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  • @Emmy012
    Thank you am so glad it's not just me to feel like that! 
    He is offshore at the moment his job is relatively easy. He always has time to watch you tube, browse Amazon and he has also found the time to source and buy a car online to fix up as a project yet feels the need tell me how knackered he is..... I can't even respond because inside am like "you have no bloody idea, I would just like a shower and a couple hours sleep in my bed lying down!!! 
    I can hear him snoring from the spare room when he's at home and I too feel like suffocating him at times!!!
    It's true love honestly 🤣
  • To help babies sleep, I am sure you all tried everything but I've just had success with a baby nest and white noise. Give it a try if you haven't yet! 
    How were your latest experiences putting babies to sleep? Stay patient, virtual hugs to all of you amazing mamas! ♥️
  • @SIAI I use a baby best in the moses basket downstairs. I put it in the cot for the first few nights to get him used to it and it worked a charm. Bubba is still a little off after his jabs but he slept for three hours straight in his cot last night! He woke up for a feed at 6.15 took only a little bit and went right back to sleep until 10. How has everyone else's nights gone?
  • Thanks everyone, means such a lot to know I have this forum! Last night Ralph and I went in the spare bed and he slept on his back! Perhaps he just really needed my body warmth. He had one reflux episode but nowhere near as bad as previously which could have just been a fluke but I had all my sleep on my side without a baby on me!! 

    @winter2020 how is little one now?

    @SIAI I have a cosydream which Ralph liked in his crib until he decided he hated his crib!

    @MissM2203 when is DH next back?

    @Emmy012 have you tried Dylan in your bedroom?
  • @RememberToBreathe amazing! So glad you got some rest!
    @MissM2203 Omg when they snore... *stab stab*.
    @SIAI baby nests worry me with the increase in SIDS using them inside cots, the lullaby trust reccomend only using them for supervised sleeping and not in cots as some have been found to have non breathable material so I've avoided those for night time sleeping.
    Dylan had his first night in our room since he was around 4 weeks old and had the constant colic night time crying. He did so well, we put his pram cot in his next to me cot and used a blanket which I'd slept with so it smelled like mamma. He did his usual hourly night time fuss before a poo but settled after a feed around 10pm and didn't wake until 1.30am for a feed, back down again and woke up two hours later, I managed to settle him again for another feed two hours ish later before he was awake around 5.30am for another poo and wouldn't settle after so that's when I kicked OH out of bed and told him to go settle him. Despite him sleeping I've been so used to nights my body clock is all over the place so I couldn't sleep when he was, hopefully tonight ill manage it. 
    It was really nice going to bed with OH even though he slept through the feeds and snored his head off until 5.45 am 😂 so pleased with Dylans first night back in our room, hopefully it continues and my sleep pattern sorts itself out so I can get some sleep in between. 
  • @Emmy012 those are some really good stints!
  • @RememberToBreathe I know! He did so well, I just need to sleep at night like a normal human now 😂 I wish I could switch off and deep sleep like OH does! 
  • @RememberToBreathe
    Dh is home next Tues.
    He has a course for one week so I only have him for 2 weeks this time round.
    Am getting on as well as I can on my own tho.
    Aww am so happy Ralph slept better last night, that's wonderful.
    Have you been continuing with the Gaviscon? 

    Aww that's amazing for you too that Dylan slept better in your room, really pleased for you it must feel like a relief.
    As for you
    As for you sleeping am afraid to say but I have never been able to sleep properly since the birth of my first.
    I am such a light sleeper now and when I stopped feeding during the night with my others if something disturbs me in my sleep I just can never nod off again that's me awake.
    I literally could have slept through a heavy metal concert pre mummy hood but now I could waken with a pin drop! Shocking!! 
  • @LouTTC83
    Hey Love
    I had diabetic, iron and vit b tests done today.
    It was just a blood test for the diabetes this time so am really hoping all is good.
    Gonna call on Fri to see if my results are back.
    Have you felt back to normal since delivery? 
  • @MissM2203 I didn't really feel different in pregnancy with GD so don't feel different. I have been a eating rubbish though which I want to change. I have been unwell this week with cold and just got a cough, I get paranoid about Covid but don't go anywhere to get it. 
    I hope you get the all clear, no one has contacted me about more tests. Is this normal? 
    Lately my legs ache a lot, when sitting down on floor with kids. It hurts to get up. Is this normal at 37? I am not feeling good about myself.
    My daughter got in from nursery today and I asked for a hug (she is only two) and she looked at me and said no. I want to hug Rory, get him out of his bouncer. She would not hug me, then I was reading books in the nursery and asked if she would like to sit on my knee and she said, no, get up mummy. Starting to feel like she doesn't like me. Feeling huge mum guilt xx
  • @LouTTC83
    did u not? I didn't feel great. Felt sick but not like normal sick or pregnancy sick it was a horrible weird feeling.
    I could tell before I took my bloods when they were going to be high because I always felt unwell.
    Yes it's procedure to get rechecked 12 weeks after you have given birth, maybe worth calling your GP and booking a blood test.
    We have a 50% chance of developing this which is grim but I feel fine so hoping it's gone.
    Am sorry your feeling down.
    Mum guilt is horrible but honestly your doing nothing wrong at all and she will adjust to things and want to hug you again.
    Having to share you now is a massive change but Rory will soon start to allow you to share your time more equally.
    Your doing a great job so please don't beat yourself up she honestly will come round again.
    As for feeling rubbish, it takes a year to recover after having a baby and that's for someone in their 20's so possibly longer for older ladies.
    I haven't lost much weight and not being as healthy as I normally would but right now I think stuff it.
    We are living through a pandemic and everyday is Groundhog Day
    We don't have the help or company we normally would and haven't been able to be out and about with our newborns so technically it's not our fault.
    When things improve with covid and the weather starts to get less miserable then so will we!! 
    Your an excellent Mummy xx
  • Hi @MissM2203, thanks for the lovely message. I find parenting so overwhelming at times. 

