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TTC May 2022!

Hi ladies,thought I'd start an updated thread!

Currently CD5, have a cold and a bit of a cough which might explain the temp spike yesterday! I was in a horrible mood yesterday too, sickness didn't help 😪  I just cried and cried feeling sorry for myself for no reason 🤣🤣 Wishing you all the best of luck xx



  • Oh no @Fairycakes88 that sucks! Hope you feel better soon!

    Im still waiting to see if AF is gonna show or not, due in a few days 😬
  • @Lauren_C Fingers crossed she stays away! 🤞 I'm just feeling in limbo waiting for my fertile window 🤣
  • Hello  :) 
    Hope everyone is OK. It turned into a chemical pregnancy last week, so onto the next cycle. 
    @Lauren_C such an anxious time x
    @Fairycakes88 hope you're feeling better x
  • Hello Ladies, 

    Hope you are all well! Thought I'd jump onto this thread as we are ttc #3 starting from this month :smiley: 

    I've got my fingers crossed for us all! x
  • @Fairycakes88 thank you! Hope you are feeling better today and getting ready for some BD 😜

    @SmithL35 awwww I am sorry to hear about your chemical 😔 all the best for next cycle! 

    👋 @Mummyof3tobe all the best of luck for this month 

    My temp went up again this morning so am keeping everything crossed… it feels like AF is on the way though 😬 …. would welcome opinions from seasoned tempers,  am still a newbie when it comes to BBT xxx

  • Thank you @Lauren_C 💕
    That looks good, the cycle we conceived our son I had a dip on day 4 so it looked quite like yours, I know yours is day 3 but you never know!! 🤞🤞 x
  • @SmithL35 So sorry to hear 😢 

    @Mummyof3tobe Welcome, good luck! 😁

  • Thanks @Fairycakes88 🥰 how are you getting on? 💕
    @Mummyof3tobe best of luck! 💕

  • @SmithL35 I'm doing okay thanks, just currently trying to find the will to do the housework! 🤣
  • Morning ladies,

    I’m currently CD16 3DPO, I’m feeling heavy and have a full aching pain down there. Only ever time I’ve felt like this before is just before a period is due :( if AF arrives it would be super early this month. 

    Have any of you experienced this sort of feeling before?
  • Haha I am often trying to find that too! 🤣 @Fairycakes88 x
    Hi @Bubbles57, I felt a bit like that this last cycle, a few days later probably around 5/6dpo. Sadly it turned into being pregnant but a chemical pregnancy. I hope it is a good sign for you x
  • Hi @SmithL35 ,

    aww really, so sorry to hear that. :-( 
    I’ve just been to the toilet and noticed I’ve started to bleed, which is super weird for me as I’m only halfway through a cycle. It seems to early and to much blood to be any type of implantation bleeding. I don’t have a clue what’s going on x
  • Thank you 💕
    Oh :/ that does sound quite early for af, how long are your cycles usually? X
  • @SmithL35. They’re usually 28 days and I’m only cd16. It’s got me baffled x
  • Hmm yeah I'm afraid I've never bled that early so I'm not sure what to suggest :/ but hopefully someone will have some advice 🤞 keep us updated x
  • @SmithL35 it’s bizzare. Been to the loo again and it’s getting heavier and heavier now :-( I’m guessing it’s AF arriving super early. X
  • How are you ladies? I hope you've all had a nice weekend! 
  • Hi @Fairycakes88 how are you getting on?

    After a promising looking temp chart, strong pregnancy symptoms and AF not arriving on schedule, I had hope this cycle and stupidly got my hopes up.

    AF arrived two days late and I feel so emotional, its hit me hard this month and just keep welling up - I will get over it, just needed a day or so to wallow, but its so hard - hats off to all the ladies that have been trying months or years on end - I dont know how you do it!

    I think next month I am going to give Preseed a go, have heard good things! Im only gonna temp to confirm ovulation as I cant cope with the anxiety of it anymore. I have also have been taking Pregnacare Conception for the last four or so months and again, have heard some negative stuff on them.

    How is everyone else getting on this month?

  • Awww @Lauren_C I'm really sorry that AF came. It can be really difficult, I hope you're okay. I'm doing okay thanks, expecting to ovulate tomorrow so I'll soon be in that torturous tww 😬
  • Hi everyone.

    So I've taken 3 tests, the lines haven't shown up straight away and I know you're meant to discard outside of the time frame but I've never had tests show positive unless I've actually been pregnant, could these actually be positive?

    I'm going to take a first response in the morning.

    Came off birth control January 2022 xx
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