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TTC August 2020 hoping September brings a BFP✨



  • @Lauren0107 hi Hope you don’t mind me popping on to give some advice
    Are you temping - cos i can see clearing when the temp shifts and stays up in regard to ovulation on my chart. I take my temp 5am each day I just set alarm.

    do you check cervical
    mucus daily too that’s a good indicator of fertile time and then I use OPK’s too... now the thing I am seeing my fertility place is around follicle rupture and releasing of the egg. It is difficult tho and head wrecking and frustration all at once TTC xx
  • @Lauren0107 I totally get what you mean. I’ve just checked mine and they have all been said as low yet on CD9 it showed as 0.41 and today on CD12 0.17🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m so lost with these ones too.
    im sticking with the clear blue ones for the rest of this cycle and see what comes from them at the moment they have said I’m not ovulating but wondering if I ovulated on CD9 now and missed it 😔 x
  • I’m now wondering what figures they call high? Could anyone help with these try strips? X 
  • @Kylie1987 that's why I stopped doing ovulation strips. My positive was never a glaring positive and I conceived on that cycle yet if I'd shown people it wouldn't have looked positive. Bbt will show you the clear difference by temps but that's after you've ovulated xx
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    @kylie1987 i would focus less on what the app interprets as high and just go off what you see. The rule is that your test line must be equal to or darker than the control and when you see that, you will probably ovulate within 12-36 hours. Since BD up to 3 days before ovulation is suggested, I would simply start BD from the moment the lines start getting darker. 

    If you want a true picture of when you actually did ovulate, then I would probably get into BBT charting and checking your cervical mucus.
  • also, @Kylie1987 women some times have two LH surges during a cycle and one of them will actually cause ovulation. so you may have a pre-high and then a second "true" high later on in the cycle.

    Also take into consideration whether you have reproductive issues such as PCOS which can really mess up your LH readings.
  • @Kylie1987 i use those OPKs and they are all over the place - it will steady once you high a high or a peak x
  • Thank you ladies. I have started listening more to my body and checking CM regularly. I’m hoping the clear blue ones will help me out slightly. My partner thinks every other day will be fine to DD his words “fully covered then” ☺️ X 
  • @Kylie1987 he has it well sussed 

  • How do you all cope with the wait between ovulation and testing/AF. 
    Im CD22 and the wait is killing me. That leaves me 9dpo. I knew at 10dpo last time that I was pregnant. I had a few symptoms that I had in my first pregnancy. Both pregnancies ended in MC but  Im trying to stay positive and not to overthink anything at the minute. 
    Wishing everyone TTC this month all the luck in the world and fingers crossed for each of you 🤞🤞
  • @Ada34 that 2 week wait is a killer. I’m don’t have much patience anyway!! How tempted are you to test.. I’ve got everything crossed for you this month🤞🏻✨🌈x
  • Very tempted 🙈🙈 
    Tested early last time because I knew I was pregnant. All the signs were there. 
    My husband made me promise not to test early this time. Just to try and wait to AF or very near it or Ill drive myself crazy if I get bfn. 
    I have to keep telling myself every pregnancy is different and may not get a bfp until later this time so no point upsetting myself if I do be lucky enough to see those 2 lines this month but its all just a waiting game unfortunately 
  • Hello all - hope you don't mind me joining.

    I've been a serial lurker on these boards since May - and I have to say everyone is very supportive here so thought I'd say hello and thanks for all of your knowledge and insights thus far! (excuse my lack of knowledge on the lingo).

    I'm ttc for my first, I'm 35, so a bit older and this month is our second cycle trying. The first cycle ended in a chemical - but at least we can conceive so thats a start I guess. I didn't realise what a rollercoaster it would be - and I'm only on month 2!

    I'm not tracking or anything yet, my periods are relatively regular so figured we would bd regularly and see what happens. I recognise I'm a bit older, so I'm sure ill go down that route should we not get anywhere :)

    Currently on CD17 - good luck everyone xx
  • @Yasmin85 hiya welcome, this group is so supportive as are all the forums on here. Really helps to know we are all on the same journeys just slightly different paths we’ve lead or are leading at this moment in time. Sending you lots of baby dust ✨🤞🏻 I’m currently on CD12 been TTC for 2 cycles now after having a MC at 16weeks in May. X
  • Hello @Yasmin85
    It sure is a rollercoaster
    Im 34 (35 in October) and trying for our first baby since last September. 
    I had a MC at 8 weeks in December with twins (didnt know there was 2 in there until I had a scan as I was spotting) I fell pregnant again in February but lost my little boy at 16 weeks on 21st May. 
    I wasnt sure if I was ready to try again so leaving it to chance this month but closer to the possible turn up of AF the more I hope she doesnt 😊😊 I will start using ovulation strips in the next cycle if so as I fell pregnant first month trying in each pregnancy using them before so hopefully will again
    Each of our journeys are so different but definitely helps to have a little extra support through these forums. 
    Sending love and luck your way 🤞x
  • @Lauren0107 I’ve just started on the ovulation sticks this month too. It’s a bi confusing! I think we have a varying levels of LH throughout our cycles which is why is would go up and down. And then 24-72 hours before ovulation it peaks which then stimulates ovulation. The difference in the darkness may be due to how long you held and what time of day maybe? I got a high reading this morning at 0.85 (I attached my pics for you) but I also have had a lot of EGCM so it’s definitely ovulation soon! I’ve got some digital clear blues so I might confirm with them this afternoon. So maybe keep testing and see if it continues to rise? 

    @Ada34 the TWW is the worst. I really struggle too. We just had a chemical though and that was really hard as we had been trying for 5 months. So I definitely won’t test early again because I don’t want to go through the heartbreak again. So I hope the next few days go fast for you and goodluck! Keep us posted 🥰
  • Hey everyone, just jumping on here as I just got BFN on FRER, AF due in 2 days so I know I’ll be in this group! 
    I’ll be one of the late ones as per usual lol 
    hoping to get some tips here as clearly just bding isn’t working for us 🙄😭 
    hope to see some BFPs here, wish you all baby dust xxx
  • @RiaMushk sorry you got your BFN! Baby dust to you for this month!! I'm CD3 so I'll be a late one too! xx
  • @RiaMushk aw I’m sorry to see you here. Hopefully the next month we will get lots of BFPs 🥰
  • Morning ladies!! Baby dust to you @RiaMushk ✨💕 hoping this month will bring us all a BFP xX
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