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Hoping October 2020 brings lots of bfps! ❤️

A continuation from the September group, fingers crossed October is a good month for everyone 💛 xxx 


  • Fingers crossed for everyone. 

    I shall be lingering between here and September! Currently cd 49 and have no idea what’s going on!xx
  • @sp28 do you reckon you did ovulate?xx
  • @Mrs_T. I’m hoping so :) we bd’d pretty much all last week just Incase. If not, onto the next cycle whenever that will be. 

    How are you doing?
  • Hi ladies, jumping on to this group with you all. Hoping for a BFP early October..
    I had my highest level on premom strip last night (well still measured as low) however today the line is so dim and hardly there, was hoping to OV today CD17 🤷🏻‍♀️ Seems I’m going backwards!!! 
  • @sp28 ahh I really hope you did! Sounds like you have it covered it so.

    I'm Cd19 still no ovulation, hoping it happens in the next few days which would mean AF would be due in October. I have no idea when it's going to happen though. Was cd16 last cycle but that was the first month off the pill. I am making sure I bd at least every other day.

    @Kylie1987 when do you usually ovulate?

  • Jumping on this one too! Currently cd6 for me! Hope everyone is good! X 
  • Hope it happens soon for you @Mrs_T.
  • @sp28 thank you xx
  • @TeeAli22 hello! All good here thanks, hope you are xx
  • @Kylie1987 @TeeAli22 best of luck to you both!
  • @Mrs_T. I’m usually like clockwork, well there abouts. Maybe a day or two late now and then. I Ovulated last cycle on CD16-17 started getting a higher reading and my peak on CD17 from CD15 and it continued to raise then from CD18 dropped back down.🤷🏻‍♀️ This cycle has thrown me..
    thank you so much @SP28 🤞🏻🌈xx 
  • @Mrs_T. yes all good here thanks! Fingers crossed you ovulate soon! 

    @SP28 best of luck to you too! 
  • @Kylie1987 so frustrating when your body randomly throws you off! Hope you ovulate soon.

    @TeeAli22 thank you!

  • @Mrs_T. thank you, you too!
    ive never been this late, well I may well have as I never used to test but since testing I’ve not been this late, haven’t even had the EWCM which I normally get too. Here’s hoping in the next couple of days. X
  • Hello all - just joining you here from the other group - CD18, Af not due till 5th October, so long way to go. Think a few of us are on similar CD.

    Best of luck to everyone - anyone doing anything differently this cycle? xx
  • Hi @Yasmin85 Also on CD18 and still awaiting ovulation 😔🤷🏻‍♀️ Last cycle I’ve ovulated around CD16/17 AF due 1st Oct according to my app at the moment doesn’t seem to give me enough time to ovulate and possibly implant does it? Confused x
  • Hi Ladies, I hope you don’t mind me moving into this thread. I post now and again but not too much as I find I obsess then

    i am due af early Oct. 4dpo today - quick question - i ovulated on the right side this was confirmed by follicle tracking - today I have little stabby pains on my left ovary anyone ever have that before? 
  • Hi @Clarissa78 sorry I can't help I'm afraid hope someone can xx
  • @Kylie1987 you may have a longer cycle this time. I'm preparing for a really long one at this rate! Xx
  • @Mrs_T. Thks for response - could be just a twinge, I have had Endometriosis- so maybe a bit of that... way too early for any implantation. Just one of those things I’d say. 

    Hope you for ur peak for Ovulation  or are you still waiting? 
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