both side. It's looking good. So I thought it's a relieve since I always thought due to my abormal cycle days I had something that I didn't know of.

    Months later on August,I did another ultrasound check last month due to abnormal bleeding. The OBGYN told me that my endometrium is on the normal range but it's quite thick. 13mm if I'm not mistaken. He put me on hormonal therapy for 7 days. He told me to expect getting another period in 5 to 10 days. It makes me so emotional and moods are all over the place. 

    I'm currently on my TWW. Looking for support as idk what to do or feel right now. I want to be as positive as I can be but I'm scared if I get a BFN I will be more disappointed than the last couple of months. 

    I feel so alone since everyone I know keeps getting pregnant like the first time they're doing it. I'm quite stressed and getting frustated. 

    Also, I keep googling to check whether I have a PCOS. But the symptoms doesn't match me and seeing my ultrasound I don't have many small egg follicles on my ovary. So that means I don't have PCOS right? Anyones thought here please. 
  • Mumma87 said:
    Am planning on testing Sunday. I had bfps at 9dpo with my previous pregnancies. Xx
    If my AF doesn’t arrive, I might test on Sunday as well :smile: 

    @Kazam2817 fingers crossed for you girl! Hope this is your month!

    @Luna87 I can relate too. Going to see old friends on Saturday and they said they have a ‘something exciting’ for us.. well I know they have been trying for last half a year, so I know what that will be... I am trying to stay calm and show excitement when they will announce. It’s going to be hard, but they are my friends... I should be happy!

    @Psalm88 not sure what PCOS is (will google in a minute), but you are not alone! We have been trying for a year... and it’s been crazy hard emotionally... as everyone in family is waiting for it to happen as my husband is a kid person. He can’t wait to be a dad and we (I always blame me though) keep failing.

    @Kelki I work from home too, so to keep myself distracted I work long hours and clean the house when I’m free lol. Also recently got a kitten for a distraction as well. Love that little smush and for now, she is my baby haha.
  • @Latte96 thank you so much mrs just playing the waiting game at the moment xxx
  • Kazam2817 said:
    @Latte96 thank you so much mrs just playing the waiting game at the moment xxx
    Oh yeah. To be honest this month I feel I could come the closest to pregnancy as I had cramps one day and spotting another and that’s it... other cycles I had no cramps and/or bleeding for more that 2 days... I occasionally feel a bit of pressure low down, but that’s it. Rest of my 2ww were horrible with 100 symptoms and red blood. Even if I don’t conceive this time, it’s been much nicer wait. I’m more relaxed and just trying to distract myself from testing. 
  • @Latte96
    My family keeps asking me too especially on my side since this is going to be my mom's first grandchild. But not so much on my husband's side because he has a lot of nieces and nephews already. But still you know how it feels to be asked that kind of questions when you're trying. It's really hard. 
  • Oh ladies - we're all very much in the same boat.
    @Psalm88 I wish people wouldn't ask and just wait for us to tell them when we finally get pregnant. Even when I was pregnant I wasn't planning to tell anyone until 20 weeks because of the miscarriage risk (msc at 9 weeks). Its sounds like your scans were looking good and no signs of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) - you would see lots of follicles if you had polycystic ovaries. Also my understanding was that a thick lining was a good thing? I know they've said mine is too thin so I just assumed thick was better. Did they explain why a thick lining was a problem?

    I might test on Sunday too along with you ladies @Latte96 and @Mumma87 ! I'd be 10-14dpo by then so might be worth a shot. 
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    Awesome @Kelki and @Mumma87 let’s test together if af doesn’t surprise us lol. Fingers crossed for us! 
    Now just need to try to be strong and get distracted till Sunday lol. X
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