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  • It looked very negative. Don't know if I am happy or sad. 

    I need to call docs about injections, don't want them right before Christmas and prefer to get them done when big sis is in nursery xx
  • @MissM2203 I think our messages crossed. It's so hard hard juggling work and childcare isn't it. 

    I haven't got a date for jabs yet, staring to worry x
  • @LouTTC83

    Awww I always hated that negative test! Do you think you can persuade DH to have another maybe? I definitely won't and we are being careful but I still have 1 pregnancy test left over and when I see it I feel sad that I will never POAS again! 

    It really is so hard. I was ready to go back with my girls but am so not mentally ready this time. I think perhaps because he's quite difficult and with his allergies am scared someone gives him something he should not have or they don't hear him crying at night? 

    I would have thought his appt should have been in now however not sure if you guys are following the same path but I was told her appts only went up to end of next week and from then on instead of them booking you in it was going to be done through a new system that they had no control over?  I hate change there's been too much lately xx
  • I think I am a bit sad it was negative but honestly don't know how we could afford another or give another the time it needs. Having a two year old and one year old is already quite tough. We don't have any family either so have no one to help. Last week my friend took Rory for a walk for an hour and Emily was at nursery and that is the first time I have ever had anyone have him. 

    The test could be a false negative from what I have read but think I am kidding myself 🤷 It's probably for the best. 

    Aw that's not good that you aren't feeling ready to go back to work. I wasn't ready for Rory to be in nursery when I started back late August but ready for it now. He is full of beans. 

    Will defo chase appointment Monday, meant to on Friday but the kids are easier to handle on a morning and you can never get through to the doctor's at that time, it's a nightmare.

    Are you all set for Christmas? X
  • Anyone still on here? How are you all? X
  • Hey @LouTTC83 how’s it going? How are Emily and Rory?
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