    I never felt Ill at all with GD. To be honest I doubted their diagnosis and it sounded like the sugar levels in your blood had recently been lowered to detect it so I was just in the bracket. It did me good to improve my diet though. 
    I didn't know it took that long to recover, that is reassuring to know. I am almost 38 so a slightly older mum as well :) xxx
  • @LouTTC83
    I think every parent finds some days just overwhelming your definitely not alone in that.
    I absolutely adore my children but I also have days here and there that I just want to hide in the bathroom and cry!! 
    I think because I couldn't eat anything sweet when I was pregnant I now feel the need to eat copious amounts of biscuits. Keep trying to tell myself they must be healthier they are dairy free, absolutely not tho are they haha 😂 
    I am 43 so no spring chicken anymore in fact am almost 44 my god that's scary xx
  • @Emmy012 Oh my, thanks for sharing this info, I seriously didn't think a babynest could pose any risks 😔 It's a minefield out there it is! As if motherhood was not hard enough already.. 
  • @Emmy012 @SIAI I did not know that about baby nests either 😞 thank you so much for telling me, I'll definitely be more alert about it. 

    @LouTTC83 aww Hun I'm so sorry you're feeling mum guilt. I'm sure she doesn't hate you, she's still just so excited about her baby brother is all. You're doing absolutely amazing and I honestly don't know how you ladies with more than one manage 😭 you're all supermums! 

    @MissM2203 I never knew it took that long to recover 😱 I think oh and I are getting a bit broody. Fíonn is really chatting our ears off and it's just making us want more 😂 it's definitely not happening anytime soon though.
  • @winter2020
    I hear you girl.
    I have been broody since I gave birth. 
    Am too old now to have anymore but I certainly would have had it not been for that.
    Even tho my pregnancy was rough I would do it again in a heartbeat because holding this beautiful boy makes all the sickness, pain and discomfort totally worth it 
  • MissM2203 said:
    I hear you girl.
    I have been broody since I gave birth. 
    Am too old now to have anymore but I certainly would have had it not been for that.
    Even tho my pregnancy was rough I would do it again in a heartbeat because holding this beautiful boy makes all the sickness, pain and discomfort totally worth it 
    I never thought I'd want another this quick. Got really emotional over how big he's gotten already and just started crying because he isn't that small little newborn anymore. Didn't realize how much is actually miss feeling his kicks 😭 am definitely going to do it all again someday, even though like you I had a pregnancy. 
  • @MissM2203, I haven't been able to stop eating this week. Started buying cheaper biscuits because I eat so many 🤣
    @winter2020 and @MissM2203 I have started daydreaming about having another. I have only been with my hubby 5 years and he wasn't that bothered about having kids and now we have two. He is adamant that's it, he is getting the snip. I am 37 and he is 45. By the time my daughter was a couple of months old I wanted another child. My career had taken a bad turn and I was returning to work and I thought now is a good time to try again :) if I was younger I would definitely push for a third. I loved being pregnant and feeling my babies moving around inside me. I miss it so much xx
  • Funny enough the topic about having a second one comes up in my house too - my OH insists our baby will need a brother or sister. I am however not so sure about this as for one I am the person doing most of the housework. And other reasons. Anyway I don't think I need to worry about this for now, I would anyway want at least 1,5years in between...

    My baby is getting worse at falling asleep especially during the day. She used to pass out after breastfeeding but that doesn't happen so smoothly anymore. Carrying her and walking helps but it's not a habit I would want to create. Is it true you can't spoil a baby up to 3 months though?
  • How is everyone getting on? 
    DH due home today but flight is delayed, I can live with that just hoping it's not cancelled! 

    Honestly I have it bad, maybe it's more so because I know he's going to be my last.
    It breaks my heart I won't go through another pregnancy or give birth again. 
    The magic of holding your newborn and that feeling I just love it! 
    I always wanted a big family just wish I wasn't this old! 
    Am not sure regarding the spoiling until 3 months. My little man has known very quickly to pull the petted lip and cry and I pick him up. 
    He is never out of my arms. 
    I cannot get much done at all it's just when he's on his play mat or bouncer etc for 10 mins that I whizz about hoovering etc....
    I don't mind tho he won't stay this little for long and am embracing the hugs and cuteness

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