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Hoping For A BFP In January <3 New Year New BFP - Part 3



  • MadDoda said:
    @Jtk96 I ovulate at different day each cycle Coz of mcs, between cd10-19 so far. It's very early I know, my body is like eggs popping machine.

    @RememberToBreathe what do u mean? 
    I just meant it’s a fairly usually ovulation day for me, I early ov like you xx
  • It's not that early. Average is CD 14. I know @MadDoda has worried about egg maturity but it's really not that early... Keeping everything crossed for you ladies
    Exactly! I was trying (but possibly failed) to normalise ovulation at CD11. It’s not that unusual xx
  • @PinkSnow410 @RememberToBreathe yeah I thought that too, but after all this shit u start to douBt everything. Will try to not worry 
  • @MadDoda ah, yeah that makes sense. At least your ovulate every month. Not like me who has to wait ages. As long as your healthy that's what matters 😊
  • @Jtk96 yeah too bad my health isn't the best :)
  • Ladies, ov on cd18 any reason why I ovulated on cd13 this time? Just curious I like it, giving me a proper 2 week wait 
  • @Lonestar maybe just a change in cycle. It happens sometimes. Nothing to worry about. 
  • @Lonestar it just happens 🤷‍♀️, as peeps say, no such thing as a normal cycle. I did that too, usually ov CD17-19 but randomly ov’d CD13. Our bodies like to keep us guessing 🤣
  • @lonestar this is why we track. Coz ttc and regular cycle hardly ever exists. 
  • Hey all. Been TTC for 3-4 months. AF is 9 days late as of today. Took a home pregnancy test and got a BFN 4 days ago. Have been super hungry and super tired all the time for the past 2-3 weeks. Nausea has come in waves since last monday, and I've had some cramping, but it feels more like someone is pulling in my uterus than it does normal AF cramps. Also having a bit of breast tenderness now, and creamy white CM. Going to the OBGYN Tuesday the 28th, but thinking maybe I should go to the fam dr sooner? Too soon to figure out if I am pregnant? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 
  • @HarunaSky have you tried another test, I was 5 post AF due before I got a positive and it was really late...on that cycle I OV slot later than I thought as I wasnt tracking then 
  • @MadDoda @VRob123 @Jtk96 not complaining it makes a nice change tbh not waiting around can just let my body get on with it and still have fun bd for 2 weeks 😆
  • @HarunaSky progesterone causes all of those symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms can’t occur until implantation happens, which is when a positive would show up on a test. I would say test again, but those symptoms you have been feeling for 2-3 weeks are more than likely progesterone which rises after ovulation 
  • @HarunaSky I remember the last time you went through this. At least it was very similar. Maybe you should start tracking with opks or bbt so you can know when you've ovulated. It might help with the confusion. Are you using an app to track your cycles? I hope this is your BFP, but if it's not and you want to track things we can help 💜
  • @SmithL35 im good 6DPO

    @MadDoda i wish my ov was that early :/

    @Lonestar most women dont ov the same day every month......i have a 10 day fertile window

    @HarunaSky i cant stress enough that if u know u oved and ur late and ur getting BFNs and u think something is off SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION ..... a girl on here @kasaelee35 had a 54ish cycle and she proved she oved through n her talk on skype alot n she started telling me how she felt different but was still getting BFN BFN BFN and i told her to go to the ER and tell them she got a BFP but was having bad cramps......they found out she had a cyst PCOS and diabetes......she didnt understand y all the sudden everything was showing and i feel its bc we get hyper sensitive to our bodies bc of the symptom spotting and crap.....if u continue to get BFN and are still feeling really off make an appointment or go to a clinic or hospital <3 make sure ur ok hun

    AS FOR ME: 6DPO almost half way over <3 woke up today and my sore nipples have returned from like 3 cycles ago.....freaking progesterone....but aside from that im pretty good :)

  • @HarunaSky so i see alot of ppl saying u arent tracking.......usually ov days arent the same and i know some of the girls including me have had some longggg cycles....
    @Emmy012 @Jtk96 @kasaelee35 @dd1001 longest was 42 days n i know kasaelees was like 50something so u never know hun.....i feel u may still be in the TWW
  • @Catlady220 I don't think she even reads what you write, coz she been posting the same thing few times already just increasing day count. 
  • @HarunaSky exactly what @Catlady220 said. My cycle has ranged from 26 to 35 days and I can ovulate anytime from cd14 to 23 so unless you track and know when you Ovulated you definitely do not know if you're late yet. 
  • Been tracking my OV with an app and writing down BBT in a notebook. I was 1 week past ovulation before I started feeling any symptoms, and have just been feeling, odd really. I'm glad I'm going to an OBGYN Tuesday, I just wish my ride would take me to the drs sooner. May do another test tomorrow or Sunday. Gotta remember to do it first thing in the morning. I feel different then I do when AF shows up, or even when it's late a few days. I've been regular for over a year now, maybe 1-2 days off, but never 9-10 days. Praying this is my BFP!!!!! 
  • can u put ur BBT into an app called fertility friend @HarunaSky we want to help u but if u dont do proper stuff to track then it doesnt matter......writting it down doesnt show u exactly when u oved so it seems ur wasting ur time unless u put it in a chart.......THE APP IS WRONG......i used an app my first cycle n then an app with opk my second cycle and found out i oved 9 days after my app said.....there is no such thing as regular......i hate to be blunt but tracking this way will only get u accidentally pregnant......if u can put ur temps into an app called fertility friend then we can help u
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